3 funny things that follow your cursor

For some obvious reasons, we were glad to lately come across with these weird things that follow your cursor. On the following, we are going to be sharing 3 webpages that will help you kill some of your extra time.

Not all are done with a constructive aim and if you are looking to feel what it is like to have an object follow your mouse on the screen, these are ways I guaranty will please that need on a certain level.

3 funny things that follow your cursor

Fishes follow cursor


You have to choose from different type of fishes, that will follow your mouse cursor on the screen in a swimming move. That might be a little fun for someone learning how to use a computer mouse (Elders for example).

The site let you choose between different type of fishes that only do follow your cursor. It is fun how you can make them move while moving the cursor with fast speed on a circle. Wish I could make those fishes spin over.

You can choose between Orca, Puffer-fish, Dolphin,Nemo, or shark.

Little man chases a cursor

Little man chases a cursor

So far my preferred on the list, the little man will follow you mouse cursor with the intention of eating it, and the game is over when he cashes you and eat you.

You have a finite area where you are allowed to move which is represented by the blue screen. The little man will be doing all he can to attempt grabbing the cursor.

It is far from being boring, and is a nice time-waster.

Don’t assume the man is slow, he is not. Go ahead and try to escape from being eaten by the little man.



This one is more of an entertainer than anything else. You have the whole screen to move in and Penguins following you around. The objective will merely be to scape from them, they are moving slowly, and do not seem to be interested of catching you anytime soon.

One of the added feature here is that you can grab each of them at a time and place him where you want on the screen, and he will start moving toward your cursor.

It is a nice bet I will say to have them following your cursor but they are a bit too slow to my liking, but is a nice time-waster.

Visit links below to let things follow your cursor.

A 2D ball will follow your cursor

Agar.io will make you discover how much fun you can have by only moving your cursor around.

The online application allows you to pick a name and right get into a battle field. A 2D ball with your nickname written on it will follow your cursor as you move it around the playing ground, and that is not all. The space is not infinite, the goal is to eat other people to grow, and you can only eat someone smaller than you. This could be so fun that you will forget yourself there for sometime.

The reason why this is interesting is that you are playing online, and  against other people and there is no mercy in the Game. Try picking a name of a country and realize how it can attract either favor or hate.