The best fingertip grip mouse

Working with a good fingertip grip mouse can be the factor that determines the level of your satisfaction when working on your computer, being for gaming or other purposes that require speed and responsiveness on the part of the mouse.

Companies like RazerLogitech, Mionix and Tecknet are dedicated to improving the quality of their different products on the market and some of these products happen to be mice which we will attempt to find the best fingertip grip types among them.

First-of-all, you should understand that a mouse being fingertip grip, claw grip or palm grip depend largely on the size of your hand and one of the common characteristic of fingertip mice are that they are small in size.

What is a fingertip grip?

fingertip grip mouse
Fingertip grip

The fingertip grip is defined by the way you hold a mouse such as you are able to control it with the tip of your fingers.

As you can see on the image, the point of contact between the computer mouse and your hand are your fingertips.

Contrary to the palm grip mouse, this type of mice afflicts more fatigue to your hand but gives you more precise and fast response.

The fingertip grip mouse advantages

Advantages of these sort of mouse sum up to the following:

Fingertip grips slightly change from one user to the other. Most of the following mice can serve more than one grip.

Best fingertip grip mouse list

Razer DeathAdder EliteFull Gaming Mouse
Tecknet Computer Gaming MouseCheap Casual Gaming
Logitech G502 ProteusFull Gaming Mouse
Razer OrochiFull Gaming Mouse
Razer DiamondbackFull Gaming Mouse
SteelSeries SenseiFull Gaming Mouse
Mionix CastorFull Gaming Mouse
Corsair KATARCheap Casual Gaming
Star Wars mouseCasual Mouse
Satechi EdgeCheap Casual Gaming

1. Razer DeathAdder Elite – The best eSport Gaming mouse

When you get used to a mouse of this caliber, it becomes almost impossible to work with other mice. The DeaethAdder Elite is one of a beast when it comes to resolution and accuracy. Talking about accuracy, it claims to have 99.4% accuracy.

This is a pretty high addictive mouse. It will be hard to use any other mouse when you get used to a mouse of this caliber. The DeathAdder Elite has made me pleasantly surprised by the quality it has. It feels sturdy and glides great. The side buttons are very helpful and arguably well designed to prevent misclicks.

While I am considering this mouse classed as a fingertip grip, many fingertip grippers have pointed out that its size is way too small for them to consider it in the latter category. 

You will be surprised by how much this mouse will increase your responsiveness and accuracy. This mouse performs great in games.

The DeathAdder Elite requires you to create an account and to use the Synapse 2.0 software which helps save configurations and enables you to use it to its full capacities. The Synapse 2.0 software has been found to be super buggy on MAC computers.

2. Tecknet Computer Gaming Mouse – Cheap

This mouse is so cheap I had to think twice before including it on this list. The mouse is a 2,000 DPI, 6 buttons gaming mouse. While labeled the cheapest on the list, the mouse appearance will fool more than many. It does not look anything cheap at all but will not look as good in real life as it does on this image though.

This mouse happens to be a bit big for small hands. The mouse comes both in wireless and wired. You will have to choose it to be wired or wireless at the time of purchase depending on your preferences.

If you are new to gaming and would like a cheap fingertip grip mouse with a nice look, this a way to go. But do not expect a lot from this. It will perform about OK. Nevertheless, it performs great for casual web surfing.

This bulky mouse in many experiments proved to be made from cheap materials. You would want to consider something else if you serious into gaming.

3. Logitech G502 Proteus – Best Tunable fingertip grip gaming mouse

This is my favorite on the list. The G502 Proteus features a 5 DPI settings that allow setting it from 200 up to 12,000 DPI. This is perfect gaming mouse for serious gamers. You have about every tunable options to make the Proteus G502 weight and behave to your likeness.

This fingertip will some in handy when it comes to having programmable buttons to your availability.  it features 11 programmable buttons and an adjustable scroll wheel that you can adjust to slow scroll or hyper-fast scroll (free spin or restricted spin).

This one of the most customizable mouse of the Logitech G series. Perfect for FPS games.

Great tracking. Macros are simple to execute after setting up. Buttons quality is well above average. Simple Software to set up and use.

The scroll wheel gets quickly dysfunctional after a period of use. It start rattling quite a number of time after a long period of use.

4. Razer Orochi – both wireless and wired gaming mouse

The Razer Orochi is a small portable and efficient fingertip grip mouse and loved because of its robustness, size and weight.

It features a 6400 DPI 4G Laser Sensor, perfect for gaming grade tracking precision on the go due to its size and weight. There is a lot of lighting customization coming with this mouse.

This mouse is both wired and wireless. You are free to plug the wire in or use it without it which is good since lots of arguments are often arising regarding the wireless mouse affecting the response time while gaming.

This fingertip mouse will allow customization via its software and gives the ability to store all settings to the cloud, so you will have your setting ready to be used regardless of the station you are using once you can access the cloud.

Nice grip on both side, comfortable feel. Both wired and wireless. Smooth glide.

Very light. Feels cheap. A lot still need to be done on the software part. Its software is glitchy and randomly cause issues.

5. Razer Diamondback – Both palm grip and fingertip grip

This mouse falls into the bracket of the most expensive mouse you will find on the market at the moment. The mouse feels fantastic from the build perspective. Very elegant and offers you the fantasy to customize its lighting up to 18 millions colors.

The scroll wheel has a nice double side illumination and the mouse is ambidextrous.

The build of the mouse, its shape and its weight makes it one of the most maneuverable mice on this list. The mouse will do a great job if it find the right hand but finding the right hand will be hard due to its unconventional shape.

This mouse feels very comfortable while tilting on the sides because of its thin base support.

The mouse has a really long profile and feels awkward to hold. The mouse needs a surface calibration to prevent from unnecessary cursor movements when the mouse is lifted up and put down again. 

6. SteelSeries Sensei – Elegant and Rubberized mouse

This mouse comes in two builds: Glossy smooth and Rubberized anti-sweat. Which you will have to select when purchasing. It is an ambidextrous mouse that will serve well both right handed and left handed users. is more comfortable for fingertip and claw grip users

The SteelSeries Sensei is more comfortable for fingertip and claw grip users making it ideal for precision aiming.

This is a good mouse for FPS games. The lift-off distance is about 1.4 and 2.8 mm which is quite low. The lift-off movements are quite well controlled. This is a well-built mouse that feels great while holding it.

Works well for Gaming and casual browsing and is designed to fit a multiple type of grip.

The Side buttons are way likely to be pressed accidentally while lifting the mouse. The rubberized finish tends to peel off quickly. 

7. Mionix Castor – Combined palm, claw and fingertip grip

This fingertip grip mouse is the only one on the list featuring a ring- and pinky-finger groove to comfortably place all your five fingers. It has an inbuilt memory which makes it a really attractive option compared to the Razer mice reviewed previously.

The inbuilt memory allows to save configurations and have it with you as opposed to saving it on the manufacturer server.

That might not be a good mouse for FPS game seeing from the balance point of view. This mouse does not feel balanced due to its shape.

From the sensing point, this is a good mouse. The sensor works well and it has a good lift-up distance.  The Mionix castor features six buttons and is built for right-handed users.

This mouse features a nice long and soft cable. The mouse has an all around rubber build making comfortable while using it even for sweating hands. It has an adjustable lift-off distance.

Well built and provide the ability to save your configurations onboard preventing to reconfigure the mouse if you are for example moving to your laptop from the desktop. It features 5 programmable profiles.

The groove on the side can be a little dictating on the position you have your fingers rest on the mouse.

8. Corsair KATAR fingertip grip gaming mouse – Most comfortable fingertip grip

This is a very simplistic fingertip grip mouse, it features no side buttons and no extra buttons. Definitely not for MMORTS games.

The Corsair Katar is a light weight mouse that feel very easy to move around and consequently reduce fatigue after long use.

This mouse features an 8,000 DPI optical sensor. It has four programmable buttons that allow you to customize buttons to your likeness. It has a very comfortable side grip mouse.

This mouse is a really good option considering the feel it sent while pressing the buttons but it you would like to use your mouse at a high DPI, this mouse will cause you a lot of trouble at high DPI.

If you are somebody that do light gaming, this mouse will definitely do it for you. The price point is just right for the performance this fingertip grip mouse delivers.

Cheap and simplistic mouse with no thumb, side or extra buttons. Will be a go-to mouse for minimalistic users.

There is a little bit of delay while using this mouse. The scroll wheel is stiff making it a little hard to use. It performs very bad at high DPI typically above 4,000 DPI.

9. Star Wars mouse – Mouse for daily use

This is the dark side of the Force at your fingertip. This mouse is far from being a gaming mouse, but it is a great iconic mouse for Star Wars fans.

This mouse has nothing astonishing apart its look and is designed for casual web browsing. It will be suitable if you like moving around with your mouse.

It is a wireless mouse featuring an advanced 2.4GHz connectivity. It works well both for left handed and right handed. Claims to have a battery that can last 24 months.

This mouse can connect up to 5 compatible devices, all at the same time.

Nano receiver. It takes up little space for the receiver to be plugged on your machine. Cheap mouse.

Flat shape afflicting fatigue to your hand after a long period of use.

10. Satechi Edge – Wide range polling rate Fingertip

The Satechi Edge is an 800/1600/2400/4000 adjustable DPI mouse. It comes with a couple of AA batteries ready to use.

 The mouse has a considerably small shape, making it good for fingertip and claw grip mouse.

This mouse could easily be labeled the best gaming mouse under $25. A real deal.

Good mouse for an average person. Nice look and shape.

If you are a serious gamer, stay away from this mouse. Invest in a better one instead. Fail to work well over a long period of time. Eat up batteries quickly.

Final thought

Most fingertip mice listed above are considered for the average hand size. If the fingertip grip mouse is the ultimate criteria for you to select your next mouse, and your hands happen not fall into the common category, I will advise you visit a shop and try your hand on a mouse before making a purchasing decision.