The Best Claw grip mouse

In the world of computer mice, ‘one ring does not rule them all’ and due to the different types of tasks—such as gaming, computer design and plain old office work—that they are used for as well as the personal preferences of each user, there are diverse mouse types in today’s market. In previous posts, we have covered the 3D mouse, and the ergonomic mouse. Therefore, this post will provide an introduction and a review of the Claw Grip mouse and its advantages as a gaming tool. So what is the Claw Grip mouse?

An Introduction to the Claw Grip Mouse

Claw grip
Claw grip

The claw grip is a unique mouse aesthetically designed with an arched up grip which makes for less contact points with its body thereby forming a claw-like-shape.

The claw grip mouse is generally shorter than the average mouse which also makes it spot a less aggressive back arch angle while providing a more agile front interface for the human hand. In recent years, the advent of Real-time Strategy games (RTS) has made the use of the claw grip mouse quite popular in the gaming world.

This is due to its design and its abilities to reduce wrist strains while gaming over an extended period of time.  These features coupled with the ease in which gamers can swiftly move the pointer along all corners of a screen makes it one of the perfect gaming mice out there.

Claw grips

Mad Catz R.A.T. 9Claw-grip-mouse

The Mx MasterClaw-grip-mouse

The CM Storm Spawn

Logitech G502

The Mamba Chroma






1.7 pounds

5.1 ounces

12.8 ounces

5.9 ounces

4.5 ounces


5.3" x 3.5" x 8.9"

1.9" x 3.4" x 5"

9" x 6.2" x 3"

5.2" x 3" x 1.6"

2.8" x 1.7" x 5"


Right handed

Right handed

Right handed

Right handed



UP to 6,400 DPI

Up to 1,600

Up to 3,500

Up to 12,000

Up to 16,000

Number of buttons






Adjustable weight


The Advantages of Claw Grip over Palm and Fingertip Grip

To thoroughly understand the differences between certain grip types—claw, palm and fingertip—it is important that a brief description of each grip type should be outlined below before moving to comparing each category against the claw mouse. So here they are:

The Palm Grip

This is the traditional way most mouse users hold or handle the traditional mouse. The user makes much use of his or her wrist and forearm when moving and controlling the mouse.

The Fingertip Grip

The fingertip grip is designed to provide minimal contact with a user’s hand when been controlled. The mouse is basically controlled by the fingertips making for agile movement when working or gaming with them.

The Hybrid Grip

There are also mice that juxtapose some of the features from each type described above on one interactive surface.

Advantages of the Claw grip over the Palm grip includes

  • Users making use of the Palm grip have to make use of the wrist and forearm when moving the mouse unlike the claw grip which minimizes the use of one’s wrist. Therefore, palm grip causes wrist strain while claw grip eliminates it.
  • The number of articulation points needed to manipulate palm grips is less than that of the claw grip. This means that user of palm grip mice cannot make as many precise movements when compared to the precision of the claw grip.
  • Lastly, the size of a user’s hand plays a major role in determining the level of comfort and precision achieved when manipulating the palm grip while the claw grips claw-like features eliminates the constrains that come with hand size.

Advantages of the Claw grip over the Fingertip grip

  • The fingertip grip provides users with only 5 points of contact which would lead to using more effort to control movement thereby resulting to severe hand fatigue while palm grip minimizes unnecessary hand movements.
  • The fingertip’s unique interface also means a harder learning curve for users. A lot of practice is required before a user can become totally familiar with using its mice which is unlike the claw grip.
  • Also, the fingertip grip is more comfortable for users with large hands while the crawl grip fits your hand regardless of size.
  • It is also important to note the availably of hybrid mice which combine the aesthetic features of the fingertip grip with that of the claw grip.

Comparing the different Types of Claw Grip Mouse

To accurately compare two different claw grip mice, it is quite important to set some ground rules or criteria in which the listed items will be scored against. Therefore, our chosen criteria are:

  • Mouse grip: this covers the ease at which the human hands grips and handles a mouse when controlling it.
  • Mouse Design: the texture, aesthetic design and materials used in designing a mouse plays its role in determining how comfortable it would be during its use.
  • Control and Precision: the last and most important criteria is how a mouse functions when used to carry out diverse tasks that involve precise movement, acceleration and prediction. Here is a brief review of the 5 claw grip mice to be compared:

Reviewing the different Types of Claw Grip Mice

To accurately compare two different claw grip mice, it is quite important to set some ground rules or criteria in which the listed items will be scored against. Therefore, our chosen criteria are:

  • Mouse grip: this covers the ease at which the human hands grips and handles a mouse when controlling it.
  • Mouse Design: the texture, aesthetic design and materials used in designing a mouse plays a role in determining how comfortable and aesthetically pleasing it would be during use.
  • Control and Precision: the last and most important criteria is how a mouse functions when used to carry out diverse tasks that involve precise movement, acceleration and prediction.
  • Lift-off distance: there is a distance where a mouse is lifted up to and its sensors stop working. This is known as the lift off distance and it generally affects game play if a mouse has errant lift-off distance. Note that errant could either be too little or too much lift.

Our top 5 claw grip mice

  • The Cooler Master Storm Spawn: is an ergonomically designed claw grip mouse built for professional gamers. Its features include 3500 DPI optical sensors, 7 programmable buttons and a gold plated USB connector.
  • The Logitech G502: is a core gaming mouse with 11 programmable buttons and up to 12000 DPI optical sensors. Users can also adjust the weight and balance settings to achieve a more personalized feel and performance when gaming.
  • The Mad CATz R.A.T 9: is arguably the most expensive gaming mouse a gamer can purchase. The R.A.T 9 features six fully programmable buttons and customizable DPI sensor settings of up to 6400.
  • The Logitech Mx Master: is a powerful gaming mouse aesthetically designed to provide gamers with the versatility required to play real-time strategy games. It is a smart wireless mouse with flawless tracking abilities and a unique thumb wheel to aid advanced gestures.
  • The Razer Mamba Chroma: With 16000 DPI sensors, the Razar Mamba Chroma provides gamers with the extensive balance, precision and manoeuvrability that makes advanced gaming fun.

The best claw grip mouse

CM Storm Spawn


The CM Storm Spawn is ergonomically designed and was predominantly built for professional gamers. Its surface texture is made up of smooth plastic with rubber grips on both sides which reduce the issue of sweaty palms for gamers who spend long hours in front of a reviewing this mouse using our criteria:

Mouse Grips: it is important to note that as a gaming mouse, the CM Storm Spawn provides its user with the dexterity needed to carry out in-game tasks with limited movements. Also note that this mouse is designed for right-handed gamers.

Mouse Design: the CM Storm Spawn was designed to be durable and boasts a long life-span. It comes equipped with; Omron patented micro switch, an anti-drift optical sensor built to provide superb stability and a 32KB on-board Sentinel-X memory which stores your programmed buttons and customizations. Lastly, two external buttons lie behind the scroll wheel and they can be programmed to alter resolution settings between 800 to 3500 DPI depending on your needs while gaming.

Control and Precision: on the top of the mouse is its ultra-precise scrolling wheel or wheel encoder designed to accurately navigate exact spaces regardless of their distance, as well as the left and right movement buttons (LMB and RMB) to execute tasks. Under the CM Storm Spawn are the anti-drift optical sensor and two Teflon feet built to handle drift and movement accurately.

Lift-off Distanceit spots anti-drift optical sensors which gives it a low lift-off distance. This ensures that the sensors only stop tracking once the mouse is lifted between 1-2 millimetres off its pad.

Logitech G502


For those in need of a fully customizable gaming mouse, the Logitech G502 offers that bespoke customization you require and much more. This mouse is for core gamers who are interested in adjusting diverse parameters including buttons, its weight and balance settings to achieve a more personalized feel and better performance when gaming. Judging its features using our criteria;

Mouse Grips: unlike other gaming mice, the Logitech G502 is ambidextrously designed for use by both left and right handed users. Users are provided with the option of selecting either a plastic or matte plastic surface depending on what you are comfortable gaming with.

Mouse Design: in terms of aesthetic beauty, the G502 stands out due to its futuristic look, feel, surface design and button arrangement. It comes with 11 programmable buttons, a dual-mode ultra-quick scroll wheel and optical sensors for movement stability. Its 11 buttons are arranged around its entire surface and their programmable nature makes it easy to arrange your most used buttons to fit your finger movement.

Control and Precision: on top its surface are the LMB and RMB, its scroll wheel, a thumb button among others which you can programme. The G502 is also equipped with on-the-fly DPI making it easy to switch through its 5 settings, from 200 to 12000 depending on the user’s needs. Under the mouse is its tracking sensor as well as a removable base which can be padded up with external weight to increase its overall weight and balance according to your specifications.

Lift-Off Distance: it is equipped with accurate optical sensors which can be fine-tuned to work seamlessly on diverse surfaces. Its lift-off distance is also designed to allow for minimal shifts while gaming thereby nullifying simple lifting mistakes during intense gaming sessions.

Mad Catz R.A.T. 9


This beauty of a gaming mouse is a monster built with a light aluminium chassis and multiple customizable parts and programmable buttons designed to meet your exact needs. The Mad Catz is what Linux is to programmers. It offers a unique versatility and component arrangement that would put most mice in its category to shame.

Mouse Grip: its excellent modular design and the user’s ability to customize almost every aspect of its surface means that its grip isn’t static but varied. Users can take advantage of the interchangeable pinkie grips and palm rest in approximately 3 modes. The palm rests includes; one with a soft-touch finish that closely feels like its aluminium surface, another with a rubber inlay which enhances the users grip and the last is a thicker palm rest designed to increase the R.A.T 9’s weight, height and balance accordingly.

Mouse Design: almost every aspect of the R.A.T 9—from its palm rest to its programmable buttons—and its surface is built with a light aluminium chassis which gives it an advanced robotic look while retaining a comfortable feel/grip. On top the mouse are the basic LMB and RMB, a notched scroll wheel for easy movement, a mode button located at the rear of the LMB, as well as back, forward and precision aim buttons located on its versatile thumb rest. Lastly, a metallic thumb wheel is located between the thumb rest and the main body of the mouse. This wheel can be configured for both lateral and horizontal in-game movements.

Control and Precision: the Catz R.A.T 9 comes equipped with Cyborg gaming mouse configuration software which enables its user programme its buttons and wheel movement separately and according to the user’s specifications. You can change your DPI, set precision aim cursor sensitivity and save diverse settings for different games. The Catz R.A.T 9 is a wireless mouse that relies on USB 2.0 connectivity technology.

Lift -off Distance: the R.A.T 9’s lift off distance is controlled by its anti-drift sensors provides balance and accurate control when using the mouse on either a rough or smooth surface. This feature coupled with a 1-2 millimetre lift-off makes it a precise mouse for in-game control.

Logitech Mx Master


The Mx Master is an aesthetically crafted mouse built to provide comfort when gaming for extended periods of time. It is a much more improved version of Logitech’s Performance Mouse Mx due to its improved designs and added control buttons which simplifies its use. Here is its review using our criteria:

Mouse Grip: the MX Master touts itself as a perfectly hand-sculpted mouse and its ergonomic design, comfortable thumb rest which supports the hands and wrist of power users and core gamers backs up its claim.

Mouse Design: on its surface, are the LMB and RMB, a smart scroll wheel and a programmable mouse button. The speed-adaptive scroll wheel is designed to automatically shift between scrolling modes according to your touch. And on its thumb rest, is a thumb scroll whose capabilities can be extended through the Logitech Options software.

Control and Precision: as stated earlier, the Logitech Options Software can be downloaded to extend its capabilities as well as customize programmable buttons to meet your specifications. The adaptive scroll wheel is built ideally for precise motions and in its hyper-fast mode, the scroll wheel moves ultra-fast so users can fly through fast-paced game simulations with ease.

In turn, the thumb wheel is used to achieve lateral/horizontal in-game motions, navigate through game scenes and reproduce touch based motions. Under the mouse is Logitech’s high-precision Darkfield Laser sensors designed to flawlessly track through virtual space.  The laser sensors also work on every surface it comes in contact with.

Lift-off Distance: the Darkfield Laser Sensors provides minimal lift off distances which does not affect the user’s game play negatively. Slightly lifting it from its surface during game play does not hamper the in-game actions taken.

Master means that learning its use would take the average person some time thereby

Razer Mamba Chroma


A rock solid ergonomic design, long battery life, coupled with the Chroma lighting system makes this mouse a practical yet beautiful desktop accessory for gamers. The Mamba Chroma spots multiple buttons and features which will be reviewed below:

Mouse Grip: Mamba Chroma is designed with a plastic surface, a distinctive long-shaped body and rubber grips at both sides making it a comfort based mouse for gamers. Its distinctive body shape provides rest for both hand and wrist while its side rubber grips provide rest for the pinkie and ring finger. These grip features put the Mamba Chroma into the hybrid—claw and palm—grip category.

Mouse Design: The sturdy build of the Mamba Chroma and its taillights gives it a sporty and attractive look which doesn’t affect the efficiency in anyway. On the surface are the LMB and RMB, the scroll wheel, and the DPI adjustment buttons are located slightly below the versatile scroll wheel. For anyone into sport cars, the slick surface of the Chroma, its long body and side taillights will definitely serve as a side attraction while gaming.

Control and Precision: The Mamba Chroma is a specialist in precision and versatility as can be seen from the features of its scroll wheel. Gamers can make us of the scroll wheel in two ways; by using it as a traditional scrolling tool as well as rocking it horizontally to produce lateral movement. Under the scroll wheel are its on-the-fly DPI adjustment buttons that are easy to activate with either your index or middle finger.

The Mamba Chroma also comes with two thumb buttons which adds versatility to game play for they can be customized to help with alternate in-game assignments such as throwing items and taking part in melees where precision isn’t a priority.

Also notable is the Mamba’s Click Force Adjustment screw—under the mouse— which allows users tune the LMB and RMB according to the suspension they require. With click force, gamers can make the predominant LMB and RMB either soft or hard which varies their response speed when clicked.

Lift-off Distance: the Mamba is adaptable to any surface and its optical sensors ensure that it carries out the task of tracking seamlessly. Lastly, its lift off distance is well-calibrated so little shakes and upward movements wouldn’t affect game play.

Final thought

Choosing a grip mouse generally depends on an individual’s personal choice, the task to be performed—usually gaming—his or her hand size and wrist/palm position when gaming.  From this list, it is easy to note that these mice offer gamers with far more versatility and comfort than the traditional mouse. Therefore for gamers not shopping on a budget, purchasing any of these mice will definitely add new dimensions to your game play.