Mouse scanner

The concept of an internet of things has in its own way led to the creation of interconnected devices built with the ability to carry out diverse key activities in a multitasking capability. The tech world has continued to witness multifunctional devices like 3D printers, mouse bungee hubs and the mouse scanner which will play a stellar role in this article. So before going into details on choosing the best mouse scanners you should buy, it is best we define what it is and its multifunctional uses.

A mouse scanner is a device built to serve as both a traditional mouse pointer and a document scanning device which can be used as a surface scanner to easily scan physical documents directly onto a digital screen. There are currently a couple of brands out there making excellent mouse scanners which can make it difficult for anyone therefore, this article will enlist the help of certain criteria to review the best mouse scanners available to you. So stay tuned.

The Mouse Scanner Review Criteria

  • Key Technologies—this criterion discusses the scanning technologies and other factors relating to how the mouse scanner functions.
  • Ease of Use—as with all technology, the ease in which the average individual can make use of a device straight out of its package also plays an important role in determining if people will use them.

The Top 5 Mouse Scanners

LG Mouse Scanner (LSM 100)

scanner-mouseFor those interested in the aesthetic appeal of a mouse, the LSM 100 is a mouse that is quite attractive to look at and if purchased, will definitely add some appeal to your desktop. It is built from plastic and looks a lot like the average traditional mouse but definitely does a whole lot more than simply clicking objects on your computer screen. Using our criteria as a review yardstick, we have;

  • Key Technologies—the LSM 100 is built to provide cutting edge scanning capabilities which simplify the task of using the device. The first and most important technology is its scanning optics which makes it possible for users to scan. The second key technology of the LSM 100 is the optical character recognition (OCR) system which actually recognises approximately 180 different languages

What the OCR does is that it allows you scan every character as well as retain their actual distinctive characters when scanned into your digital environment. Thereby making sure you do not have to manually edit scanned texts if they are in different languages.

  • Ease of Use—the LSM 100 is really easy to use for all you need to do I simply hit the scan button and pass the mouse across the areas you intend to scan. Also, you can select sections of a document you would like to scan as well as scan document sizes up to an A3 sized paper if you require it.

IRIScan 2 All-in-one Portable Scanning Mouse

scanner-mouseThe IRIScan is a beautiful blue mouse scanner designed for ease of use and to add an aesthetic presence to your working desk. Apart from its aesthetic aspects, the mouse is also an advanced scanner dedicated to scanning physical documents and replicating them instantly on your digital computer. Reviewing this mouse scanner using our criteria we have:

  • Key Technologies—with the IRIScan, a high display or scanning resolution is guaranteed for this device can scan up to a 300dpi resolution. It also includes a distinct character profile which allows users scan different languages and pictures directly to their digital space. Another added advantage of using this mouse scanner is the direct dropping feature which allows you to scan documents and simply take the text and drop them into a word or PDF file easily. Due to its character recognition abilities, you will no longer need to edit text physically again.
  • Ease of Use—the creators of the IRIScan also made this scanning device quite easy to use. All the user needs to do is click the scan button and pass the mouse through the necessary areas to complete the scanning process. Also, a sharing feature which allows users easily share files through social media networks such as Facebook and Flickr. A last added touch is the choice of alternating the colour/surface of the top of your mouse from blue to black in order to get the exact aesthetic touch that fits your personality.

Work Smart Scanner Mouse with One Click Document Scanning

scanner-mouseAesthetically, the Work Smart scanner is a fresh take on your traditional desktop mouse and at a glance all one sees is a black mouse designed to do one job. But on closer look, you would notice a light button at its left side with the words scan which depicts it as more than a mouse. This mouse is a powerful scanning tool which you can use to scan, copy, move and share scanned documents to the cloud as well as on social media platforms. Using our criteria to review this powerful mouse scanner we have:

  • Key Technologies—the Work Smart scanner is designed with a powerful OCR feature which has the capacity to recognise approximately 150 different languages during the scanning process. Thereby eliminating the need to carry out physical text edits on the scanned digital document. Added to this scanning ability is its interconnectivity which allows you share scanned documents as you choose just by the click of a button. The Work Smart scanner is equipped to work on the different kinds of personal computers and operating systems out there including, Mac, Windows and Linux run PCs.
  • Ease of Use—in terms of usage, the mouse scanner like its companions can be easily activated and used by simply pressing the scan button and running the mouse over the document’s surface to be scanned. The scanner provides very good resolution and has the capacity to scan documents to sizes approximate with an A3 paper.

IRIScan Portable Scanning Mouse

scanner-mouseThis is another mouse from the stables of IRIScan and unlike the all-in-one portable scanner, this is a really slick ergonomic mouse with solid scanning capabilities. Its aesthetic design makes it one to have for it can also double down as an accessory for your desk. Like its counterpart, it also provides some interconnectivity which allows you to scan send share documents with ease. Using our review system, the mouse scores well and have the following features:

  • Key Technologies—IRIScan is renowned for its ability to build powerful scanning devices and this scanner is no different. The device is equipped with IRIScan OCR technology which enables text recognition of approximately 180 languages which means it eliminates the need for randomly editing texts that are not in written in English. Another technology it integrates involves the sharing of scanned devices with ease to social media platforms and the cloud by simply clicking a button.
  • Ease of Use—the mouse scanner is an easy device to use and this device is no different. All that is required of you is to unpack your package, connect it via USB and simply click the scan button before running the mouse over documents. Once these procedures have been carried out, the scanned document immediately appears on your digital screen and you are done. The IRIScan portable mouse can scan documents as large as an A3 paper.

Brookstone Scanner Mouse

scanner-mouseThe Brookstone is sleek. Designed from matted plastic, and coloured ash black, the mouse is truly built to be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. This makes it a prized asset for anyone looking to purchase a desktop mouse for regular use. Added to its beauty is its practicality for the scanner can be used to easily scan documents, edit and upload scanned copies to multiple platforms as your need may be. A review using our criteria shows:

  • Key Technologies—high scanning resolution of 320 dpi coupled with a powerful text recognition system makes it a good device for scanning your documents. The Brookstone can recognise up to 150 languages which makes character recognition a breeze. This feature simplifies capturing documents and makes physical editing a thing of the past. File sharing also falls under its jurisdiction for you can share scanned on social media platforms and the cloud when storing digital files.
  • Ease of Use—it is quite easy to use since it is actually shaped as a mouse. All you are required to do is hit the mouse button and run the scanner across the areas you intend to scan. The scanner is equipped to scan areas or surfaces as large as an A3 file which makes it quite a capable scanning device.

Final words

Here we come to the end of the top 5 mouse scanning devices you can find on the market. All these devices make use of OCR technology and are quite capable scanners which mean your choice may be down to the aesthetic design of the listed mouse scanners as well as the weight of the mouse you choose. Lastly, most mouse scanners cost approximately $45 to $90 which makes it quite an affordable option to the traditional scanner.