Long Range Wireless Router

You might not be aware of this but in difference from only a few years ago, your current Wi-Fi setup is completely inadequate to keep up with ever growing demands. Having a long range wireless router 1000 feet in range will definitely make your life easier.

Then again you have to be picky when choosing the optimal one. But one thing is sure: your current setup, consisting only of a bit more advanced modem is inadequate to handle that amount of requests. You need to change something and this is a good start.

There are 2 primary reasons why old setup consisting just of modem doesn’t cover the needs:

  1. Large number of devices connected to home or office network with large number of requests, and
  2. “Weight” of the traffic in both directions which multiplies weekly.

Both are corrected with an adequate router. But what is the router anyway?

What is the ROUTER

long-range-routerRouter is a device that enables you to connect more than 2, 3 or 4 devices on your home or office network without experiencing connectivity issues. The number of devices able to connect through router is only limited with its data transfer potentials and maximum speed or bandwidth capabilities. But in general, every relatively advanced type of router has the ability to connect more than 20 different devices in any given time and to enable simultaneous data exchange between any or all of them in the same moment.

Traditional modems that have the basic routing capabilities can only sustain connection of 3 to 4 devices but as soon as the traffic gets heavy, connection tends to slow down and eventually break entirely.

This is due to the relatively simple routing software inside the modems. That software consists of so called “routing tables” which memories the specific “routes” the device is using when communicate with another device. For instance, if 2 people are sharing information over the network, they will use same nods and pathways. In order to speed up the process, connection device memorizes the specific markers of those nods and paths so it won’t have to recognize and calculate them again.

Now in past, when we had slow connections and maybe 2-4 wireless devices connected to the home or office network, modems and simple routers where quite effective. Nowadays, this presents the problem since not only that we are connecting ever more devices but we are also sharing a lot more of the data and above all, we prefer to connect wirelessly.

The Advantages of an Effective Wireless Router

Mobility and security are the key factors upon which you should make your decision. With wireless routers we are no longer limited to small spaces or having to figure out how to hide all those cables. Powerful wireless router makes all the difference in home or office networks.

But not any kind of wireless router is good for the job. Depending on your needs – and they are extremely high even in your household with 4 or 5 individuals – you might want to consider the wireless router which is not only effective in terms of data exchange but also has a long range of cover – up to 1000 feet to be sure.

It does make life easier because longer the range, more powerful is the speed and transfer capabilities of the device. For example, you can use your laptop, tablet or smartphone from every corner of your home and backyard. You can even walk to the store and you won’t lose the connection with your favorite network for which you are sure that it is secured and cannot be penetrated with ease.

Security in wireless transfer is everything. Quality long range routers use 256-bit encryption protocols and it is close to impossible to hack into the network. Communication simply cannot be intercepted. Ultimately, you might want to prevent your child to connect to some website or even to a device in your home network. Simple to use software is something you should also have in mind when choosing the right wireless router for your network. Why wasting time on complicated protocols when there are routing devices that enable you to limit the access with a single click in less than a minute.

This feature is interesting for those who are trying to setup a central access point in large residential buildings and even blocks. But this calls for something more than just parental and regular security.

Underlying Role of Long Range Wireless Routers in Large Home or Office Networks

routerMore powerful and advanced routers are using dual band transfer technology which eliminates possible interference in simultaneous wireless communication. This is especially important for larger office networks where data exchange virtually never stops. Even when users are not communicating among themselves or third parties, office networks are adjusted by system and network administrators to regularly back up the data using different ways and protocols.

These processes can occupy immense resources if the routing device does not contain optimized QoS protocols, and only few do have. Having a router with advanced QoS or Quality of Service will make all the difference if your users have the need for HD streaming or gaming.

What is the Importance of Advanced QoS?

QoS is allowing you to manually prioritize specific applications, internet protocols and ports to use more of a bandwidth than others. In other words, you can setup an application, program or even a game to use more of the potential bandwidth which will enable improved user experience.

Then again, you would probably want to consider a device with simplest QoS setup as possible, right? Again, why losing time when everything can be done in less than a minute even by someone with only the basic knowledge of communications.

That leads us to specific choice depending on needs and complexity of the situation.

Optimal Long Range Wireless Router for Small to Medium Size Home and Office Networks

There are plenty of choices, but in the same time that may be potentially misleading because we are used to focus on a price when trying to purchase quality. In a world of communication devices that principle doesn’t necessary have to apply.

While you might be thinking about some Cisco device, you have to know that it takes months to learn just the basics to configure even the simplest Cisco router. On the other hand, there are few companies that managed to manufacture simple and quality long range wireless routers without compromising on quality.

One of those companies is definitely Netgear, a company known for a wide spectrum of communication devices containing advanced protocols and using some of the latest technological advances available.

long-range-routerNetgear’s Wireless Router – AC1200 Dual Band Gigabit (R6200) presents the opportunity to equip your access point with the state of the art wireless communication hub. If you are trying to establish a secure and effective small or medium home or office network, AC 1200 Dual Band is something to at least put on a list.

It is a long range, reliable wireless router with advanced QoS protocols and latest security technology. But above all, it is more than affordable. If you have to connect more than 8 devices, this long range wireless router 1000 feet of range is optimal choice. Netgear made sure that configuration and setup run smoothly and for those purposes they have developed a simple to use graphical interface.

Being a Gigabit wired and with speeds of 300+867 Mbits, AC 1200 Dual Band can sustain simultaneous HD streaming and gaming from several consoles.

In addition, router is equipped with 3.0 USB hub ideal for connecting a shared scanning/printing device or even portable hard disk drive for additional central storage and back up.

But if you are searching for something even more powerful because you have to connect dozens of consoles and devices over a large area, than another Netgear’s communication device is something to have in mind when deciding to purchase wireless router.

Powerful Long Range Wireless Router for Even Larger and More Demanding Networks

If you need to connect more than 12 consoles and other types of devices and in the same time you want to avoid any interferences or reduced speed, Netgear’s Wireless Router – AC1750 Dual Band Gigabit (R6300) will cover all of your needs.

Sharing the same features but further enhanced, AC1750 DB contains a Beamforming+ technology and powerful Dual Core processor. This device will make connectivity and sharing as simple and effective as possible for more than a reasonable price. Something to consider for sure.

Think about this: you current setup is most likely causing the headaches and wasting your time due to constant crashing and slow connection speed, so maybe it is time to change it. Keep in mind that HD video streaming today is using tremendous amount of bandwidth. Wouldn’t it be better to have the optimal equipment?