The Top Gamer Messenger Bags to Add to Your Collection

Style in this millennium has continued to evolve from the rather mundane to something more exhilarating as millennials continue to wrench control of their individual styling needs from the fashion media. In this quest to be individualistic, certain pieces have evolved from their traditional uses to fashion statements and the messenger bag has become part of this movement.

There are also practical reasons why the messenger bag is been accepted as a means of carrying personal items by certain demographics and this is their ability to provide a light-weight, comfortable home to your personal items.

For those who love the stylishness of the messenger bag as well as gamers who love the ease of movement they provide, this article will provide you with a glimpse of the top messenger bags you should consider adding to your bag collection. So stay tuned as we go through the list for you may find something that definitely catches your attention.

Gamer messenger Bag Collection

Langforth Genuine Leather Vintage Messenger Bag


Not everyone loves a leather bag but if you happen to be a fan of leather, then this vintage messenger bag created by the good people at Langforth would blow your mind. The Langforth vintage is a beautiful piece that serves multiple purposes for the avid gamer.

Its sleek and slim design do this in the following ways:

Multiple Sections/Pockets

The Langforth comes with 5 extra pockets aside its main section which was developed for the carrying of your 15inch laptop or any large item of that size. The bag also spots two extra internal pockets for your accessories and two large external pockets which you can use to store items you make use of on a frequent basis.

Material Construction

As stated earlier, this messenger bag is from leather but not just any leather. It is actually designed from supreme cowhide horse leather which is masterly sewed to provide a rugged yet aesthetically pleasing bag which you would definitely be proud to call your own. Also, stylistic wrinkles and scars which look like rugged badges have been integrated into its surface to achieve a more rugged look.

Ease of Use

The Langforth is a simplistic bag which was designed for easy use and it does the by providing a padded interior for your laptop and a solid shoulder strap which provides enough support for the load on your body. The shoulder strap also spreads friction and weight across your body in such a way that it reduces unnecessary shoulder fatigue.

Vetelli Shoulder Messenger Bag


The Vetelli messenger bag is truly a stylish piece of work and it accomplishes its unique styling with the use of multi-coloured leather and a healthy dose of leather straps across its main frame. Its clean and scratch protected surface is also an added advantage some gamers may find appealing about its overall structure.

Its unique properties and features include:

Space and Protection

According to Vetelli, the messenger bag is built for protection and it does this by providing multiple spacious interior sections as well as exterior pockets to help protect the user’s items. Its major section is equipped with pads to protect a 12 to 15-inch laptop as well as other accessories while the exterior provides a handle for your shades or glasses.

Material Construction

The Vetelli messenger bag is constructed from high-grade PU leather and a robust grey canvas which adds to its strength and beauty. It also integrates a metallic snap closure which serves as the main security feature for the bag.

Ease of Use

This messenger bag was designed with the user in mind and it accomplishes the comfort it promises by including a comfortable shoulder strap and other details, such as zip pullers and a shoulder pad that makes using it fun. Lastly, the bag is backed by a lifetime money back guarantee from Vetelli.

17.3-Inch Eco-Friendly Canvas Mobile Edge Messenger Bag


For members of PETA and anyone who is adverse to using leather as a means of carrying your personal items, this eco-friendly bag will definitely tick every box on your list for a messenger bag.

The Mobile Edge eco messenger has the following features anyone would admire:

Material Construction

This is a smart messenger bag made entirely from eco-friendly materials namely cotton canvas and Velcro. It also integrates the use of cotton in its shoulder strap and plastic clips to secure its interior parts.

Space and Protection

There are so many interior sections integrated into the mobile edge which makes it a good multipurpose carrier for your laptop, books and any other items under the 15inch mark you need to keep secure. Its immediate exterior provides a Velcro covered section where office cards and other identification items can be easily stored. Note that the covering flap also covers the Velcro parts and protects it from natural elements.

Ease of Use

Added to its eco-friendly construct is a bag truly easy to use due to its comfortable shoulder strap ad an added top strap which you can use in carrying the mobile edge while giving your shoulders some rest.

CoolBell 15.6 Inch Messenger Bag

Grey steely colours are truly attractive to those who love the look they provide and the CoolBell provides that look to the maximum. This is a very aesthetically pleasing messenger bag I believe anyone would love to be associated with due to its clean-cut feel and build.

Looking into its features we find:

A Stylish Material Construct

The CoolBell is made from very durable Nylon material which has a grey cast and combines the use of beautiful shoulder straps as a handle for the bag.

Enough Protected Space

The interior of this messenger bag is truly spacious and is fully padded to protect the items you put into it. The bag provides enough space for a 16 inch laptop as well as multiple pockets for the storage of other accessories.

Ease of Use

The CoolBell is stylish and practical. This is due to its entire design as well as the multiple carrying options it provides you with. With it, you can alternate between using the shoulder strap or the top strap to reduce shoulder and hand fatigue when and where necessary.

ibagbar Canvas Messenger Bag

Here is another chick semi-eco-friendly messenger bag you can consider purchasing for your daily commute. The ibagbar canvas is a beautiful specimen due to its hues of grey and brown leather straps that provide an artistic contrast to its overall colour scheme. The ibagbar is not so spacious but definitely safe enough for your daily commute.

Material Construction

The main surface of the ibagbar is made from high-density canvas which makes it truly durable and a safe haven for your items. The use of canvas also adds to its eco-friendly appeal which would definitely attract some users. The bag makes use of leather and metal for its buckle thereby providing a good measure of safety for your items.

Multiple Pockets

This bag comes with 9 pockets aside its main internal space which provides you with enough storage space for all your items. Its main section provides enough space to store a 13-inch laptop as well as other accessories while the pockets and other sections are built for storing smart devices and other gaming accessories you regularly make use off.

Ease of Use

Although I find its shoulder strap to be somewhat tiny, it is aesthetically designed to accentuate the entire bags’ build. The use of metal buckles and zippers as well as their arrangement also makes unzipping and taking out items quite easy.

Snugg8482 Crossbody Shoulder Messenger Bag


The Snugg8482 was built out of durable PU leather to achieve one thing. And that is a truly durable messenger bag with a visual look that screams solidity. This messenger bag is a rugged bag gamers who commute a lot will definitely love due to its size and the use of multiple straps and zips to secure its openings.

Here is a look at its features.

Material Construction

A mix of high-grade PU leather and metal buckles are the definitive factors in its design. This solidity does not in any way impede its beauty for it is a rugged yet aesthetically built messenger bag.

Spacious Interior

For those who love spacious messenger bags, the Snugg8482 provides abundant space to store laptops as big as 16 inches as well as other padded sections to provide security for your accessories. These spaces are covered up with a flap and metal zips protect them.

Ease of Use

Like some bags on this list, two forms of carrying support are provided and they are a shoulder strap and a top strap for your hands. Therefore, you can give your shoulders a rest from time to time when making use of the Snugg8482 Crossbody.

As you can see, there are 6 bags on this list which shows our high regard for our readers. An added messenger bag was included in other not to limit you to the first five. So this is us wishing you happy commuting with whichever bag you pick from this list.