The best Ergonomic gaming mouse

For those of us who spend long hours behind a computer either working or gaming,  we have since established the fact that using a mouse eases the time spent on your project and completely trumps the track/mouse pad on your laptop.

But despite the flexibility using a mouse—with Bluetooth accessibility –offers, you have to agree that the continuous highlighting, moving and aligning of objects with your mouse leaves its mark on your hands and wrists which could lead to Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) in the long run.

To counter the possibility of RSI’s happening to computer users, the idea of the ergonomic mouse was conceived. In simpler terms, an ergonomic mice is a pointer designed to fit the lifestyle of the average individual.

These mice are built to favor your personal preferences—such as if you are right or left handed—as well as provide its users’ wrists and musculoskeletal system the support it requires for extended use. So to make this little expose official, here are some reasons why you need one of these brilliant devices.

  • To ease the strain that comes with working long hours on a PC
  • Reduce cramping and the mandatory finger flexing moves most digital designers experience/go through over time.
  • As well as for aesthetic reasons due to their unique beauty.

Now that it has been established that you do need an ergonomic mouse to simplify the tasks associated with your hustle,  the next question to be cleared up are; how does one choose the perfect mice, the criteria to consider before making a purchase and what are actually the best mice on the market for the average user. These questions among others will definitely be answered in the preceding paragraphs and we invite you on this journey to discovering the most comfortable mouse out there.

Things to Consider to help select an Ergonomic Mouse for gaming

To make a good choice when purchasing any item, it’s quite important for a buyer to have a list of criteria that must be met by the product he or she finally purchases and the selection of a mouse should be no different. Keeping to this analysis, here are some of the most important issues to be considered when choosing an ergonomic mouse for long term use:

Design and handling

Right handed or left handed? Unlike the generic mouse, it’s ergonomic counterpart can be customized to fit your personal preferences

Wireless or USB Connected

Although the use of wireless mice is the new rage of the moment, some users still prefer the feeling of a mouse attached directly to a personal computer. Whatever your preference might be, it’s still what noting the options out there

Aesthetic Design

If beauty and seamless functionality is important to you, then choosing an ergonomic mouse would be an experience you do not want to miss. It is also well known in design cycles that a mouse that looks and feels right helps one work more efficiently.


As in all things, the cost of purchasing an item always plays a role in determining what you buy. For some, spending above $10 on a mouse seems luxurious while others can go the extra mile for comfort.

Now that we have established our criteria for choosing an ergonomic mouse, below is a review of three mice using the criteria established above.

Ergonomic gaming mouse

Etekcity Scroll M910 Review (Wireless Ergonomic mouse)

best-ergonomic-mouseThe Etekcity M910 is a versatile ergonomic gaming mouse designed to fulfill the wildest dreams of a conservative computer user as well as those of theist avid gamer or digital animator. This ergonomic use is aesthetically designed to have a vertical grasp and wireless with approximately 10 meters reach adding to its versatility.

  • Design and User Handling: its design in terms of user handling solves the possibility of wrist pain due to the available of a vertical grasp.  As well as a palm rest for those who make use of the mouse for extended periods thereby simplifying its use.
  • Wireless Technology: the Etekcity M910 is built with a 2.4G which gives users over 10 meters of connectivity. This means that the mouse can be used from virtually anywhere in a room without issues while avoiding the consequences of a rumpled USB cord.
  • Aesthetic Design: this mouse comes equipped with 9 buttons designed to make flicking your wrist easy. And In addition to the traditional left and right button, you have the Internet button, a pair of volume buttons and forward and backward buttons for accurately moving objects in a digital interface. It also comes equipped with a smooth scroll wheel which eliminates any incidental noise when in use.
  • Pricing: the cost of purchasing an Etekcity M910 varies from $22-$50 which makes it quite affordable for everyone.

Judging from these features, it is easy to note that this ergonomic mouse was designed to meet the needs of avid gamers as well as professional graphic designers. It also comes with a 4 grade DPI feature which allows the user personalize the mouse to meet his or her specific needs.

Wireless Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 Review

best-ergonomic-mouseThe Wireless Evoluent Vertical Mouse is in its 4th generation as can be seen from the name tag above and over the decade, it has come to be associated with the term ‘premium’,  when ergonomic mice are been discussed. It provides it users with versatility and the choice of selecting either a wireless or USB connected mouse.  Here are its features:

  • Design and User Handling: The Wireless Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 comes in a ‘Right or Left’ depending on which hand you make use of when handling a mouse. This feature coupled with its shape supports the user’s hand in an upright position thereby eliminating kinks and the possibility of RSI.
  • Wireless/ Connectivity Technology: versatility is the game this mouse plays when it comes to its connectivity issues. The mouse is manufactured in a wireless format and a wire format depending on your need for cutting edge or traditional mouse technology.
  • Aesthetic Design: the Wireless Evoluent Vertical Mouse prides itself on its innovative design so much that it took the step to patent the current design of the Evoluent 4. Its shape is designed to fit the grooves and contours of your wrist in such a way that ensures less movements are required when operating the device. It also comes equipped with a laser feature for detecting movement which eliminates any possible trouble that could be caused by a scrolling wheel.
  • Pricing: the cost of purchasing the Wireless Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 is quite on the high side when compared to its contemporaries. You could purchase one of these beauties from between $100-$150.

Despite the cost of purchasing a Wireless Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4, it is important to note that its unique design and vertical handling could be the solution to eliminating strains from your wrist and hands.

Handshoe Wireless Mouse Review

best-ergonomic-mouseThe Handshoe is an ergonomic mouse designed to cradle a user’s hand in a comfortable position–between 25-30 degrees–thereby keeping your wrist balanced in a neutral position. This makes it easy for gamers and digital designers/animators to work long hours on their computers without wrist strains. The customizable qualities of this mouse also makes it an attractive proposition for anyone looking to beautify his or her desktop space. Using our criteria to review it, we have:

  • Design and User Handling: The Handshoe is designed to place your wrist in a neutral position which eliminates hand fatigue and due to this feature, users can take advantage of it left or right handed offer depending on the hand you make use of.
  • Wireless Connectivity: The Handshoe Wireless Mouse as the name signifies is cordless and makes use of the Bluetooth 2.4 technology to power its connectivity. This allows users to take advantage of its 10-meter wireless radar when working from a distance.
  • Aesthetic Design: the Handshoe comes in three distinct sizes–large, medium and small–which provides some versatility to every user depending on your preferences. Its patented framework is powered by Blueray Track Technology which means it can be used on surfaces without a mouse pad.
  • Pricing: the cost of purchasing the Handshoe Wireless Mouse depends on where it’s being purchased but be ready to shell out $100 to $140 to get this ergonomic mouse.

As stated earlier, if you are one of those who spends really long hours working with a mouse, it is highly recommended you purchase an ergonomic mouse to eliminate future damages to your wrist. In that vein, here are some things you need to know about long-term use of the traditional mouse;

  • Using a mouse with your hand flat and parallel to a table adds undue strain to your wrist.  It is recommended that your hand stays at an angle of 20 to 90 degrees when working with a mouse.
  • The all-around plastic surface of the traditional mouse makes grasping over a long period of time tedious.

Therefore if you have started experiencing wrist strains while working or gaming, now is the time to think of purchasing a solid ergonomic mouse for your work/gaming station.

3M Ergonomic Mouse Review

The 3M Ergonomic optical mouse a mouse that looks like a joystick, like those that used to be so prominent in the 90s. Beneath that unusual design, it’s a computer mouse that’s designed for delivering maximum ergonomic comfort to its users. The buttons on this thing can prove to be a little issue, thanks to their placement.

Why You Need A Vertical Mouse

The trouble with today’s ordinary run-of-the-mill mice has been one thing: the position they intend to force your hand on. It is rather stress-inducing, that is the palm-down posture the normal mice of today demand. They are made to be used wrist by wrist and this can place quite a lot of strain in quite a lot of regions. This can potentially result in carpal tunnel syndrome down the road for users or worse, RSI.

So, instead of horizontal mice, some companies have come out with an alternative mouse, one that relies on vertical use. Like the joystick of the heydays that made you put your hand in a more natural ‘handshake’ position, the 3M ergonomic mouse does exactly that and in a good way.

ergo3Who Is The 3M Ergonomic Mouse made For?

It is made for people who don’t want to injure their hands with the unnecessary strain a traditional mouse places on your wrist, your tendons and your carpal tunnel. A lot of people who work behind desks, people whose trade and profession demands a lot of mouse use with pinpoint accuracy and precision.

People who want a completely new way of manipulating their mouse cursor yet feel comfortable enough to use it and for flight instructors and even for use with most popular flight simulation software in the market. The 3M concept is after all modeled after the flight controlling joystick that’s normally found in planes. These are some of the people for whom this 3M ergonomic vertical mouse is intended.


The 3M vertical mouse is made with a unique ergonomic design in mind that makes your fingers wrap loosely around the joystick as your thumb rests on the top on a button. This position is comfortable and avoids putting strain on the entirety of your palm. It is available in 2 size configurations so people can opt for either the small one or the large size based on personal and physical considerations.

The 3M also comes with a middle button feature, and the inclusion of it makes life easier for users. This button is situated right below your fingertips on the mouse and it’s in the form of a long piece on the handle. It’s set to mimic the functionality of the center click button by default. Scrolling long web pages and documents becomes easier with this.


If you love the scroll wheel (and chances are that most of you do), you will quickly feel the need for one when using a 3M vertical mouse. It will take some getting used to but the only way to enable scroll functionality is to first press the middle button and then scroll. It seems a bit counterintuitive to users who take the scroll wheel for granted.

There’s also a learning curve involved in controlling the mouse tracking. As almost all the computer users have come from years of using the horizontal mouse, the change to a vertical mouse can be a little jarring at first. Also, the thumb to left-click action can be pretty disorienting too. It’s a problem critics of thumb operated devices are going to live with.

Final thoughts

The main draw of this ergonomic vertical mouse from 3M has been its peculiar design choice. It is suited to most people who want their everyday computing to be comfortable and seamless. It’s also targeted towards those who want something completely different. Like with anything new, 3M’s mouse concept needs some serious time with users for better acclimatization. But it’s a good product especially for those who run the risk of either contracting repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel syndrome.

The truth about my Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

If you’ve laid your eyes on a vertical ergonomic mouse before, it was probably immediately obvious that something was different about it.

In fact, it may have even taken you a few seconds to realize what it was. While the mouse certainly looks different, this means it necessarily works differently too. That’s not always a good thing, of course, but in the case of the vertical mouse, chances are you’ll agree it’s truly something special. Here are three reasons you’ll fall in love with it like countless others.

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Final words

If you think your current mouse may be doing damage to your physical health, it makes sense you’d want to look into a more ergonomic option. There are a number to choose from, of course, but vertical mice may be your best bet for the three reasons listed above.

The WHY of needing an ergonomic mouse

The primary need that induced the creation of computer mice was the one of providing a device that would better help the motion of the pointing device on a display.

Among other technical aspects of a computer mouse, we now want not only a fully functional pointing device but one that will be comfortable holding and most importantly one that will increase productivity and reduce stress in case of long working hours.

This is where the ergonomic mouse concept comes to action.

Tech companies have been looking for a way to adapt the shape of mice to the shape of a human hand to make the use of mouse more natural than what we experience with conventional mice.

Depending on the average time spent playing with a computer mouse, many will feel the need to find an ergonomic mouse.

People having carpal tunnel issues will definitely need to use ergonomic mice and some have been using ergonomic mouse  and an ergonomic mouse pad as a means of prevention in order to reduce risk of having issues such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive strain injuries.

Talking about the best ergonomic mouse, it comes all down to personal preferences, and in the list below, we will try to provide the current most popular ergonomic mice available on the market.

Ergonomic mouse

MouseMouse detailsPrice (in $)
Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 Right Hand
This mouse offers all features as your regular mouse but have the extraordinary advantage of letting you use it while your hand is in the hand shake position.
Help avoid forearm twisting for good health and comfort.
Palm type grip.
DXT Ergonomic Vertical Mouse
Compact and easy to carry along.
Another vertical mouse like the evoluent VerticalMouse 4 Right Hand but has a more slim shape compare to the latest.
Enable a neutral and vertical wrist posture while allowing your hand to work.
Fingertip type grid.
3M Ergonomic Mouse
This mouse is Commended from the Arthritis Foundation.
Vertical grip design that keeps your hand and wrist at a neutral angle, while the ergonomic mouse works similarly with a regular optical mouse.
This mouse has been clinically proven to reduce discomfort and RSI in hand, wrist and arm.
Handshoe mouse
Comes in different shapes small middle and big.
Give you the ability to choose the one that fit best with your hand.
Have the benefit of providing full support for your hand and wrist.
Work on nearly every surface without the need of mouse mat
Verbatim Ergo Wireless Mouse
Not far different from the Handshoe mouse on the sense that it provides space for your thumbs but does not provide any support for your wrist.
Easy-grip design with convenient thumb support.
Good quality-price ratio. Works good and is very responsive.

Recap of what an ergonomic mouse can do for you

  •  Reduces Repetitive strain injury (RSI)
  • Gives you the ability to work while keeping your wrist, arm and fingers in a more comfortable position
  • Helps in certain case improve productivity
  • Helps you work longer

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