Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse L6V-00001 Review

The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse (L6V-00001) boasts an optimal height and mouse angle which, along with a thumb scoop, offer ergonomic relief. Furthermore, the outline of the mouse supports a natural forearm posture, hand, wrist for helping to diminish injury cases pertaining to repetitive stress injuries. Other prominent features include a Back button as well as a Windows button. With the help of four-way scrolling, users have the freedom to easily navigate web pages and docs at a quicker speed. The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse (L6V-00001) is compatible with Mac and Windows.Microsoft-Sculpt-Ergonomic-Mouse-L6V-00001-Review

Thanks to the innovative controls on the Sculpt, the product is guaranteed to stand apart from its counterparts that lie within the same price range. The four-way scrolling button enables users to scroll up and down and left or right. As the mouse has three key controls including a back button, a Windows button, and a four-way scroll button, it works smoothly on just around any imaginable surfaces. The mouse has received rave reviews for its flawless functionality whether it is placed on a wooden table, a granite surface or even a carpet.

Mac users may complain about restricted functionality features as the Sculpt is optimized to be fully compatible with Microsoft Windows. Mac fans will have to wait for further updates to allow them for enjoying the full set of features with the Sculpt. With its uniquely designed mouse angle and height are, wrists are placed in a comfortable position for reducing pressure on carpal tunnel areas while the thumb scoop supports in maintain a correct ergonomic wrist and hand position.

Microsoft-Sculpt-Ergonomic-Mouse-L6V-00001-Review-1Undeniably, the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse L6V-00001 is a beautifully designed mouse focusing on enabling users to make use of the most relaxed ergonomic experience achievable. The ergonomic design coupled with Microsoft’s revolutionary BlueTrack technology offers a versatile and intuitive mouse. Let’s briefly discuss a few of the several functionalities offered in the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse (L6V-00001):


Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology effortlessly beats conventional and optical laser mice in terms of flexibility and precision. With a beam that is four times more powerful as compared to a regular mouse, it has unmatched accuracy. Nonetheless, the mouse is an absolute treat for laptop users who are not fond of the idea of using the trackpad. Enjoy the convenience of the BlueTrack for moving the mouse on a variety of surfaces.

While the BlueTrack technology provides increased accuracy, it may still exhibit certain limitations when it comes to the surfaces on which the mouse is used. Currently, the mouse cannot work on mirrored on glass surfaces.

Top-Notch Accuracy

Owing to the more intense blue beam, which uses an image sensor and pixel geometry produces a high-contrast image of the surface enabling brilliant tracking accuracy.

Use Anywhere

Users can conveniently navigate the web or docs by means of the BlueTrack Technology, whether they are on a picnic table, the living room floor or even on your pant leg. The mouse is designed to provide utmost convenience to be efficiently used on all surfaces.

Increased Sensitivity

The BlueTrack Technology light beam is not just an average laser beam to be under-estimated. It can point, click or scroll with extreme accuracy and precision, irrespective of the surface on which the mouse is being used.

Collecting Positive Response from Users

The Sculpt offers a multitude of handy controls and features for pleasing both advanced and occasional users alike. Undeniably, the Microsoft Sculpt is worth the price and is highly recommended and is currently ranked amongst the most popular products that are being designed to provide ergonomic relief to users who have to spend a large number of hours in front of the computer.

Complement your Windows 8 experience with this exceptional product that is highly functional and delivers high performance. It doesn’t matter if you are using your desktop, tablet or laptop, enjoy browsing the web, working on your documents, reading emails and fiddling through spreadsheets for generating all kinds of files while working on a Windows PC. It should be noted that Microsoft hardware products are manufactured by Microsoft and optimized for Windows for offering users with special features built for Windows 8 for a comfortable and memorable experience.

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