Ergonomic Keyboard with built in Mouse

Those spending a lot of time on a desktop computer should reconsider their keyboard choice due to possible health issues and reduced efficacy when using traditional set of keyboard and mouse. One of the best options to prevent this is the use of the ergonomic keyboard with built in mouse.


While it may seem strange or awkward at first, it does outperform the standard keyboard. This is connected with the physical state and functioning of your body.

When you are using a common setup of input and pointing device, you are:

  • First, losing time
  • Second, unwittingly wreaking havoc to your upper body
  • Third, making a direct damage to your wrists.

The latter is caused by unnatural position of your hands relative to the lining of your forearms. The original flat design was not the best solution but at that time nobody considered long-term effects on human health. Ergonomic keyboards solve that problem by adding the wrist pad to ease the pain and prevent long term hazard. But even this design has its flows and the final and best solution is a keyboard with a detachable wrist pad.

The possibility to change the positions of the wrists from time to time prevents the chronic ailments of the wrists.

Second occurs due to the constant repetition of movements on one side of your body. In time, you will start to feel change and pretty soon that will lead to occasional painful sensation. If you are one of those who sit behind the desk for long hours and use desktop computer for the most of that time, you may already experience the pain in the upper back and shoulder but you are not able to define the origins.

It does have much to do with the fact that you are sitting and not moving. But in addition, you are using the specific set of movements with one side emphasized over the other, depending on whether you’re left-handed or right-handed. And of top of everything, you are doing that while sitting.

That fact alone will render you less effective and may possibly cause chronic ailment in your spinal region.

The utmost advantage of ergonomic keyboard with built in mouse

The reduced effectiveness is the first and foremost negative aspect of traditional setup. Each time you need to use the mouse, you are moving your arm away from the keyboard. Just try to calculate the amount of time you will lose on this seemingly irrelevant and automated movement during 5, 10 or 20 years of work. This is also something that was extensively researched and studied and as it turned out, it’s a way better to have the mousepad incorporated within the keyboard placed in strategic place.

Ergonomic keyboards are not novelty on the market. Two decades ago, first ergonomic keyboards started to emerge as it became clear that current, traditional design is not a healthy option for those who are spending more than 5 hours at their desktop computers.

Of course, during the time, researches in this segment progressed and thanks to information flow we are now able to use the optimal setup – ergonomic keyboard with built in mouse and detachable wrist pad.

Adesso Tru-Form Pro Ergonomic Keyboard with built in TouchPad


And one that deserves the attention is Adesso Tru-Form Pro Ergonomic keyboard with TouchPad (mouse). it has a membrane tactile quiet soft key other than being ergonomic and equipped with the two-buttons touchpad.

What’s most important about Adesso Tru-Form Pro ergonomic keyboard with built in mouse is the fact that the manufacturer designed the detachable wrist pad that can be easily separated from the keyboard if user feels the need to change the position of the wrists.

Materials are soft and skin-friendly and the entire set is light-weighted. Dimensions (18.75″(L)x7.50″(w)x1.5″(H)) are suitable for every size of the desk or keyboard pad.

Being a right-handed or a left-hand, the ergonomic keyboard with touchPad and wrist pad, made by Adesso is the viable option without the question. You do want to be as healthy as possible, don’t you?