Microsoft’s Mini Bluetooth Mouse

Sure there are lots of choices but Microsoft’s Mini Bluetooth Mouse somehow sticks from the crowd. And there are 7 perfectly good reasons for that.

But before we dig in, what exactly are we looking for when buying a mouse for our laptop?

mini-bluetooth-mouseWe want it to be as light as possible and preferably of optimal size; not too large but not to small either. Price should be affordable but what’s most important is how we feel when using it. It has to satisfy our deep sense for just the right thing. That sense hides in our primitive brain, the one which is there from the dawn of the species. There are no words in that part, only the most essential instincts.

And somehow, on some level, this little mouse manages to trigger that feeling of right.


1. Fits right in, no matter what hand are we using

Not every mouse fits perfectly but Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 is designed to feel good in any hand (left or right) and even regardless of the size of our hands. Ergonomics of the design makes sure user won’t suffer any sort of discomfort after extended usage. With perfect dimensions (2.25”x3.75”), this Bluetooth mouse fits in any hand.

Not too small but not too large.

2. It will perform with precision even on a park bench

Now this is a common issue with the bulk of mice – they just cannot perform right without appropriate mouse pad. Microsoft solved this problem with their own innovative BlueTrack Technology®. With the exception of glass surfaces and mirrors even the rough surfaces will do the job.

Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 is therefore an optimal choice for laptops since you don’t have to carry that annoying pad with you wherever you go.

BlueTrack Technology® is maybe the most distinct feature of the mouse. It does outperform both laser and optical technology used in mice. Blue beam is combined with an image sensor and Microsoft’s own innovative pixel geometry. Combination is capable of generating high-contrast picture of the surface. In turn, this allows tracking accuracy.

In other words, you can use the mouse with added precision on the floor, dining and picnic (rough) table and even on your jeans. Technology renders trackpads and mouse pads obsolete.

Blue beam is in fact four times larger than the average laser beam used in the majority of the laser mice. All three major operations you are doing with your mouse are done with precision while the type of surface is simply irrelevant.


3. Extended battery life-time, up to 8 months

Nothing can flip you off like the moment when you notice that your mouse doesn’t respond anymore while it didn’t pass more than few weeks since you changed the batteries. Microsoft addressed particularly to this issue and their engineers managed to develop a low-expenditure pointing device. Mouse is perfectly capable of operating smoothly for whole 8 months.

4. Shut me down when you’re not using me

Even if you are not using the incorporated on/off switch, battery will run for several months, but this practical feature will further extend the life of the batteries which are by the way supplied with the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500. In addition, there is a led indicator of battery status.

Microsoft is again looking beyond the scope of its competitors. For some reasons, the bulk of manufacturers choose not to deliver batteries with a new product. You have to wonder why?

5. Almost invisible Nano Transceiver

This is the major problem with the most of the wireless input devices. Their essential transceivers are awkward to say the least which totally ruins the user’s experience.

Microsoft developed a small transceiver, on a plug-and-go technology that can even be stowed into the mouse. This is a smart way to deal with the “storage” problem since the size of the Nano Transceiver is minimal to be more practical for laptop users.

6. Three Years (Limited) Warranty

This is the standard Microsoft’s warranty policy for all of their firmware-only hardware products or the products that don’t require software updates. Not many manufacturers go beyond 1-year warranty but Microsoft is obviously sure that their Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 will work even after the expiration of 3-years period.

7. Price

You would expect that Microsoft has put a high price on this mouse but that’s just not the case here. The cost for this useful and practical piece of equipment is more than affordable and under the prices of similar products from other manufacturers.

These 7 features are what making Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 to stick from the crowd. While there are similar products, they miss on at least one of those and that mostly goes for precision and ergonomics. Sure you cannot use it on a piece of mirror but who does that anyway?

Isn’t it better to use the equipment that makes your life easier in more than just one segment?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Bluetooth Mouse

Bluetooth has become increasingly popular in the last five or so years. While most of us are familiar with how it benefits our mobile devices, it’s also becoming a popular feature with computer mice too. However, before you go and pick one up for yourself, consider both the advantages and disadvantages they have to offer, to ensure you’re making a good purchase.

How a Bluetooth Mouse Works

First, though, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page about how this type of mouse actually works. These mice rely on radio waves to facilitate communication between them and their computers. When working properly, a Bluetooth mouse can be effective at a generous range and can be used with a number of different devices too.

Advantages of a Bluetooth Mouse

Now let’s take a look at some of the reasons these mice have become so popular.

  • Mobility

You can take a Bluetooth mouse just about anywhere and they don’t need much space to travel, meaning you can toss it in a pants pocket if you like. Due to the fact that Bluetooth mice don’t need “lines of sight” to their computer—like an infrared mouse does—they can work even when they’re as much as 30 feet away from the device.

  • Compatibility

Like we mentioned earlier, a Bluetooth mouse can work with more than just your computer. As long as you have the proper drivers installed, for example, you can use one of these mice with your cell phone. They can even be used with cordless home phones, MP3 players and PDAs. This can make exploring menus and doing various other tasks much easier on such a small screen.

  • Price

This feature of Bluetooth mice could probably go in either section. On the one hand, a Bluetooth model is definitely going to cost you more than the traditional or infrared kind. However, prices have fallen considerably over the years and show every sign that they will continue to do so. When you consider their advantages, many people would agree these mice are worth the extra cost.

Disadvantages of a Bluetooth Mouse

On the other hand, there are certainly some reasons to believe that Bluetooth mice may not be the best option for many.

  • Interference

Bluetooth mice aren’t designed to be especially secure. While this won’t leave you vulnerable to hackers, it does mean that other Bluetooth devices may interfere with your signal and keep your mouse from working properly at times.

  • Installation

If your computer isn’t already Bluetooth enabled, it can be a bit difficult to get your mouse setup. You’ll need a Bluetooth adaptor, for one, which will add to your costs and may take some troubleshooting to get working right. Even if you don’t need the adaptor, it might be difficult for you to get one device to recognize the other.

Using a Bluetooth mouse is definitely an attractive prospect for all the reasons we listed above. However, it’s worth thinking about the challenges that come with these types of mice too, before making a significant investment in one.