The Best vertical mouse

You spend long hours in front of a PC moving your mouse around to beat gaming odds or to get through that problematic design project which has been keeping you up for a couple of weeks. But a singular challenge persists; you can’t shake that uneasy feeling shooting down your wrist every 5 hours.

So you go online, do some research and purchase an ergonomic mouse to alleviate the pain but unfortunately, that uneasy feeling pops-up during the 8th hour into your activity and refuses to go away.

So now, is the time to be more radical and you conduct another online research and end up considering a vertical mouse but by this time, you have become a sceptic to online reviews and would be asking yourself some certain questions such as; does this work, will it help and what the heck is a vertical mouse?

What is a Vertical Mouse?

best-ergonomic-mouseVertical mice take their name from the ergonomic shape in which they are built i.e. with a surface area aligned in a more vertical manner when compared to the flat or horizontal surface of the traditional mouse.

The vertical mouse was designed to provide mouse users with an alternative solution to handling a mouse when carrying out virtual activities. And overtime, the use of the sideways mice has caught up with the PC community due to the following reasons:

  • It comes with the reputation of reducing wrist pain by providing or setting a more neutral angle for a user’s hands and wrists. This is in contrast to the 45 degrees angle in which a traditional flat mouse keeps its users wrist.
  • The ergonomic design of the vertical mouse places your palm and hand sideways in a manner that is designed to reduce repetitive stress injuries. This reduces the overall pressure on a user’s palm and hand thereby making it possible to work for long hours without pain.
  • The reduced wrist and hand pain or stress in turn leads to enhanced productivity for the vertical mouse allows its users work really long hours without been prone to repetitive stress injuries.

Now you know the advantages a sideways mouse brings to your workspace, the next logical steps is considering the features of various vertical mice in other to choose one that will enhance your work/gaming station. Therefore inserted in this discussion, are criteria you can use to review vertical mice as well as a review of the best vertical mice in the market using the outlined criteria as or guide.

Ergonomic Positions

Unlike conventional mice that demand your hand is turned down and thus your forearm and wrist rolled flat too, this type of ergonomic mouse has you reaching your hand out like you were ready to shake another.

ergo-mouseThis position is designed to be much more natural and, therefore, easier on the body. As most of us have been using computers for decades now, it can be difficult to even appreciate how awkward the position is that we put our hands in all day. While there’s not much we can do about the positioning of a keyboard, turning our palms perpendicular to the desk will make it clear how much better it is for our entire hand, arm and shoulder.

After you do this, you can elect to use a gel-filled wrist rest. Despite conventional wisdom, these rests are actually the opposite of helpful when you use a mouse with your hand down. That’s because the soft underside of your wrist comes into contact with it, making it much easier to contract Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

As your wrist is no longer at risk, go ahead and use a wrist pad if it’s more comfortable. Most people should probably try both ways until they get the correct feel.

No Loss of Features

A lot of times, when ergonomic devices come along, they leave a lot to be desired. While you should never have to choose between your anatomical health and getting the most from a device, sadly, most of us would choose the latter when the decision is presented.

Fortunately, you won’t be asked to make that call with a vertical ergonomic mouse. While no model has come along yet that will replace gaming mice and the number of buttons they feature, vertical mice can hold their own when it comes to the traditional right and left clickers and scroll-wheel. Other models have four buttons and there are some that come with re-mapping software, allowing you to designate these buttons for whatever you like.


Another huge drawback to most ergonomic products is that they generally cost a lot more than the traditional versions. Just like with features, while most of us would rather benefit from an ergonomic design, when it’s between that and saving money, we’ll usually pick the latter.

Vertical ergonomic mice definitely cost more than the traditional models. However, they’re not extremely expensive and their price will most likely continue to fall as they gain popularity. Right now, most models are about as pricey as Bluetooth models (these mice are wireless and many come with Bluetooth capabilities).

Of course, like any device, the price will depend on the model you choose. Nowadays, vertical ergonomic mice are popular enough that there are several models with a wide range of price tags attached to them.

The best vertical mouse comparison table

DXT Vertical Mouse

Perixx’s PERMICE-515

Delux M618LU

LuguLake Vertical mouse

Evoluent VerticalMouse 4

Ev Mouse 2.4g

Anker 2.4G Wireless

SHARKK Vertical Mouse



Right handed

Right handed

Right handed

Right handed

Right handed

Right handed

Right handed






Number of buttons

3 + DPI settings button






5 + DPI settings button


Criteria for Reviewing the Different Kinds of Vertical Mice

Four criteria will be used as guidelines for reviewing the best vertical mice on the planet and these criteria include:

  • Mouse Grip: although this article covers only sideways mice, the ergonomic design of the griping surface on each mouse defers from the other and it is quite important to review these differences.
  • Mouse Design: the arrangement of a mouse buttons, how they can be accessed and the overall build of a mouse is covered by this criteria
  • Control and Precision: this covers ease of use, performance issues, button features and any programmable or external features—systems—that affect the performance of the reviewed mouse.

The best vertical mice

DXT Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

best ergonomic mouseHere is a little background on the DXT ergonomic mouse. The DXT is billed not just as a vertical mouse, but it is been touted as an ergonomic mouse designed with input from physiotherapists to effectively handle repetitive stress injuries by its UK developers. Therefore, this review intends to note if these claims check out.

  • Mouse Grip: the DXT is an ambidextrous vertical mouse that promotes a neutral wrist posture when used. It is also a fingertip mouse which has its major buttons situated in places that ensure it can be manipulated through light finger touches.
  • Mouse Design: it is ergonomically designed to have an extended vertical surface which serves as the housing for its control buttons—the LMB and RMB buttons—which are located on the right side, with its scroll wheel between them. On the left vertical surface are two thumb buttons as well as a thumb support for resting your thumb. While underneath is the DPI settings button resting on a zinc coated base. The DXT is designed to be compact and lightweight for everyday use.
  • Control and Precision: the DXT is a compact mouse and its fingertip feature makes for precision when controlling the mouse. The LMB and RMB are light-touch enabled which eliminates pinching and its laser sensors allow for precise movements.

Perixx PERMICE-515

best ergonomic mousePerixx’s PERMICE-515 is a sleek wired vertical mouse which is renowned for its beauty and aesthetic design when viewed. It is ergonomically built to provide maximum comfort during use and the comfort it guarantees can be seen from its 5 buttons strategically spread along its surface to provide ease of use.

  • Mouse Grip: this right-handed mouse is designed as a fingertip mouse as can be seen from the arrangement of its LMB and RMB, the scroll wheel as well as the other 3 buttons n its surface. It is ergonomically designed to reduce repetitive stress injuries.
  • Mouse Design: the rubber coated surface of the PERMICE-515 is beautifully designed with an elongated vertical main body which comes equipped with a thumb rest to provide comfort. On its sleek surface are the LMB, RMB and a scroll wheel. The DPI settings button is just below the scroll wheel while at its left side are two thumb buttons which can be customized for lateral movement.
  • Control and Precision: compact designs generally simplify the task of handling a mouse and PERMICE 515 gets this. It comes with 5 buttons and a balanced scroll wheel which showed no sensitivity issues. As a gaming mouse, it also hold its own by providing 3 extra customizable buttons that provide gamers with more options while playing RPG simulations.

Delux M618LU

best ergonomic mouseStylish yet practical, is the perfect tag for the Delux M618LU. From just looking at this ergonomic mouse, the average person will agree that he or she is in for a comfortable ride while working or gaming as the case may be. Below are the features of the M618LU.

  • Mouse Grip: fortunately, users can choose either the right handed or left handed option of this fingertip mouse. It provides all round comfort to one’s wrist, palm and thumb when in use due to its extensive wrist tray and burrowed thumb rest which in turn reduces grip force.
  • Mouse Design: the M618LU is sleek and aesthetically designed to be pleasing to the eyes. Its LMB and RMB buttons are placed on the right vertical surface of the right handed mouse while the scroll wheel is in between them. At its ribbed thumb rest surface are two additional buttons which can be put to use by gamers in diverse capacities. Overall, its shining black ribbed surface mixed with a carbon coloured front end, makes it an eye-teaser of a mouse.
  • Control and Precision: it is a wired mouse spotting 5 buttons designed for carrying out multiple tasks. It comes with the soft click LMB and RMB buttons and a top button for adjusting DPI settings. The two additional buttons at its sides can be used for forward and backward movement as well as customized for other gaming procedures.

LuguLake Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

best ergonomic mouseIn the world of vertical mice, the LuguLake takes the price of been one of the cheapest vertical mice you can purchase out there and its design bellies its price. It is ergonomically designed to relieve repetitive stress injuries as well as provide comfort to its user. Reviewing the LuguLake with our criteria:

  • Mouse Grip: it is a hybrid—claw and fingertip—grip mouse designed with simplicity in mind. It is a right handed mouse with a slightly raised vertical surface and buttons arranged in such a manner that reduces wrist twisting and unnecessary hand movements.
  • Mouse Design: aesthetically, the LuguLake is not much to look at but ergonomically, it earns its pay as a comfortable vertical mouse with its RMB and LMB placed strategically on the elevated surface with the scroll wheel in between. It is compactly designed to be comfortable for users with small hands.
  • Control and Precision: in terms of control and precise execution of tasks, the LuguLake is a step above the traditional mouse, and its buttons are quite responsive to touch. Its adjustable DPI settings make it a passable mouse for gaming.

Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4

best ergonomic mouseThe brilliance of the Vertical Mouse 4 can be seen in its ergonomic design, aesthetic beauty and practicality of use. This mouse was designed to neutralize the wrist angle that comes with working with a traditional mouse and provide stable support to the entire hand. Here is a review of the Vertical Mouse 4 using our criteria.

  • Mouse Grip: the Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 is ambidextrous which means it can be used by both left and right handed individuals, it falls under the palm grip category and has its major buttons arranged along its surface to support easy reach.
  • Mouse Design: this is a beautifully designed mouse and the ability to choose colours makes it more so. On its surface are the LMB and RMB aligned around a scroll wheel and a finger rest when griping the mouse. At the other side is a comfortable thumb rest which makes it quite comfortable for gaming or any tasks that require long execution hours.
  • Control and Precision: the VerticalMouse 4 is a fully programmable mouse which allows the user programme its buttons to fit their particular needs. At the front end is its LMB and RMB which are firm but light touch, tits DPI adjustable button as well as a [pointer speed indicator. While its rear end spots two fully programmable buttons which provides some versatility to its user. Users can also customize button settings in such a way that clicking two buttons create a new function that can be viewed as a standalone button. The control and precision of the VerticalMouse 4 makes it an asset to gamers.

Comanro Human Ergonomic Ev Mouse

best ergonomic mouseThe scientific ergonomic design of the Comanro EV creates a neutral position of its uses hands and wrist when used. It is a compact vertical mouse which allows for customizing its looks as well as other aspects of it. Here is a review of the Human Ergonomic EV Mouse.

  • Mouse Grip: this is an ambidextrous palm grip mouse which with external support for the users thumb, pinkie finger and the remainder of the human hand. Its grip makes it a compact, comfortable yet practical mouse for use.
  • Mouse Design: the Comanro EV is a beauty in its own right and the possibility of playing with your colour choice also adds to its aesthetic appeal. On the practical side, the mouse surface contains the LMB and RMB buttons and a stable scroll wheel. On the flip side are backward and forward buttons and a thumb rest coupled with a side rest increases its comfort levels. Lastly, its colour breathing light design features creates a cascade of lights that beautifies its entire structure.
  • Control and Precision: the Comanro Ev is a solid gaming mouse with an LMB and RMB built for precision as well as its balanced scrolling wheel. At its side is its DPI adjustment button with a range 500 to 2500. Its laser stable transmission speed increases its stability and movement precision thereby providing its users with more control and precision while carrying out various tasks. Lastly, it spots two side buttons—next and previous buttons—which can be used to navigate web pages or programmed to carry out gaming instructions.

Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

best ergonomic mouseThe Anker 2.4G bills itself as a sleek vertical mouse designed for the intersection of class, comfort and functionality for the 21st century. Its ergonomic design makes it a comfortable mouse platform for anyone looking to eliminate repetitive stress injuries most people experience using a traditional mouse. Here is a review of the Anker 2.4G.

  • Mouse Grip: looking at the aesthetic build of the mousse grip, one can tell that it is a hybrid mouse designed as a fusion of the palm and fingertip grip types to provide comfort for both a user’s wrist and fingers. Its 5 buttons are also strategically arranged to aid ease of use.
  • Mouse Design: this is a wireless vertical mouse with 5 buttons including the LMB and RMB at its surface with a scroll wheel in between. On top its spherical edge is the DPI adjustment buttons while its curved back spots a thumb rest and two additional buttons that can be programmed for gaming tasks. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries and switches off after 8 minutes of idleness.
  • Control and Precision: in terms of precise movements, the Anker 2.4G is equipped with optical sensors which provide stable positioning and precision when navigating with your mouse. The DPI button allows for adjustments of 800 to 1600DPI resolutions. Lastly, the two buttons at its back can be used to navigate between web pages or programmed for gaming tasks.

SHARKK Wireless Vertical Mouse

best ergonomic mouseThe SHARKK is a sporty black ergonomic mouse compactly built to eliminate excessive wrist pains and hand discomforts when working with a traditional mouse. It is vertical in nature and sets the users hands in a neutral handshake position which cancels out undue pressure on the hand. Reviewing it with our criteria, we see that the SHARRK is a solid vertical mouse built for right hand users.

  • Mouse Grip: it is a palm grip mouse built for right handed users in such a way that its buttons are easily reachable by the user’s fingers. It is designed with a matte surface which enhances your grip and eliminates unnecessary hand sweat.
  • Mouse Design: the mouse surface is covered by black matte plastic which gives it a sporty look as well as premium feel when held. On its surface are the LMB and RMB, its scroll wheel and two additional buttons located at the thumb res area. The DPI settings button is also located at the top of its curved head. Note that it comes with AAA batteries and has the capability to go on standby mode if it hasn’t been used for a period of time.
  • Control and Precision: the SHARRK provides precise movements due to the sensitivity and stability its laser optical sensors provide. This makes it usable on almost every workspace surface available to man. It also spots a light touch LMB and RMB buttons, a DPI button with a range of 800to 1600 DPI resolutions and two programmable buttons at its back end.

Final thought

There are numerous vertical mice developers and types out there in the tech market but these eight were chosen for their practicality, level of advancement as well as cost. So if you are reading this list and you plan to shop on a budget, why not purchase the affordable LuguLake? While for those looking for something more advanced, the Delux M618LU, Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 and Perixx PERMICE-515 should be considered.