Selecting the Best Mouse Bungee

For those who spend a lot of time working or gaming on a personal computer, the search for a comfortable workspace is always an on-going concern. That’s why the workstation of an avid gamer, programmer or graphic designer always comes equipped with customized tools and devices fitted solely for his or her comfort and the mouse Bungee is one tool that falls into the comfort category.

For those asking the question; what a mouse bungee is? Be re-assured that your question does not come as a surprise for this tool has just begun to have some traction in the computing community. Therefore, to answer the question, a mouse bungee is a device designed to comfortable clamp down mouse cables with the aim of reducing distractions errant cables may cause.

The average mouse bungee consists of a wide stable base with non-slip bottom and a crane-like sprung clamp designed to hold mouse cables. These devices are aesthetically made with plastic and sometime incorporate a loaded front for some stability which also makes it a stable component on your work table.

Why Use a Mouse Bungee

As earlier stated, the mouse bungee was designed for individuals who spend a lot of time working or gaming using a mouse and a workstation. Therefore, if you belong to this category of users, then a mouse bungee will help in organizing your desk as well as keeping things compartmentalized. Now, for those who either have OCDs or are easily distracted by moving cables, the mouse bungee eliminates that while providing a stable environment for you to practice your craft. The mouse bungee should be seen as an organizational tool for it truly does the work of keeping your desk clean, to an appreciable level.

Once you have agreed that working or gaming with a mouse bungee is definitely for you, the next step is choosing the perfect one that fits your personality or aesthetic environment. On searching online stores, you will come to discover that there are quite a lot of brands out there producing mouse bungees and this may make it difficult for you to make a choice.

To  help you simplify the choosing process, this article will include the top 5 mouse bungees everyone must consider when planning to purchase one.

Best Mouse Bungee

Once you have made up your mind on the mouse bungee, the next step is going through this list to know more about the top 5 bungees out there as well as how they can help you simplify your workspace or gaming desk.

Thermaltake Tt e Sports Galeru


The e Sports Galeru is an aesthetically pleasing mouse bungee from the stables of Thermaltake—one of the popular gaming tools brand makers out there—and it does not disappoint with its features. This mouse bungee is made out of plastic and integrates the use of magnets to ensure that the bungee’s head is detachable.

In terms of its features, a look at this device will show an extended plastic base which is weighted to ensure some stability, and the detachable head is built to be supported by its widened base. This arrangement allows the user arrange the bungee’s head to in a way that removes the cable out of your way thereby underscoring its versatility.

The Thermaltake Tt Galeru is also quite flexible and aesthetically pleasing which adds some beauty to your desk. It is also flexible and can be transported to other locations for offline use. Experience has shown that this mouse bungee is suited to providing support for the Logitech gaming mouse series cables as well as some versions of the Razer Mamba. This is because the cables of these mouse devices generally fit seamlessly onto the Thermaltake Tt Galeru.

  • An aesthetically pleasing design makes it an attractive tool for your use
  • It is stable and provides god versatility to its users
  • It is an organizational tool that does what it promises.
  • It is quite heavy when compared to its competitors
  • In terms of cost, although the Thermaltake Tt Galeru is affordable, comparing its price to that of its alternatives shows that it is relatively expensive.

Generic Mouse Bungee


The generic bungee mouse closely resembles the average pen holder you will find on any office desk and I am guessing this is what gives it its name. Although it may be generic, it still aesthetically pleasing to look at, due to its plastic and metal integrated design. In terms of features, the generic mouse is built to have a pyramid shaped base developed from plastic, while the adjustable head is made out of a shining metallic source which adds a contrasting beauty to the overall design of the generic mouse bungee.

The pyramid shaped base of the generic bungee provides the stability and support one would expect from a mouse bungee tasked with the job of holding up mouse cables while the head provides the flexibility needed to keep your mouse cables out of the way. For those who need a mouse bungee to organise their desk, this device will help you do just that without any fuss whatsoever. The generic mouse bungee is billed as a device that works with any corded mouse and a 2X mouse cord management device.

  • It is a great accessory for anyone having trouble with errant mouse cords.
  • It is also a great alternative to most of the expensive mouse bungee out there. Its affordable cost makes it a great choice for gamers.
  • Although a generic mouse bungee, this device is quite heavy and this may limit is mobility as no one will be interested in carrying extra load alongside their daily commute.

The Meco (TM) Mouse Bungee

On viewing the Meco TM, it can be said that its close resemblance with the generic mouse is enough to categorise it as one of the generic mouse bungees you can buy as an accessory for your mouse. Therefore, in terms of aesthetic build, it shares a lot of similarities with the generic mouse and it is designed using both metal and plastic to achieve an aesthetic look.

The base which provides support for the Meco bungee is made out of plastic and is internally loaded to provide some stability for the bungee when a mouse cord has been attached to it. On its surface, is the detachable head tasked with keeping your mouse cord out of your way. This flexible head which is made out of metal is also detachable and provides a lot of flexibility when cradling a cord.

The Meco TM was designed to provide support for a variety of mouse types which include the Logitech, generic mouse and other gaming mouse models thereby making it an important accessory for your workspace.

  • This is an affordable device when compared to the cost of other bungees in its range. Also if you are still on the fence about purchasing a mouse bungee, the negligible cost will offset any disappointments you may have.
  • It does what it promises by keeping your mouse cords arranged and out of the way.
  • Its heaviness is a limiting factor for regular commuters who carry their accessories to and from work.

ROCCAT APURI Active USB Hub with Mouse Bungee


To fully understand what the ROCCAT APURI brings to the table, one must understand that it is neither a simple mouse bungee nor a USB hub, but it should be viewed as a system of accessories developed to simplify your workspace. This hub is aesthetically designed to look like you have placed a drone or a sophisticated device on your desk and despite its beauty; it still serves its multiple functions in an admirable fashion.

The ROCCAT APURI hub is basically made out of plastic and topped up with a glossy finish that catches the eye.  Its drone or sporty look is completed with the blue-tinged light it displays when on. The support base of this bungee is styled as a three-legged plastic house dome which houses both the USB holes and provides stable support for the head designed to hold your mouse cord. Finishing the aesthetic design is the aforementioned glossy finish and a pulsating blue light located under the surface of the hub.

In terms of functionality, the hub comes with four fully functional USB ports which can enable multiplayer gaming as well as other devices, an AC adapter and a mouse bungee head on its top surface. These combined features make it a delight for gamers and office employee who have to handle multiple tasks at exactly the same time.

  • For anyone who loves gadgets and flashy accessories displayed on their work table, the aesthetical aspects of this device will definitely appeal to you.
  • It does more than just securing your table for it provides your personal computer with more USB ports that you can take advantage of.
  • It is a stable accessory that can keep your desk organized and clean of errant cords as well as USB devices.
  • Direct port access means you can connect diverse devices—phones, tablets etc.—so they are within easy reach any time you intend to make use of them.
  • For anyone looking to spend as little as possible on a mouse bungee, the cost of purchasing a ROCCAT APURI will definitely sound expensive when compared to other options out there.
  • It is a bit heavy and has a wide base which could take up some space on your desktop.
  • It is not your traditional mouse bungee but more or less a hub for multiple uses.

The Razer Mouse Bungee


Not surprising is the fact that the Razer brand chose to build a mouse bungee to cater to the various mouse versions they have lined up for commercial consumption. Although the Razer mouse bungee was made for Razer mouse versions, it is still aesthetically built to handle other brands such as Logitech and Deathrader mouse series.

A close look at this bungee will show that it was made with minimalism in view and this observation is due to the aesthetic design of this accessory. The Razer bungee comes with a slim rectangular base made from both metal and plastic, using a very sleek form that highlights its stylistic build. The head is made of coloured metal and according to the producers, the metal head is rust resistant and flexible enough for the adjusting and organization of your mouse cords. With the Razer bungee, every advantage counts for it provides a stable slip-resistant base which remains stable no matter how aggressive your mouse movements are while gaming.

In terms of functionality, this bungee is a traditional mouse bungee and does not add any extra features to its ability of keeping your desktop organized through the manipulation of your mouse cords.

  • Its anti-slip base provides some serious stability for gamers who make aggressive motions when using a mouse. This stability is made possible with the integration of a loaded base in the Razer bungee.
  • The bungee is structurally built to save space as can be seen from the slim fit of its overall build. Therefore, when looking for a bungee that takes as little space as possible, it should be considered.
  • A rust resistant, flexible arm or head for holding up your cord must also be considered in the pro section.
  • There are not too many cons associated with the Razer bungee except its relatively high cost when compared to some simpler bungees on the market.

Final words

Here we come to the end of our list on some of the best mouse bungees you should consider when searching for desktop organizational tools for your office or game space. These devices made the list due to their effectiveness, stability and ability to provide quality support for your mouse cords throughout an extended period of time. We would also appreciate your comments as well as ideas on which mouse bungees should also have been included on this list.