Skyrim mouse cursor

Here are some cool mouse cursors based on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

If you have enjoyed and still enjoying Skyrim (Like I do), chances are you would at some point want to change your mouse cursor to have it look just in a way to remind you of Skyrim.

On the list below, you will have to choose between static mouse cursors, and animated ones.

Feel free to download/use the following mouse cursors.

Static skyrim mouse cursors

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ImagesDownload links (To download, right click and Save Link As...)
Mouse cursor - Skyrim Alter
Mouse cursor - Skyrim hand
Mouse cursor - Skyrim text
skyrim-unavMouse cursor - Skyrim unav
skyrim-linkMouse cursor - Skyrim link
skyrim-normalMouse cursor - Skyrim normal
skyrim-precisionMouse cursor - Skyrim precision

Animated skyrim mouse cursors

ImagesDownload links (To download, right click and Save Link As...)
skyrim-helpMouse cursor - Skyrim help
skyrim-horizontalMouse cursor - Skyrim horizontal
skyrim-moveMouse cursor - Skyrim in move
skyrim-resize-1Mouse cursor - Skyrim resize 1
skyrim-resize-2Mouse cursor - Skyrim resize 2
skyrim-verticalMouse cursor - Skyrim Vertical
skyrim-backgroundMouse cursor - Skyrim in background
skyrim-busyMouse cursor - Skyrim busy

You can visit to find more mouse cursors free to download.