One mouse two computers

It became common to be in a position where you need a mouse sharing application that will allow you to use simultaneously two computers.

If you are one of those looking to make this combination (one mouse two or more computers), the good news is: it is possible.

Sharing your mouse

It is not a news that most people nowadays are pushed to have on their desk many computers each for a specific task, and there is a little chance those computers are not on the same platform, having Mac OS, windows or Linux.

Down below are two software allowing you to solve this issue and bringing with them some intuitive added values that might further increase user experience.

What are the benefits of using a one mouse two computer software?

  • increase productivity
  • allow file sharing
  • more space on your desk
  • drag and drop from one computer to the other
  • easy multitasking

Below are two ways you can use to control two or more computers with a single mouse.

Teleport Project

Teleport is an open source project working on solving the sharing capability of a mouse with two computers.

It is a totally free solution for you to use, and will allow you to control multiple computers with a single mouse and keyboard.

Teleport is free .

This software so far work solely on MAC OS.

Synergy Project

Synergy is a software that does the same job that the one above, it allows you to use a mouse with two computers, but this one is different from the one we covered earlier in the sense that it is compatible with Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

Imagine you could simply drag and drop files from your Mac to your PC using a mouse, this will satisfy this need.

Synergy is not free, but it is totally worth its price.

If you are interested in sharing your mouse and having computers working all on Mac OS platform, you will be fine using Teleport, but if you need a mouse sharing software compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac, there will be no other way than using Synergy.

Final Words

If you know how to program and are interested in using the open source feature of this software, Teleport will be nice since it allows you to modify it to your need and may be you will be able to actively participate in the project using your programing skill, but if you are more interested in using not coding, the route to Synergy will be the best way to go because you will have someone to hold accountable for, if the software fails to deliver.