Design cool mouse pointers

Imagine designing you own mouse pointer in a minute and using it right away.

Here is a cool online cursor design application online that will help you create very simple and multicolor mouse cursors.

Design cool mouse pointers

Here is a screenshot of the cursor editor


To start, simply hit one of the templates on the left side of the screen to see it appearing in the drawing area. You will then be able to color it, customize it to your taste.

I found it difficult to design a cursor from scratch and I wished this free online cursor maker allowed me to upload an image and to use the image to design a cool mouse cursor, but I guess we are not there yet.

This cursor maker have some basic tools like color and shadow effect, lines to help you design your cursor.


While designing your new mouse cursor, you have a preview on the left bottom corner, as you design, you will be able to see what the final work will look like.

After designing the cursor, name it and download it and you are free to go.

Design of a basic cool green cursor

I was able to quickly design this mouse cursor (feel free to download the finished product) right click and Save Link As…


It is hard to see the coolness of the mouse cursor right on the drawing area, luckily you have a real time preview available, notice the preview on the down left corner.

The application is available at

Here is a nice tool that allows you design cool mouse cursor, it is very basic but can help you come out with very sophisticated design if you put in the appropriate skill and time.

If you are keen on designing cool stuff for yourself, this will be a lot helpful to you, and the platform allows you to share your design with the world and download designs from others too.