Choosing a wireless mouse for your laptop

Someone once said it is far harder to make a choice when they are many options to choose from. Nowadays, with innumerable types of computer mouse out there, with different sizes, technologies, shapes, it became a tedious task to choose the one mouse you will want to stick with.

How about needing the best option of wireless computer mouse out there for my laptop?

The story goes like, I want to be able to do some task which I am doing right now on my desktop, on my laptop. And I find out that it is a little more difficult to work without a computer mouse on my laptop doing this specific task (drawing).

I caught myself bringing my wired mouse with me sometimes to help me work better on the laptop, but was annoyed by the cable and the size of my bulky desktop mouse.

Choosing the best wireless mouse for laptops to my need.

These are criteria and questions I had to ask myself to help me narrow options down thus giving me less ache while looking for what I really needed.

I am in need of a wireless mouse.

That is one of the more important criteria I wanted to consider, and Yes, I had already felt what it was like to take the wired mouse with me in the laptop bag and had to untie the wire every time I was taking it out of the bag.

Talking about wireless technology for a computer mouse, we are having 3 popular right now, the Bluetooth, the laser and the optical technology.

No matter how sexy it was, I had first to discard the Bluetooth technology, because of this very reason.

  • Interference with other Bluetooth devices around is more likely to happen. Imagine not being able to work closer to someone else using a Bluetooth mouse. That is something I do not want to deal with.

I will be better off going with either the wireless optical option or the wireless laser option.

What will the size of my wireless mouse be?

I will much love my mouse to be something relatively small, easy to carry along.

I need to stay away from bulky mice. And the shape will matter in the sense that I want it to easily find a place in my laptop bag without pain.

What is the shape I will feel more comfortable working with?

Thinking about how the ergonomic factor influences the shape of the mouse, and evaluating how long on average a session of work on my laptop will last makes me more or less to put the ergonomic accent to my list of criteria and understand that somehow beauty can be altered to the benefit of ergonomy.

Number of buttons

I am looking forward to having a 2 button mouse, and the scroll wheel, no need for extra buttons of any sort.

Here are some of my pick.

Logitech Wireless Mouse M325

wirless laptop mouseThe Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 that comes with the nano receiver is perfect if you are just looking for a mouse to help you work on the go.

Here is one of the most popular wireless mouse many picks for their laptop. You can read reviews here.

I love the fact that it comes in different colors, and is available even for people keen on pink. It is small compared to regular mice. And it works for months without a battery change. The 2.4GHz wireless technology it features give the reliability of cable. Worries-free!

E-3lue E-Blue Mazer II 2.4GHz Wireless Optical Mouse

wirless laptop mouseThe E-3lue E-Blue Mazer II 2.4GHz Wireless Optical Mouse is one that held my attention because of its look and features, fits perfectly in my hand and is not voluminous.

It features a LED scroll wheel which makes it look cool in darkness. The mouse made it to the list not only for its physical aspect but also for the DPI (Dots per Inch) it has. It features an adjustable DPI of 500/1000/1800/2500.

I love the fact that it also works great while I am using it as a gaming mouse. The battery endurance is comparable to the Logitech mouse M325.

Swiftpoint SM300

wirless laptop mouseI immediately fell in love with this little device when it went live on Kickstarter years ago. The Swiftpoint SM300 Laptop Mouse is an amazingly small device that does not fail to deliver.

This mouse is designed to feel like a pen in your hand, and it is a rechargeable mouse meaning: no need for battery change. When fully charged it lasts about two and a half week.

This little beast works on all your devices, being Android, iPad, or laptop.

The Swiftpoint SM300 is revolutionary and will in most case meet your requirements but might not be for everyone due to its price.

Targus Ultralife Wireless Mouse

¬†wirless laptop mouseHere goes the Targus Ultralife Wireless Mouse for Ultrabooks, PCs and Macs. This mouse is the most practical of all and the look has not been sacrificed for beauty. Its slim shape makes it even comfortable carrying it along in your jean’s pocket.

It features laser sensor, two buttons and the scroll wheel. As long as you use this device, you will be warned every time the battery is going down by its low battery indicator light.

I will highly recommend this mouse to those wanting to combine elegance and functionality.

As each of the mouse on this list, it comes with a receiver.

Final thoughts

There have never been anything bad in exploring. While looking for the perfect wireless mouse for laptops, make sure to assess your personal needs before diving into looking what will be your next companion.