Best Thin Bezel Monitors

Over the years, there have been a tremendous, ever-increasing advancements in technology for the display industry- the result of which can be seen in today’s fantastic monitors.

The modern day tech humans are looking for crazily high refresh rates and incredible color reproduction, bigger models and such like.

Right from the day CRT, monitors were developed, till the early days of LCDs, most manufacturers only cared about winning consumers to their side through adverts. They never designed products that would market themselves and win potential consumers with incredible features and sassy designs.

One would buy a black CRT monitor for its looks, or a bigger LCD (coz of its size) but not out of sleek performance features (which were hardly there or different, from product to product).

Today, however, we now have in stores monitors with smooth and sleek physical profiles, high-tech features, minimalist but with functional stands.

When in the market today for a new monitor, you’ll need to put into consideration especially if you are crazy about the appearance of the monitors. One such trending feature is the bezel thickness.

With regards to monitors looks, the need for frustratingly thick bezels has with time become extremely irrelevant if current statistics are to go by. Manufacturers have become smarter and designed panels that are not only thin but also light, efficient and bigger in size but increasingly becoming less noticeable.

Most manufacturers have pushed it a little beyond the boundaries and invented monitors that are very thin in thickness. The more tech savvy ones have even produced panels with non-existent borders or bezels!

But why thin Bezel monitor or Bezel-less monitor? The advantages

Thin bezel monitors and bezel-less monitor designs do not only have aesthetic appreciation but allow the user to concentrate explicitly on tasks in session. In fact, manufacturers are of the opinion that provided the bezels are increasingly becoming thinner, the user’s attention and focus will be on the screens. This trend is also true in cases of bezeless monitors.

That aside, thin bezels allow for more than one display configurations, ranging from two to nine monitors connected together to show one big image like it’s seen in concerts.

Bezel-less or monitors with no bezels at all are the best for multi-display configurations to minimize or eliminate entirely picture breaks.

Based on usage or purpose, we have compiled a list of frameless or borderless monitors (thin bezel monitors) that exist today and briefly highlighted their strengths and features below.

What to look out for while Choosing the best thin Bezel Monitor

This is probably the top priority in your list. Resolution is the total number of pixels per square inch. Most of these thin bezel monitors have resolutions in the ranges of 1920 x 1080, 2560 x 1440, 3440 x 1440, and 3840 x 2160 (4K) resolution.

Refresh rate speeds varies depending on the thin bezel monitor and can be 60Hz, 120Hz, or 144Hz. The higher it’s, the better.

This affects different aspects of the monitor such as response time, viewing angles, color clarity etc. The panel type can either be Twisted Nematic (TN), Plane-Line Switching Panels or In-Plane Switching Panels (IPS).

This type of mount will allow you fix or mount your monitor on walls. VESA mounts are the best.

Thin bezel monitors have screen sizes ranging from 14-inch to 45 inches. The assumption is; the larger the better.

This defines how fast the monitor processes data it receives for display. Most monitors fall in between 5 milliseconds to 1 millisecond.

The ideal thin bezel monitor should have a variety of input and output ports compatible with most connectivity adapters. Most important ports are USB, HDMI and VGA ports.

Check the wattage and voltage readings of the monitor. Check for ECCO symbols too. Most bezel monitors have readings between 110V and 240V.

A higher contrast would serve you better. A ratio of 20000:1 is far much better than 1000:1.

Whatever monitor you decide to go for, compare prices from different stores.

Monitor reviews

The LG 34UC97

If you are familiar with the higher-end of the display market, probably you must have thought of design with curved screens. With curved screens and non-existent borders, a user’s visual feast and focus are maximized on what transpires from the monitor. This is the gem LG have realized.

The LG 34UC97 has this kind of sophistication and packages a 10-bit color interface, an avante-grade design, and a WQHD resolution.

If you are loaded in the pocket and is looking for something different from the traditional but luxury 16:9 monitors, like Asus MX27AQ, then this is the monster you’d go for.

On the face, LG has introduced a design technique that has allowed them to omit borders, which makes the huge 34-inch diagonal width screen to come out as if pictures under its display are about to fall off the edge.

Even more fascinating about this LG product is the golden metallic hue and the chrome accents embedded within its design which complements the border-free design to incredibly come out.

Although not originally made for the hardcore gamers, it’s a fantastic multi-use display with zero-borders that is sure to improve your computing applications, whether at home or in the office.

The Asus MX27AQ With No Bezel

This is a zero-bezel monitor ideal for your office or home applications.

If you have a soft spot for anything that promotes your sophistication and professionalism at home or in the office, then the Asus MX27AQ must be your best gamble.

The Asus MX27AQ has a form factor of about 27-inches and a resolution of 1440p in one package, this is the real deal for modern monitors. Its cabinet radiates a fashionable presence given the amazing aluminum finish.

The Asus MX27AQ’s IPS panel has no bezel and produces images with magnificent saturation and color vivacity. To add these high-end features, Asus have also included Ice power speakers from Danish audio specialists Bang and Olufsen.

The Acer BE270U

If you are one of the productive individuals with characters I know of, then you must be bored by the clunky looking, thick and warlike bezels. However, Asus has something much more different and intriguing just for you. The Asus BE270U. This monitor comes with a four-side frameless design that allows the sRGB IPS along with its QHD resolution to produce images with a bravura, eye-popping clarity and color. It also has a functional stand as well as a standard matte black cabinet.

Although not very competitive for gaming applications, you would recommend this product to individuals looking for an after-hours entertainment given the new VRR tech together with its speedier refresh rate.

As if to take care of future advancements in technology and applications, Asus have included a port of type USB-C in the I/O layout to allow modern high-tech gadgets like Macbook to seamlessly connect to it.

Asus VX24AH

The Asus VX24AH is the best 24-inch general purpose borderless monitor you can ever come across in the market today. It has a 1440p native resolution which offers a large viewing space for games, entertainment media or your Windows desktop and files.

Though considered an entry-level display, Asus made sure to include a sleek exterior profile along with gentle curves and a beautiful piano black finish.

Although it may be too small for some users interested in QHD even with the improved pixel density, the less than 4mm bezels surrounding the ones saves the day for this 24-inch thin bezel monitor. Based on this design, the Asus VX24AH has a bigger look and makes it an affordable addition to your home enjoyment or office needs.

Dell S2417DG

S2417DG is one of Dell’s unbeatable piece of tech ideal for gamers looking for high pixel density screens, hair-raising refresh rate speeds of 165HZ, eye-popping detail and a buttery smooth image display accelerated by a G-Sync.

The outstanding features are packaged in Dell’s rather old habit design of the grey color scheme and are only a few in the 24-inch category, the Dell s2417DG being one of such.

At 1440p in a 24-inch monitor, this Dell masterpiece offers you a ton of pixels per square at a reasonable cost. The monitor provides fantastic smooth detail and action, perfect for serious gaming action.

Acer Predator XB271HU

Most people who review the Acer XB271HU applause the standard features such as build quality, the exceptional images, fast response rates, lightning fast refresh speeds and probably the sophistication of this product, but that’s not the real thing about this incredible invention by Acer.

The most striking fact these reviewers ignore about the XB271HU is the Frameless design that replaces the old tradition huge plastic strips for covering the panel ends. For this product instead, Acer decided to make the screen appear like blends with the cabinet’s corners thereby creating a Zero-Frame design.

If you try consider this model from some angle, the only noticeable part is the bottommost strip which stamps from the anterior surface. The design does a lot of justice to the screen, the 1440p, 165Hz refresh ability as well as the G-Sync. This combination brings a blazing smooth visual experience, especially to gamers compared to other traditional monitors.

All these awe-striking features wrapped in a striking red and black exterior with an immense assortment of functionality results in the Acer XB271HU.

Asus ROG Swift PG278Q

Though not a frameless product like the XB271HU, the Asus ROG Swift PG278Q has a sub-5mm bezel bordering all 3 flanks of the face. This monster from LG still uses a TN panel although the AU Optronics integrated into this unit provides contrasts and colors that minimize the gap by IPS competences.

A couple of added features which include a G-Sync, a refresh rate of 144Hz and a 3ms+ input lag that allows established gamers to enjoy the full prospective and lethality of this masterpiece from LG. Although finished in graphite black, the ultra-thin bezels and the huge screen allows gamers to concentrate on whatever comes from the display.

To make the PG278Q a complete package for pro gamers, Asus have included a whole lot of gamer oriented features like the genre-centered presets and GamePlus, all of which have been permeated into a furtive and all finest package with tons of functionality.

LG 27UD68-P

This fantastic product from LG has a 4K screen with a whopping 8.3M pixels. With these alone, colors and image details are just beyond imagination. Each pixel contributes a vast collection of contrast and shade transitions which means pictures can pop out than in traditional cases.

Users will delight in a wider or bigger workspace as well as get a profounder level of engagement in games given the fact that the virtual space increases exponentially.

There’s no trickery involved in the design of this product that would sacrifice the demand for bezels either. A glance at the LG27UD68 shows the screen runs one edge to another, which emphasizes the incredible level of details and colors.

The LG 27UD68 is primarily crafted for efficiency, but we found no reason to doubt its ability to do a good job in entertainment applications, for example, gaming and movies. The additional 10-bit color interface coupled with its 1.07B shades produces a stunning variation in color and gamer would find this product a must have going by the inclusion of a FeeSync to prevent the images from stuttering and tearing.

Lenovo Think Vision X1

There’s a rising trend by manufacturers of monitors to produce gadgets compatible with USB-C that allows both power and signal transmission. That means that if future proofing is your only way of achieving practicability, then you must include these USB-C type compatible gadgets in your plans.

That said, the Lenovo Think Vision X1 is a revolutionary invention by the tech nerds at Lenovo in an attempt to predict future trends, given the display standards of today. This is not only a win for the manufacturers regarding staying relevant to market trends, but it’s also a win for the latest gadgets users (the MacBooks of 2016 and above) to enjoy seamless signal and power transmission, all through a single port.

The Lenovo X1 exudes a stealthy industrial look with glossy details and three sides, all bezels on all three sides absent. This only emphasizes the lush 4k IPS display which allows vibrant colors and shapes of whatever is on display to pop out.

Other the bottom strip that looks slightly thicker than expected, that extra mass holds built-in speakers embedded in a soundbar configuration. There’s also a protruding mechanism that rests on top of the right corner which, to my amazement, is a flexible HD camera. This allows users to direct its lens in a manner resembling the operation of late night projectors.

This is one of the designs that is as futuristic as we’d hope for. The absence of borders only completes the concept of zero-bezel monitors and gives Lenovo X1 a win for any monitor lover.

Acer Predator X34

It’s common knowledge that curved and ultra-wide things are luxury gadgets and their obvious selling point is derived from their immersion. This is realized by enveloping the user’s view together with the corners that sit closer.

For this reason, obstructions such as bezels are not needed anymore. This allows the manufacturers to promote the depth and focus of the user by eliminating anything that runs along the sides of the screen.

The Acer Predator X34 is manufactured based on this principle of zero-bezel. The fantastic IPS integrated into this product can be overclocked up to 100Hz. This is particular of great use to gamers who have monster rigs to force out countless frames to promote visual stimulation.

To prevent pictures from stuttering or tearing, the tech nerds from LG have integrated G-Sync which in effect increases the gaming experience by at least a mile.

To get the most out of this product, the colors and contrast have also been amplified for a heightened level of focus on the action emanating from the screen. You can’t just beat this product.

So pallet people, here’s the rub.

It’s only natural for us to appreciate the far inventions in monitors. The thousands of monitors available today are used for different purposes and preferences.

The different products we have highlighted come from various high-tech manufacturers and are very likely to be the best bezel monitors they have produced. This provides a degree of inevitability in performance given the high-end specs and features they possess.

From increased concentration in task execution by the user, uniformity in brightness to improved quality of pictures, these gadgets are a great addition to our days.

The growing demand for these monitors requires that each manufacturer up their games and follow the aesthetic trend which only translates to crazier versions in the years to come

The Top Gamer Messenger Bags to Add to Your Collection

Style in this millennium has continued to evolve from the rather mundane to something more exhilarating as millennials continue to wrench control of their individual styling needs from the fashion media. In this quest to be individualistic, certain pieces have evolved from their traditional uses to fashion statements and the messenger bag has become part of this movement.

There are also practical reasons why the messenger bag is been accepted as a means of carrying personal items by certain demographics and this is their ability to provide a light-weight, comfortable home to your personal items.

For those who love the stylishness of the messenger bag as well as gamers who love the ease of movement they provide, this article will provide you with a glimpse of the top messenger bags you should consider adding to your bag collection. So stay tuned as we go through the list for you may find something that definitely catches your attention.

Gamer messenger Bag Collection

Langforth Genuine Leather Vintage Messenger Bag


Not everyone loves a leather bag but if you happen to be a fan of leather, then this vintage messenger bag created by the good people at Langforth would blow your mind. The Langforth vintage is a beautiful piece that serves multiple purposes for the avid gamer.

Its sleek and slim design do this in the following ways:

Multiple Sections/Pockets

The Langforth comes with 5 extra pockets aside its main section which was developed for the carrying of your 15inch laptop or any large item of that size. The bag also spots two extra internal pockets for your accessories and two large external pockets which you can use to store items you make use of on a frequent basis.

Material Construction

As stated earlier, this messenger bag is from leather but not just any leather. It is actually designed from supreme cowhide horse leather which is masterly sewed to provide a rugged yet aesthetically pleasing bag which you would definitely be proud to call your own. Also, stylistic wrinkles and scars which look like rugged badges have been integrated into its surface to achieve a more rugged look.

Ease of Use

The Langforth is a simplistic bag which was designed for easy use and it does the by providing a padded interior for your laptop and a solid shoulder strap which provides enough support for the load on your body. The shoulder strap also spreads friction and weight across your body in such a way that it reduces unnecessary shoulder fatigue.

Vetelli Shoulder Messenger Bag


The Vetelli messenger bag is truly a stylish piece of work and it accomplishes its unique styling with the use of multi-coloured leather and a healthy dose of leather straps across its main frame. Its clean and scratch protected surface is also an added advantage some gamers may find appealing about its overall structure.

Its unique properties and features include:

Space and Protection

According to Vetelli, the messenger bag is built for protection and it does this by providing multiple spacious interior sections as well as exterior pockets to help protect the user’s items. Its major section is equipped with pads to protect a 12 to 15-inch laptop as well as other accessories while the exterior provides a handle for your shades or glasses.

Material Construction

The Vetelli messenger bag is constructed from high-grade PU leather and a robust grey canvas which adds to its strength and beauty. It also integrates a metallic snap closure which serves as the main security feature for the bag.

Ease of Use

This messenger bag was designed with the user in mind and it accomplishes the comfort it promises by including a comfortable shoulder strap and other details, such as zip pullers and a shoulder pad that makes using it fun. Lastly, the bag is backed by a lifetime money back guarantee from Vetelli.

17.3-Inch Eco-Friendly Canvas Mobile Edge Messenger Bag


For members of PETA and anyone who is adverse to using leather as a means of carrying your personal items, this eco-friendly bag will definitely tick every box on your list for a messenger bag.

The Mobile Edge eco messenger has the following features anyone would admire:

Material Construction

This is a smart messenger bag made entirely from eco-friendly materials namely cotton canvas and Velcro. It also integrates the use of cotton in its shoulder strap and plastic clips to secure its interior parts.

Space and Protection

There are so many interior sections integrated into the mobile edge which makes it a good multipurpose carrier for your laptop, books and any other items under the 15inch mark you need to keep secure. Its immediate exterior provides a Velcro covered section where office cards and other identification items can be easily stored. Note that the covering flap also covers the Velcro parts and protects it from natural elements.

Ease of Use

Added to its eco-friendly construct is a bag truly easy to use due to its comfortable shoulder strap ad an added top strap which you can use in carrying the mobile edge while giving your shoulders some rest.

CoolBell 15.6 Inch Messenger Bag

Grey steely colours are truly attractive to those who love the look they provide and the CoolBell provides that look to the maximum. This is a very aesthetically pleasing messenger bag I believe anyone would love to be associated with due to its clean-cut feel and build.

Looking into its features we find:

A Stylish Material Construct

The CoolBell is made from very durable Nylon material which has a grey cast and combines the use of beautiful shoulder straps as a handle for the bag.

Enough Protected Space

The interior of this messenger bag is truly spacious and is fully padded to protect the items you put into it. The bag provides enough space for a 16 inch laptop as well as multiple pockets for the storage of other accessories.

Ease of Use

The CoolBell is stylish and practical. This is due to its entire design as well as the multiple carrying options it provides you with. With it, you can alternate between using the shoulder strap or the top strap to reduce shoulder and hand fatigue when and where necessary.

ibagbar Canvas Messenger Bag

Here is another chick semi-eco-friendly messenger bag you can consider purchasing for your daily commute. The ibagbar canvas is a beautiful specimen due to its hues of grey and brown leather straps that provide an artistic contrast to its overall colour scheme. The ibagbar is not so spacious but definitely safe enough for your daily commute.

Material Construction

The main surface of the ibagbar is made from high-density canvas which makes it truly durable and a safe haven for your items. The use of canvas also adds to its eco-friendly appeal which would definitely attract some users. The bag makes use of leather and metal for its buckle thereby providing a good measure of safety for your items.

Multiple Pockets

This bag comes with 9 pockets aside its main internal space which provides you with enough storage space for all your items. Its main section provides enough space to store a 13-inch laptop as well as other accessories while the pockets and other sections are built for storing smart devices and other gaming accessories you regularly make use off.

Ease of Use

Although I find its shoulder strap to be somewhat tiny, it is aesthetically designed to accentuate the entire bags’ build. The use of metal buckles and zippers as well as their arrangement also makes unzipping and taking out items quite easy.

Snugg8482 Crossbody Shoulder Messenger Bag


The Snugg8482 was built out of durable PU leather to achieve one thing. And that is a truly durable messenger bag with a visual look that screams solidity. This messenger bag is a rugged bag gamers who commute a lot will definitely love due to its size and the use of multiple straps and zips to secure its openings.

Here is a look at its features.

Material Construction

A mix of high-grade PU leather and metal buckles are the definitive factors in its design. This solidity does not in any way impede its beauty for it is a rugged yet aesthetically built messenger bag.

Spacious Interior

For those who love spacious messenger bags, the Snugg8482 provides abundant space to store laptops as big as 16 inches as well as other padded sections to provide security for your accessories. These spaces are covered up with a flap and metal zips protect them.

Ease of Use

Like some bags on this list, two forms of carrying support are provided and they are a shoulder strap and a top strap for your hands. Therefore, you can give your shoulders a rest from time to time when making use of the Snugg8482 Crossbody.

As you can see, there are 6 bags on this list which shows our high regard for our readers. An added messenger bag was included in other not to limit you to the first five. So this is us wishing you happy commuting with whichever bag you pick from this list.

Cool mouse pointers

If you are one of those who always look for an alternative to replace the dull default cursor of your computer, this post will provide you with some websites where you can download many cool mouse pointers and use them to your convenience.

We will provide with this post some website where you can head to right away and find cool mouse pointers waiting for you to download.

Although all these mouse cursors don’t share the same process of installation, most will do following this guide: Install a mouse pointer in your computer.

This can be needless, but it is always good to have it as a reminder: There are many pointers that come with your Operating Systems, before looking at this post, make sure you browse the one already in your computer, may be the style you are looking for is already in your possession.

Resources for Cool mouse pointers


This is a website where you will find many cool stuff. We are not talk about it for other features that you can benefit from, but we will rather talk about this website for the simple fact that it allows you download mouse pointers and use them on the go.

With the help of others on the website, you can even learn how to replicate those pointers, and create your own. Here are some samples of pointers you can find there.

cool-mouse-pointersTo install these cursors:

To install, right click on .inf file and select install.
Open Mouse properties and go to pointers.
Find the Metro X cursors in the the drop down.


This is one of the largest library of cursors on the internet. You can find almost anything you can think of, from Skyrim mouse pointers to Angry birds style mouse pointers. All are free, and these are even easier to use since they come with the proper extension for your computer to recognize them as mouse cursors once downloaded. Just download and start using.


This is another library of mouse pointers you can make use of while looking for cursors. You can already test the product that the website will let own just by browsing the site meaning when you browse the site, your cursor is customized only for the webpage allowing you to sense how cool and smooth it is to use a customized pointer


This one is not really a mouse pointer library. I put this in here just because of those middle finger mouse pointers ready to download. Feel free to drop there and learn more about the middle finger cursors.


The look of this website is a little too funny to my taste but still it provide some cool mouse pointers, at least not as dull as what most OS provide as the default mouse pointer.


This website claims to provide the cutest mouse pointer designs on the internet. And I find that to be somehow true, but be ready to find that the majority of those cursor are animated cursors, I am not too fan of animated and flower cursor, but if it is this what you are into, you will like this website.


CNET has also worked toward providing you with some cursors for your window computer. They have categorized mouse pointers by operating Systems. But these cursors are far to be as cool as the ones provided by previous website. But if you still did not find THE ONE for you, feel free to check their list.


Last but by no meant not least, here is Cursormania.

I hope you found the cursor you were looking for, and that you got inspired by these cursors. Feel free to drop a website on the comment section if you happen to find a website that is not listed here and that is able to provide with some other good looking cursors.

Using a Single Wireless Router

Many organizations, either private or business type are finding difficult to use a single access point for 2 or more co-located detachments. Buying additional access points is a viable but unnecessary option. Instead, employing the best long range wireless router will solve this problem.

For example, let’s say that you are running an aparthotel with several objects co-located on an area close to 10,000 sq. feet. Your first respond to this problem would be to either lay down cables and connect different access points with the central hot spot or to buy 2 or more additional hot spots. This is completely unnecessary regardless of the fact that your router is incapable to send and receive a signal from every detached working station or place.

What you need is a simple range extender.

What is a Range Extender

Range extenders are additional devices used along with routers to extend the signal range and further bridge different types of networks. It is a wireless device with hubs to wire-connect additional working stations or sharing and printing devices.

But it goes beyond just amplifying the signal. Modern and advanced range extenders provide master control to even less experienced users. For example, you may use the range extender to control your network’s range, specific user connectivity permissions and/or restrictions and even to enhance the security of your network.

The latter is possible due to the installed security protocols using WPS, WPA and WPA2 encryptions.

Some are simpler than others and same goes in terms of price. Picking the optimal one considering your needs and price may present a challenge.

10 Features of Range Extender that Makes a Great Deal

You are looking for this combination:

  • Wide covering, up to 10,000 sq. feet
  • Powerful amplifiers, preferably dual 2.4 GHz with high gain antennas capable of penetrating several walls and other possible obstacles or Wi-Fi blind spots
  • Option to wire-connect different devices working on different network protocols (i.e. personal computers, printers, A/V devices for HD stream)
  • Fast speeds (up to 300 Mbps) with MIMO Wi-Fi technology to be able to enhance the radio signal using multiple transmit and receive antennas to exploit multipath propagation
  • Compact and redundant, in other words device that is using universal and standardized technologies so it could work with any type of 802.11b/g/n routers and networks in use today
  • User access control so you would be able to limit the access of certain users to specific device(s)
  • Access scheduling and extended security protocols to be able to precisely determine the on and off time of the network using separate security features for guest users
  • Ability to create additional guest networks
  • Ability to fine-tune the coverage of your network, and of course
  • The affordable price.

It may seem close to impossible to locate and purchase device with all of these features. Even if there is one, it will fail to comply with the last demand – the optimal and affordable price.

However, there are few of them and one specific range extender demands further attention.

Single Wireless Router

Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-N 600mW Smart Repeater and Range Extender (SR10000)

routerIn addition of complying to all of the above 10 preferable features of range extenders Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-N 600mW Smart Repeater and Range Extender (SR10000) is a one powerful device. For instance, in difference from standard devices, Amped Wireless SR10000 uses up to 600 mW of output power whereas standard devices work with just 50 mW. It goes even further, and with antenna power of 5 dBi, it outperforms the vast majority of similar devices working on less than 1 dBi.

Amped Wireless SR 10000, as the series emphasizes, covers up to 10,000 sq. feet area. Using dual high-power 2.4GHz amplifiers, SR 10000 makes sure that there are no blind spots within the area of coverage.

How it Works

Device receives the signal from your home/office router or modem then amplifies and retransmits the radio signal to new location(s) within a space you pre-defined using a simple user interface.

Cover range can be extreme because Amped Wireless SR 10000 is equipped with advanced dual amplifiers and detachable antennas. It is what is giving the capability to retransmit the signal over 10,000 sq. feet of space.

Configuration of the device and additional features is extremely easy due to the simple user interface.

In the same time, price is more than acceptable.

When all is analyzed, Amped Wireless SR 10000 presents a unique opportunity and sure is a device to consider. It does make life easier when communications are running smoothly, doesn’t it? Simplify your life.

Long Range Wireless Router

You might not be aware of this but in difference from only a few years ago, your current Wi-Fi setup is completely inadequate to keep up with ever growing demands. Having a long range wireless router 1000 feet in range will definitely make your life easier.

Then again you have to be picky when choosing the optimal one. But one thing is sure: your current setup, consisting only of a bit more advanced modem is inadequate to handle that amount of requests. You need to change something and this is a good start.

There are 2 primary reasons why old setup consisting just of modem doesn’t cover the needs:

  1. Large number of devices connected to home or office network with large number of requests, and
  2. “Weight” of the traffic in both directions which multiplies weekly.

Both are corrected with an adequate router. But what is the router anyway?

What is the ROUTER

long-range-routerRouter is a device that enables you to connect more than 2, 3 or 4 devices on your home or office network without experiencing connectivity issues. The number of devices able to connect through router is only limited with its data transfer potentials and maximum speed or bandwidth capabilities. But in general, every relatively advanced type of router has the ability to connect more than 20 different devices in any given time and to enable simultaneous data exchange between any or all of them in the same moment.

Traditional modems that have the basic routing capabilities can only sustain connection of 3 to 4 devices but as soon as the traffic gets heavy, connection tends to slow down and eventually break entirely.

This is due to the relatively simple routing software inside the modems. That software consists of so called “routing tables” which memories the specific “routes” the device is using when communicate with another device. For instance, if 2 people are sharing information over the network, they will use same nods and pathways. In order to speed up the process, connection device memorizes the specific markers of those nods and paths so it won’t have to recognize and calculate them again.

Now in past, when we had slow connections and maybe 2-4 wireless devices connected to the home or office network, modems and simple routers where quite effective. Nowadays, this presents the problem since not only that we are connecting ever more devices but we are also sharing a lot more of the data and above all, we prefer to connect wirelessly.

The Advantages of an Effective Wireless Router

Mobility and security are the key factors upon which you should make your decision. With wireless routers we are no longer limited to small spaces or having to figure out how to hide all those cables. Powerful wireless router makes all the difference in home or office networks.

But not any kind of wireless router is good for the job. Depending on your needs – and they are extremely high even in your household with 4 or 5 individuals – you might want to consider the wireless router which is not only effective in terms of data exchange but also has a long range of cover – up to 1000 feet to be sure.

It does make life easier because longer the range, more powerful is the speed and transfer capabilities of the device. For example, you can use your laptop, tablet or smartphone from every corner of your home and backyard. You can even walk to the store and you won’t lose the connection with your favorite network for which you are sure that it is secured and cannot be penetrated with ease.

Security in wireless transfer is everything. Quality long range routers use 256-bit encryption protocols and it is close to impossible to hack into the network. Communication simply cannot be intercepted. Ultimately, you might want to prevent your child to connect to some website or even to a device in your home network. Simple to use software is something you should also have in mind when choosing the right wireless router for your network. Why wasting time on complicated protocols when there are routing devices that enable you to limit the access with a single click in less than a minute.

This feature is interesting for those who are trying to setup a central access point in large residential buildings and even blocks. But this calls for something more than just parental and regular security.

Underlying Role of Long Range Wireless Routers in Large Home or Office Networks

routerMore powerful and advanced routers are using dual band transfer technology which eliminates possible interference in simultaneous wireless communication. This is especially important for larger office networks where data exchange virtually never stops. Even when users are not communicating among themselves or third parties, office networks are adjusted by system and network administrators to regularly back up the data using different ways and protocols.

These processes can occupy immense resources if the routing device does not contain optimized QoS protocols, and only few do have. Having a router with advanced QoS or Quality of Service will make all the difference if your users have the need for HD streaming or gaming.

What is the Importance of Advanced QoS?

QoS is allowing you to manually prioritize specific applications, internet protocols and ports to use more of a bandwidth than others. In other words, you can setup an application, program or even a game to use more of the potential bandwidth which will enable improved user experience.

Then again, you would probably want to consider a device with simplest QoS setup as possible, right? Again, why losing time when everything can be done in less than a minute even by someone with only the basic knowledge of communications.

That leads us to specific choice depending on needs and complexity of the situation.

Optimal Long Range Wireless Router for Small to Medium Size Home and Office Networks

There are plenty of choices, but in the same time that may be potentially misleading because we are used to focus on a price when trying to purchase quality. In a world of communication devices that principle doesn’t necessary have to apply.

While you might be thinking about some Cisco device, you have to know that it takes months to learn just the basics to configure even the simplest Cisco router. On the other hand, there are few companies that managed to manufacture simple and quality long range wireless routers without compromising on quality.

One of those companies is definitely Netgear, a company known for a wide spectrum of communication devices containing advanced protocols and using some of the latest technological advances available.

long-range-routerNetgear’s Wireless Router – AC1200 Dual Band Gigabit (R6200) presents the opportunity to equip your access point with the state of the art wireless communication hub. If you are trying to establish a secure and effective small or medium home or office network, AC 1200 Dual Band is something to at least put on a list.

It is a long range, reliable wireless router with advanced QoS protocols and latest security technology. But above all, it is more than affordable. If you have to connect more than 8 devices, this long range wireless router 1000 feet of range is optimal choice. Netgear made sure that configuration and setup run smoothly and for those purposes they have developed a simple to use graphical interface.

Being a Gigabit wired and with speeds of 300+867 Mbits, AC 1200 Dual Band can sustain simultaneous HD streaming and gaming from several consoles.

In addition, router is equipped with 3.0 USB hub ideal for connecting a shared scanning/printing device or even portable hard disk drive for additional central storage and back up.

But if you are searching for something even more powerful because you have to connect dozens of consoles and devices over a large area, than another Netgear’s communication device is something to have in mind when deciding to purchase wireless router.

Powerful Long Range Wireless Router for Even Larger and More Demanding Networks

If you need to connect more than 12 consoles and other types of devices and in the same time you want to avoid any interferences or reduced speed, Netgear’s Wireless Router – AC1750 Dual Band Gigabit (R6300) will cover all of your needs.

Sharing the same features but further enhanced, AC1750 DB contains a Beamforming+ technology and powerful Dual Core processor. This device will make connectivity and sharing as simple and effective as possible for more than a reasonable price. Something to consider for sure.

Think about this: you current setup is most likely causing the headaches and wasting your time due to constant crashing and slow connection speed, so maybe it is time to change it. Keep in mind that HD video streaming today is using tremendous amount of bandwidth. Wouldn’t it be better to have the optimal equipment?

Microsoft’s Mini Bluetooth Mouse

Sure there are lots of choices but Microsoft’s Mini Bluetooth Mouse somehow sticks from the crowd. And there are 7 perfectly good reasons for that.

But before we dig in, what exactly are we looking for when buying a mouse for our laptop?

mini-bluetooth-mouseWe want it to be as light as possible and preferably of optimal size; not too large but not to small either. Price should be affordable but what’s most important is how we feel when using it. It has to satisfy our deep sense for just the right thing. That sense hides in our primitive brain, the one which is there from the dawn of the species. There are no words in that part, only the most essential instincts.

And somehow, on some level, this little mouse manages to trigger that feeling of right.


1. Fits right in, no matter what hand are we using

Not every mouse fits perfectly but Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 is designed to feel good in any hand (left or right) and even regardless of the size of our hands. Ergonomics of the design makes sure user won’t suffer any sort of discomfort after extended usage. With perfect dimensions (2.25”x3.75”), this Bluetooth mouse fits in any hand.

Not too small but not too large.

2. It will perform with precision even on a park bench

Now this is a common issue with the bulk of mice – they just cannot perform right without appropriate mouse pad. Microsoft solved this problem with their own innovative BlueTrack Technology®. With the exception of glass surfaces and mirrors even the rough surfaces will do the job.

Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 is therefore an optimal choice for laptops since you don’t have to carry that annoying pad with you wherever you go.

BlueTrack Technology® is maybe the most distinct feature of the mouse. It does outperform both laser and optical technology used in mice. Blue beam is combined with an image sensor and Microsoft’s own innovative pixel geometry. Combination is capable of generating high-contrast picture of the surface. In turn, this allows tracking accuracy.

In other words, you can use the mouse with added precision on the floor, dining and picnic (rough) table and even on your jeans. Technology renders trackpads and mouse pads obsolete.

Blue beam is in fact four times larger than the average laser beam used in the majority of the laser mice. All three major operations you are doing with your mouse are done with precision while the type of surface is simply irrelevant.


3. Extended battery life-time, up to 8 months

Nothing can flip you off like the moment when you notice that your mouse doesn’t respond anymore while it didn’t pass more than few weeks since you changed the batteries. Microsoft addressed particularly to this issue and their engineers managed to develop a low-expenditure pointing device. Mouse is perfectly capable of operating smoothly for whole 8 months.

4. Shut me down when you’re not using me

Even if you are not using the incorporated on/off switch, battery will run for several months, but this practical feature will further extend the life of the batteries which are by the way supplied with the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500. In addition, there is a led indicator of battery status.

Microsoft is again looking beyond the scope of its competitors. For some reasons, the bulk of manufacturers choose not to deliver batteries with a new product. You have to wonder why?

5. Almost invisible Nano Transceiver

This is the major problem with the most of the wireless input devices. Their essential transceivers are awkward to say the least which totally ruins the user’s experience.

Microsoft developed a small transceiver, on a plug-and-go technology that can even be stowed into the mouse. This is a smart way to deal with the “storage” problem since the size of the Nano Transceiver is minimal to be more practical for laptop users.

6. Three Years (Limited) Warranty

This is the standard Microsoft’s warranty policy for all of their firmware-only hardware products or the products that don’t require software updates. Not many manufacturers go beyond 1-year warranty but Microsoft is obviously sure that their Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 will work even after the expiration of 3-years period.

7. Price

You would expect that Microsoft has put a high price on this mouse but that’s just not the case here. The cost for this useful and practical piece of equipment is more than affordable and under the prices of similar products from other manufacturers.

These 7 features are what making Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 to stick from the crowd. While there are similar products, they miss on at least one of those and that mostly goes for precision and ergonomics. Sure you cannot use it on a piece of mirror but who does that anyway?

Isn’t it better to use the equipment that makes your life easier in more than just one segment?

3 funny things that follow your cursor

For some obvious reasons, we were glad to lately come across with these weird things that follow your cursor. On the following, we are going to be sharing 3 webpages that will help you kill some of your extra time.

Not all are done with a constructive aim and if you are looking to feel what it is like to have an object follow your mouse on the screen, these are ways I guaranty will please that need on a certain level.

3 funny things that follow your cursor

Fishes follow cursor


You have to choose from different type of fishes, that will follow your mouse cursor on the screen in a swimming move. That might be a little fun for someone learning how to use a computer mouse (Elders for example).

The site let you choose between different type of fishes that only do follow your cursor. It is fun how you can make them move while moving the cursor with fast speed on a circle. Wish I could make those fishes spin over.

You can choose between Orca, Puffer-fish, Dolphin,Nemo, or shark.

Little man chases a cursor

Little man chases a cursor

So far my preferred on the list, the little man will follow you mouse cursor with the intention of eating it, and the game is over when he cashes you and eat you.

You have a finite area where you are allowed to move which is represented by the blue screen. The little man will be doing all he can to attempt grabbing the cursor.

It is far from being boring, and is a nice time-waster.

Don’t assume the man is slow, he is not. Go ahead and try to escape from being eaten by the little man.



This one is more of an entertainer than anything else. You have the whole screen to move in and Penguins following you around. The objective will merely be to scape from them, they are moving slowly, and do not seem to be interested of catching you anytime soon.

One of the added feature here is that you can grab each of them at a time and place him where you want on the screen, and he will start moving toward your cursor.

It is a nice bet I will say to have them following your cursor but they are a bit too slow to my liking, but is a nice time-waster.

Visit links below to let things follow your cursor.

A 2D ball will follow your cursor will make you discover how much fun you can have by only moving your cursor around.

The online application allows you to pick a name and right get into a battle field. A 2D ball with your nickname written on it will follow your cursor as you move it around the playing ground, and that is not all. The space is not infinite, the goal is to eat other people to grow, and you can only eat someone smaller than you. This could be so fun that you will forget yourself there for sometime.

The reason why this is interesting is that you are playing online, and  against other people and there is no mercy in the Game. Try picking a name of a country and realize how it can attract either favor or hate.

Basic mouse config tips for Beginners

Are you new on windows?

This post might be a little educating to beginners working on windows, and I suspect it will help some left-handed people customize their mouse in a more appropriate way.

The following are some very basic mouse settings you can apply to your computer mouse to enhance user experience.

Access the mouse properties windows

To be able to change your mouse properties, go to your Control Panel and hit the mouse icon that is in there.


Button configuration

If you are using a mouse such as the Roccat Pyra or the Zowie Mico and happen to be left-handed, chances are, you will need to switch the primary and the secondary button of your computer mouse.

This can be done just by a tick in the box as shown on the image below.


Double-click speed

If you are slow while double clicking, you computer might not be able to distinguish between a regular click and a double click. You can vary the double-click speed and adjust it to your hand clicking speed (very useful for elders).


Customizing your mouse pointer

If you wish to change the look of your mouse pointers, you can click on the Pointers Tab, and you will have a list of pointers ready to be used.


If the other alternative on the list don’t satisfy you, you can download mouse pointers from the internet and use them on your computer, or better: design your own mouse pointer.

Pointers Options

The following Tab will give you options like:

  • Fastening your cursor speed
  • Showing location of your pointer by pressing the CTRL key
  • Displaying pointer trails while moving it on your screen and more


Go ahead an play with any of these settings if that resonates with you the most. You may find yourself being more productive adjusting one/more of this settings doing whatever you like doing the most on your PC.

Design cool mouse pointers

Imagine designing you own mouse pointer in a minute and using it right away.

Here is a cool online cursor design application online that will help you create very simple and multicolor mouse cursors.

Design cool mouse pointers

Here is a screenshot of the cursor editor


To start, simply hit one of the templates on the left side of the screen to see it appearing in the drawing area. You will then be able to color it, customize it to your taste.

I found it difficult to design a cursor from scratch and I wished this free online cursor maker allowed me to upload an image and to use the image to design a cool mouse cursor, but I guess we are not there yet.

This cursor maker have some basic tools like color and shadow effect, lines to help you design your cursor.


While designing your new mouse cursor, you have a preview on the left bottom corner, as you design, you will be able to see what the final work will look like.

After designing the cursor, name it and download it and you are free to go.

Design of a basic cool green cursor

I was able to quickly design this mouse cursor (feel free to download the finished product) right click and Save Link As…


It is hard to see the coolness of the mouse cursor right on the drawing area, luckily you have a real time preview available, notice the preview on the down left corner.

The application is available at

Here is a nice tool that allows you design cool mouse cursor, it is very basic but can help you come out with very sophisticated design if you put in the appropriate skill and time.

If you are keen on designing cool stuff for yourself, this will be a lot helpful to you, and the platform allows you to share your design with the world and download designs from others too.

When Was The Computer Mouse Invented?

The mouse is one of the most important input devices connected to a computer. It is used for pointing and clicking. You might be familiar with the computer mouse but have you ever thought when the computer mouse was invented and who invented it? Read on and find the answer to these questions.


What led to the invention of computer mouse? It all began with the trackball, which was invented in 1946 by Ralph Benjamin. It was developed for a military project in the post World War 2 era. In those days, analog computers were used for tracking the future position of the fighter planes. For providing input, joysticks were used. Benjamin wants a better device so he invented a roller ball. It was a top secret because the military was using it.

The DATAR. Photo Credit:
The DATAR Photo Credit:

Another trackball prototype, the DATAR, saw the light of the day in 1952. Developed by electrical engineer Kenyon Taylor, Tom Cranston and Fred Longstaff, it borrowed the idea from the first trackball prototype. It had four disks, two of them used for x-axis motion and while the other two for y-axis motion.

When Was The Computer Mouse Invented?

The first computer mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart, the Director of the Automation Research Center at the Stanford Research Institute in California. He invented the mouse in 1964. The first computer mouse had a wooden shell, a circuit board and two metallic wheels. The cursor moved when the metallic wheels came into contact with the surface.

Other Experiments

A few months before the demo of the first mouse in 1968, German company Telefunken launched a rolling ball device called Rollkugel. After a few years, the team at Telefunken decided to turn the design upside down and turn it into a mouse. It was similar to the trackball devices used in flight control systems. Apple and Microsoft came up with their own models in 1983 and 1984 respectively.

Technological Evolution

mechanical mouse

Originally known as the X-Y position indicator and was used for indicating the position of the x and y coordinate on the screen. In 1972, the design was improved and the metallic wheels replaced the ball, which laid the foundation of the mechanical or ball mouse as we know today. It took a decade for the first mouse to be used with a computer. It was in 1973 when the first computer mouse was connected to the Xerox Alto computer system.

1980 was a breakthrough year for the computer mouse industry and technology. The first optical mouse was developed. Optical mice are designed for precision, therefore, eliminating the ball and using LEDs (light emitting diodes). As with many new products, they were expensive. With the passage of time, the prices came down which paved the way for wider adoption.

Modern Era

The computer mouse for specific purposes, such as gaming and graphic designing, gained popularity after 2000. Sophisticated gaming mice with more than a dozen programmable buttons are common accessories for gamers these days. The foot mouse was developed to facilitate disabled people in using computers. The 3D mouse is the latest addition to the list, which is a step up from conventional laser mouse because it gives you the capability to move on three axes.

It has also become a preferred choice for graphic designers and CAD designers. The 3D mouse is quite expensive right now, which makes it suitable for professional graphic designers who are willing to pay more for better precision. The mice available today are equipped with advanced features, such as gesture support, programmable buttons, and scrolling, to help users interact with the GUI (graphical user interface) of the operating system in a better way.

The First Computer Mouse

There was a time when graphical user interfaces (GUI) were unfathomable and all the work was done using the boring command line operating system. One only needed a keyboard to use the system. However, after the entry of operating systems with graphical user interfaces (GUI), things changed. People started feeling the need for a pointing input device that could help them interact with GUIs in a better way.

About The Inventor

Although there were some experimental devices based on the trackball, the first computer mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart. He was working on a solution to help people solve complex problems for a decade before the invention of the first computer mouse.

Bill English helped him in achieving his goal. He was a colleague of Douglas and made the hardware design for the first mouse. They manage to make a device that could interact with information displays.

The interesting thing is to note is that the original inventors of the mouse received no credit. They applied for a patent in 1967 and were named assignors of SRI. The sad part is that SRI sold the patent to Apple for a huge sum of money and left Douglas Engelbart and Bill English empty-handed.

But what they did made them immortal and their names will be remembered forever as far as computers and particularly computer mice are concerned.

First Computer Mouse

The first mouse was a small part of a large project which started in 1962. The project aimed to augment human intelligence. The first computer mouse was developed in 1964. It has a wooden shell with two metallic wheels perpendicular to each other for motion in different directions.

It also had a simple circuit board and could be used with a graphical user interface. The cord of the mouse was at the front but later this was changed and the cord attached to the back to make it more user-friendly.

Both Douglas Engelbart and Bill English approached NASA and asked NASA to test the invention in 1966. This step was taken to acquire

photo credit:
photo credit:

funding from NASA to improve their product in the future. With funds from NASA, they conducted many tests on their product. The first workstation and mouse were made soon after, in 1967. This mouse had a plastic shell over a metal base.

Both inventors then went on to publish a paper related to their invention. Douglas also gave a demo of his invention. It was a groundbreaking event which changed the technology scene forever.

The demonstration paved the way for the technological advances of the future. Beside his own mouse, he also demonstrated video conferencing, email, word processing and dynamic file linking.

First Cordless Mouse

The credit for inventing the first cordless mouse goes to David Liddle and Donald Massaro, both former engineers at Xerox PARC. The first cordless mouse shipped in 1984 with the Metaphor computer. It was the first computer to not only come with a cordless mouse but also a cordless keyboard. The first cordless mouse was manufactured by Logitech and used Infrared technology to transmit electronic signals.

As with most infrared devices, it also required a straight line of sight to function properly. This led to its demise. Infrared technology was replaced by radio frequency communication technology which solved this problem with cordless mice. Later, radio frequency was replaced by Bluetooth technology hence, giving users flexibility to move their mouse in the range of 10 meters.

This is how we got the mouse we use today. It went through many evolutionary phases to reach this state. Who knows, how many iterations of the computer mouse we will see in the future.

Skyrim mouse cursor

Here are some cool mouse cursors based on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

If you have enjoyed and still enjoying Skyrim (Like I do), chances are you would at some point want to change your mouse cursor to have it look just in a way to remind you of Skyrim.

On the list below, you will have to choose between static mouse cursors, and animated ones.

Feel free to download/use the following mouse cursors.

Static skyrim mouse cursors

(To download, right click and Save Link As…)

ImagesDownload links (To download, right click and Save Link As...)
Mouse cursor - Skyrim Alter
Mouse cursor - Skyrim hand
Mouse cursor - Skyrim text
skyrim-unavMouse cursor - Skyrim unav
skyrim-linkMouse cursor - Skyrim link
skyrim-normalMouse cursor - Skyrim normal
skyrim-precisionMouse cursor - Skyrim precision

Animated skyrim mouse cursors

ImagesDownload links (To download, right click and Save Link As...)
skyrim-helpMouse cursor - Skyrim help
skyrim-horizontalMouse cursor - Skyrim horizontal
skyrim-moveMouse cursor - Skyrim in move
skyrim-resize-1Mouse cursor - Skyrim resize 1
skyrim-resize-2Mouse cursor - Skyrim resize 2
skyrim-verticalMouse cursor - Skyrim Vertical
skyrim-backgroundMouse cursor - Skyrim in background
skyrim-busyMouse cursor - Skyrim busy

You can visit to find more mouse cursors free to download.

Why is A Computer Mouse Called A Mouse?

There are many stories regarding how the computer mouse was invented, how it got its name and who named it. The interesting part is that trackballs and light pens were quite common before the inception of the mouse. Today, we use the mouse but we never bother finding out how it got its name. In this article, you will find out the reasons and history behind naming this pointing device the ‘mouse’.

Why is A Computer Mouse Called A Mouse?

Douglas Engelbart conceived the idea when he was delivering a lecture at a conference in 1961. He was thinking about an engineering tool which was used to measure distance, called the Plannimeter. From there on, he started to work on a device that would help in indicating X and Y coordinates on a screen. The original name of the patent for a computer mouse was the ‘X-Y position indicator’ for a display system. It was part of a huge project which focused on using a pointing device for a graphical input.

Who Named the Mouse and Why?

Photo Credit: canida

The name “mouse” was decided at the Stanford Research Institute, mainly due to its resemblance with the furry rodent. The early models

looked similar to the mouse and have the cord attached to the back like a mouse-tail. When the mouse was invented in the lab, researchers started calling it a mouse and it got its name from there.

In an interview for the SuperKids website, Douglas Engelbart said, “No one can remember. It just looked like a mouse with a tail, and we all called it that.” The mouse cord was interfering with the wrist of the user and hampering the usability of the device. Due to this, the cord was removed from the back of the mouse and placed on the front of the mouse.


engelbart-and-the-computer-mouseDouglas Engelbart invented the mouse in 1964 at the Stanford Research Institute after extensive usability testing. The team working on the first mouse called it a “bug”. It was one of experimental pointing-devices developed for oN-Line System (NLS). Other experimental designs focusing on detecting body movements were also developed but none of them made an impact like the mouse did.

A couple of years later, engineers at a German company, Telefunken, also developed a similar device but the main difference was that the German version of the mouse used a rolling ball instead of mechanical wheels. It was similar to a trackball in appearance with a rolling ball on top. Later, the team turned the design upside down and made a mouse out of it.

Eight years after the inception of the first mouse, Douglas Engelbart teamed up with his colleague Bill English and invented the first ball mouse. There are many devices which failed to take off and died in the laboratories but the mouse went on to make history. The next big leap came in 1980, when the first optical mouse came into being. The optical mouse went mainstream with the passage of time and gradually replaced the ball mouse.

Today, the computer mouse comes in many different shapes and sizes. There are wireless and wired mouse available. Different connectors are used for wired mice and the wireless mouse uses different technologies. Most mice have a wheel for scrolling. You can also categorize mouse based on buttons. Nowadays, unique computer mice are developed to cater to a niche market, such as a gaming mouse for gamers, a 3D mouse for graphic designers and a foot mouse for the disabled.

After going through many evolutionary phases, the mouse has become the most popular input device in the world. You cannot imagine using a computer without a mouse. That says a lot about the importance of the mouse as a pointing input device. Although the touch input has reduced its importance somewhat, it still dominates the desktop market.

What is a Computer Mouse?

A computer mouse is a pointing device used to give input to the computer. It controls the motion of a cursor on the screen. It is used for pointing and clicking operations. Normally, a mouse contains two and some have a wheel as well for scrolling up and down.


It all started with a trackball, which was invented back in 1946 by Ralph Benjamin for a fire control system called the Comprehensive Display System (CDS). The joystick was another popular pointing device back in those days. Initially, two rubber rollers were used to move the ball which laid the foundation of the modern mechanical mouse. The credit of inventing the first commercial mouse goes to Douglas Engelbart. He managed to achieve the goal in 1964.

photo credit:
photo credit:

It was a wooden mouse with two metal wheels and no ball. When the metal wheels touch the surface, the cursor moves. A few years later in 1972, Bill English improved the design and developed the first “ball mouse”. In 1980, the first optical mouse was developed which replaced the ball with laser for better precision.

How Does It Work?

The mouse controls the motion of the pointer on a screen. For this reason, the mouse was known as X-Y position indicator in the early days. A computer mouse converts your hand movements into electronic signals that are used to move the pointer on the monitor screen. Hence, as you move your mouse on a surface, the pointer on the screen also moves in the same direction.

To select an object on the screen, left click on it. Double clicking an object will open it. You can perform many similar functions using your mouse. Modern computer mice come with gesture support. You can tie a gesture for performing a particular action. They are difficult to use and need precise motions.

Types of Mice

There are many types of mice. A mouse can be wired or wireless and uses different connectors. Mice can also be categorized based on the number of buttons they have. Some of the major types of computer mice are as follows:

mechanical mouse

A mechanical mouse contains a ball between two rollers which detects the x and y-axis motions. The optical mouse uses laser instead of a ball. 3D mice are a new type and use ultrasounds. They provide motion capabilities in three dimensions. Gaming mice serve special purposes by offering more than a dozen programmable buttons and many other features suitable for gaming. There are other types of mice built for special purposes available on the market as well.


Computer mice transmit their input in a variety of ways. If it is a wired mouse, some of the common standards used to connect it to the computer are PS/2 (old), USB (new) and Apple Desktop Bus (for Macs). If you are using a wireless mouse, Infrared, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are commonly used to transmit signals wirelessly.

How to Use a Computer Mouse?

Each person uses and holds a mouse differently. Normally, a computer mouse is designed for use by right-handed use. Nonetheless, left-handed people can customize a mouse according to their needs. Put your index finger on the left mouse button and middle finger on the right mouse button. Grip the mouse with the other fingers and palm.

Mouse Pad

Use the mouse pad especially if you are finding it difficult to move the cursor on the screen due to an uneven surface. Make sure there is enough space on the desk to move the cursor from one corner of the screen to another. You can also adjust the sensitivity of your mouse and other settings by going into the control panel. Do not apply too much force to move the mouse and use it carefully.

One mouse two computers

It became common to be in a position where you need a mouse sharing application that will allow you to use simultaneously two computers.

If you are one of those looking to make this combination (one mouse two or more computers), the good news is: it is possible.

Sharing your mouse

It is not a news that most people nowadays are pushed to have on their desk many computers each for a specific task, and there is a little chance those computers are not on the same platform, having Mac OS, windows or Linux.

Down below are two software allowing you to solve this issue and bringing with them some intuitive added values that might further increase user experience.

What are the benefits of using a one mouse two computer software?

  • increase productivity
  • allow file sharing
  • more space on your desk
  • drag and drop from one computer to the other
  • easy multitasking

Below are two ways you can use to control two or more computers with a single mouse.

Teleport Project

Teleport is an open source project working on solving the sharing capability of a mouse with two computers.

It is a totally free solution for you to use, and will allow you to control multiple computers with a single mouse and keyboard.

Teleport is free .

This software so far work solely on MAC OS.

Synergy Project

Synergy is a software that does the same job that the one above, it allows you to use a mouse with two computers, but this one is different from the one we covered earlier in the sense that it is compatible with Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

Imagine you could simply drag and drop files from your Mac to your PC using a mouse, this will satisfy this need.

Synergy is not free, but it is totally worth its price.

If you are interested in sharing your mouse and having computers working all on Mac OS platform, you will be fine using Teleport, but if you need a mouse sharing software compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac, there will be no other way than using Synergy.

Final Words

If you know how to program and are interested in using the open source feature of this software, Teleport will be nice since it allows you to modify it to your need and may be you will be able to actively participate in the project using your programing skill, but if you are more interested in using not coding, the route to Synergy will be the best way to go because you will have someone to hold accountable for, if the software fails to deliver.

How to change your mouse cursor

The traditional look of your mouse cursor might at some point not be the one you will want to see moving on your screen while working on your computer every day.

It is possible to change the look of your mouse cursor and we will address this issue in this post seeing from the windows user’s eyes.

There are many files included in your system representing different mouse look and you are free to use anyone of them.

Those files are for most .ani and .cur file and they are stored in C:/Windows/Cursors

How to change your mouse cursor look

  • Hit the Start button
  • type “control panel” and hit ENTER


(Note that you can simply open your Control Panel, It might not obey the step shown below, specially if you are having a different version of Windows)

All you want to do is access you Control Panel first.

The next step is to find the mouse icon in your Control Panel. Make sure to view it by “large icons”. It will help locate it.


After a click on the Mouse icon, the following window will pop up, allowing you to customize your mouse pointer.


On the Pointers Tab you can scroll down the list of available mouse pointers and select the one you like.

You can as well download some mouse pointers from the internet and use in your computer.

Some mouse pointers free (to download, right click and Save Link As…)

Change your mouse cursor – Black Cursor
Change your mouse cursor – Blade Alternate
Change your mouse cursor – Blade Busy
Change your mouse cursor – Blade Hand writing
Change your mouse cursor – Blade Help
Change your mouse cursor – Blade Horizontal
Change your mouse cursor – Blade Link
Change your mouse cursor – Blade Move
Change your mouse cursor – Blade Normal
Change your mouse cursor – Blade Precision
Change your mouse cursor – Blade Text
Change your mouse cursor – Blade unavailable
Change your mouse cursor – Blade Vertical
Change your mouse cursor – Blade working in background
Change your mouse cursor – Blue cursor
Change your mouse cursor – Brown cursor
Change your mouse cursor  Busy working cursor
Change your mouse cursor – Cross out cursor
Change your mouse cursor – Green cursor
Change your mouse cursor – Grey cursor
Change your mouse cursor – Help cursor
Change your mouse cursor – HourGlass cursor
Change your mouse cursor – Link Select cursor
Change your mouse cursor – Orange cursor
Change your mouse cursor – Pink cursor
Change your mouse cursor – Purple cursor
Change your mouse cursor – Red cursor
Change your mouse cursor – White cursor
Change your mouse cursor- Yellow cursor

You can find more at

Choosing a wireless mouse for your laptop

Someone once said it is far harder to make a choice when they are many options to choose from. Nowadays, with innumerable types of computer mouse out there, with different sizes, technologies, shapes, it became a tedious task to choose the one mouse you will want to stick with.

How about needing the best option of wireless computer mouse out there for my laptop?

The story goes like, I want to be able to do some task which I am doing right now on my desktop, on my laptop. And I find out that it is a little more difficult to work without a computer mouse on my laptop doing this specific task (drawing).

I caught myself bringing my wired mouse with me sometimes to help me work better on the laptop, but was annoyed by the cable and the size of my bulky desktop mouse.

Choosing the best wireless mouse for laptops to my need.

These are criteria and questions I had to ask myself to help me narrow options down thus giving me less ache while looking for what I really needed.

I am in need of a wireless mouse.

That is one of the more important criteria I wanted to consider, and Yes, I had already felt what it was like to take the wired mouse with me in the laptop bag and had to untie the wire every time I was taking it out of the bag.

Talking about wireless technology for a computer mouse, we are having 3 popular right now, the Bluetooth, the laser and the optical technology.

No matter how sexy it was, I had first to discard the Bluetooth technology, because of this very reason.

  • Interference with other Bluetooth devices around is more likely to happen. Imagine not being able to work closer to someone else using a Bluetooth mouse. That is something I do not want to deal with.

I will be better off going with either the wireless optical option or the wireless laser option.

What will the size of my wireless mouse be?

I will much love my mouse to be something relatively small, easy to carry along.

I need to stay away from bulky mice. And the shape will matter in the sense that I want it to easily find a place in my laptop bag without pain.

What is the shape I will feel more comfortable working with?

Thinking about how the ergonomic factor influences the shape of the mouse, and evaluating how long on average a session of work on my laptop will last makes me more or less to put the ergonomic accent to my list of criteria and understand that somehow beauty can be altered to the benefit of ergonomy.

Number of buttons

I am looking forward to having a 2 button mouse, and the scroll wheel, no need for extra buttons of any sort.

Here are some of my pick.

Logitech Wireless Mouse M325

wirless laptop mouseThe Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 that comes with the nano receiver is perfect if you are just looking for a mouse to help you work on the go.

Here is one of the most popular wireless mouse many picks for their laptop. You can read reviews here.

I love the fact that it comes in different colors, and is available even for people keen on pink. It is small compared to regular mice. And it works for months without a battery change. The 2.4GHz wireless technology it features give the reliability of cable. Worries-free!

E-3lue E-Blue Mazer II 2.4GHz Wireless Optical Mouse

wirless laptop mouseThe E-3lue E-Blue Mazer II 2.4GHz Wireless Optical Mouse is one that held my attention because of its look and features, fits perfectly in my hand and is not voluminous.

It features a LED scroll wheel which makes it look cool in darkness. The mouse made it to the list not only for its physical aspect but also for the DPI (Dots per Inch) it has. It features an adjustable DPI of 500/1000/1800/2500.

I love the fact that it also works great while I am using it as a gaming mouse. The battery endurance is comparable to the Logitech mouse M325.

Swiftpoint SM300

wirless laptop mouseI immediately fell in love with this little device when it went live on Kickstarter years ago. The Swiftpoint SM300 Laptop Mouse is an amazingly small device that does not fail to deliver.

This mouse is designed to feel like a pen in your hand, and it is a rechargeable mouse meaning: no need for battery change. When fully charged it lasts about two and a half week.

This little beast works on all your devices, being Android, iPad, or laptop.

The Swiftpoint SM300 is revolutionary and will in most case meet your requirements but might not be for everyone due to its price.

Targus Ultralife Wireless Mouse

 wirless laptop mouseHere goes the Targus Ultralife Wireless Mouse for Ultrabooks, PCs and Macs. This mouse is the most practical of all and the look has not been sacrificed for beauty. Its slim shape makes it even comfortable carrying it along in your jean’s pocket.

It features laser sensor, two buttons and the scroll wheel. As long as you use this device, you will be warned every time the battery is going down by its low battery indicator light.

I will highly recommend this mouse to those wanting to combine elegance and functionality.

As each of the mouse on this list, it comes with a receiver.

Final thoughts

There have never been anything bad in exploring. While looking for the perfect wireless mouse for laptops, make sure to assess your personal needs before diving into looking what will be your next companion.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Bluetooth Mouse

Bluetooth has become increasingly popular in the last five or so years. While most of us are familiar with how it benefits our mobile devices, it’s also becoming a popular feature with computer mice too. However, before you go and pick one up for yourself, consider both the advantages and disadvantages they have to offer, to ensure you’re making a good purchase.

How a Bluetooth Mouse Works

First, though, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page about how this type of mouse actually works. These mice rely on radio waves to facilitate communication between them and their computers. When working properly, a Bluetooth mouse can be effective at a generous range and can be used with a number of different devices too.

Advantages of a Bluetooth Mouse

Now let’s take a look at some of the reasons these mice have become so popular.

  • Mobility

You can take a Bluetooth mouse just about anywhere and they don’t need much space to travel, meaning you can toss it in a pants pocket if you like. Due to the fact that Bluetooth mice don’t need “lines of sight” to their computer—like an infrared mouse does—they can work even when they’re as much as 30 feet away from the device.

  • Compatibility

Like we mentioned earlier, a Bluetooth mouse can work with more than just your computer. As long as you have the proper drivers installed, for example, you can use one of these mice with your cell phone. They can even be used with cordless home phones, MP3 players and PDAs. This can make exploring menus and doing various other tasks much easier on such a small screen.

  • Price

This feature of Bluetooth mice could probably go in either section. On the one hand, a Bluetooth model is definitely going to cost you more than the traditional or infrared kind. However, prices have fallen considerably over the years and show every sign that they will continue to do so. When you consider their advantages, many people would agree these mice are worth the extra cost.

Disadvantages of a Bluetooth Mouse

On the other hand, there are certainly some reasons to believe that Bluetooth mice may not be the best option for many.

  • Interference

Bluetooth mice aren’t designed to be especially secure. While this won’t leave you vulnerable to hackers, it does mean that other Bluetooth devices may interfere with your signal and keep your mouse from working properly at times.

  • Installation

If your computer isn’t already Bluetooth enabled, it can be a bit difficult to get your mouse setup. You’ll need a Bluetooth adaptor, for one, which will add to your costs and may take some troubleshooting to get working right. Even if you don’t need the adaptor, it might be difficult for you to get one device to recognize the other.

Using a Bluetooth mouse is definitely an attractive prospect for all the reasons we listed above. However, it’s worth thinking about the challenges that come with these types of mice too, before making a significant investment in one.

Laptop touchpad moves

It is hard to get used to working on your laptop with no computer mouse when you have always been mouse-dependent while working on your computer like me.

When it is important to know that they are things you can not do using a computer without the use of a computer mouse like CAD drafting (That’s why 3D mice are being made), it is always not a waste to know more about what is possible while using a touchPad.

Laptop touchPads are most time underused.

Here are some tests you will need to put your laptop to, and the one that your laptop passes will enable you to increase your productivity using your laptop touchPad and might help you feel more comfortable using your laptop in the future.

Here are some laptop touchPad moves

Two finger click

Multitouch - Copy

An ordinary click using your computer touchPad is made by a gentle hit on the touchPad with a finger. Try using two fingers instead of one and you will be able to open the pop-up menu.

pop-up menue


Slide a finger on the right edge of the touchPad to scroll either up and down.

Multitouch - Copy (2)

Zoom in and out

This is so obvious but little known. We every use this technique on mobile devices like phones and tablets but fail to efficiently use it while working on laptop.

Place two fingers on the touchPad, move one of then away from the other while maintaining one of the fixed to zoom out and do the opposite move to zoom in. I personally use this one a lot while browsing the internet.

Multitouch - Copy (2)

Two finger scrolling

Scrolling can as well be accomplished by sliding two fingers on the touchPad.

Slide two finger at the same time in the middle of the touchPad to scroll up and down.

Multitouch - Copy (2)

Feel free to drop a comment and let me know what other move you are making use of while working on your PC.