The best fingertip grip mouse

Working with a good fingertip grip mouse can be the factor that determines the level of your satisfaction when working on your computer, being for gaming or other purposes that require speed and responsiveness on the part of the mouse.

Companies like RazerLogitech, Mionix and Tecknet are dedicated to improving the quality of their different products on the market and some of these products happen to be mice which we will attempt to find the best fingertip grip types among them.

First-of-all, you should understand that a mouse being fingertip grip, claw grip or palm grip depend largely on the size of your hand and one of the common characteristic of fingertip mice are that they are small in size.

What is a fingertip grip?

fingertip grip mouse
Fingertip grip

The fingertip grip is defined by the way you hold a mouse such as you are able to control it with the tip of your fingers.

As you can see on the image, the point of contact between the computer mouse and your hand are your fingertips.

Contrary to the palm grip mouse, this type of mice afflicts more fatigue to your hand but gives you more precise and fast response.

The fingertip grip mouse advantages

Advantages of these sort of mouse sum up to the following:

Fingertip grips slightly change from one user to the other. Most of the following mice can serve more than one grip.

Best fingertip grip mouse list

Razer DeathAdder EliteFull Gaming Mouse
Tecknet Computer Gaming MouseCheap Casual Gaming
Logitech G502 ProteusFull Gaming Mouse
Razer OrochiFull Gaming Mouse
Razer DiamondbackFull Gaming Mouse
SteelSeries SenseiFull Gaming Mouse
Mionix CastorFull Gaming Mouse
Corsair KATARCheap Casual Gaming
Star Wars mouseCasual Mouse
Satechi EdgeCheap Casual Gaming

1. Razer DeathAdder Elite – The best eSport Gaming mouse

When you get used to a mouse of this caliber, it becomes almost impossible to work with other mice. The DeaethAdder Elite is one of a beast when it comes to resolution and accuracy. Talking about accuracy, it claims to have 99.4% accuracy.

This is a pretty high addictive mouse. It will be hard to use any other mouse when you get used to a mouse of this caliber. The DeathAdder Elite has made me pleasantly surprised by the quality it has. It feels sturdy and glides great. The side buttons are very helpful and arguably well designed to prevent misclicks.

While I am considering this mouse classed as a fingertip grip, many fingertip grippers have pointed out that its size is way too small for them to consider it in the latter category. 

You will be surprised by how much this mouse will increase your responsiveness and accuracy. This mouse performs great in games.

The DeathAdder Elite requires you to create an account and to use the Synapse 2.0 software which helps save configurations and enables you to use it to its full capacities. The Synapse 2.0 software has been found to be super buggy on MAC computers.

2. Tecknet Computer Gaming Mouse – Cheap

This mouse is so cheap I had to think twice before including it on this list. The mouse is a 2,000 DPI, 6 buttons gaming mouse. While labeled the cheapest on the list, the mouse appearance will fool more than many. It does not look anything cheap at all but will not look as good in real life as it does on this image though.

This mouse happens to be a bit big for small hands. The mouse comes both in wireless and wired. You will have to choose it to be wired or wireless at the time of purchase depending on your preferences.

If you are new to gaming and would like a cheap fingertip grip mouse with a nice look, this a way to go. But do not expect a lot from this. It will perform about OK. Nevertheless, it performs great for casual web surfing.

This bulky mouse in many experiments proved to be made from cheap materials. You would want to consider something else if you serious into gaming.

3. Logitech G502 Proteus – Best Tunable fingertip grip gaming mouse

This is my favorite on the list. The G502 Proteus features a 5 DPI settings that allow setting it from 200 up to 12,000 DPI. This is perfect gaming mouse for serious gamers. You have about every tunable options to make the Proteus G502 weight and behave to your likeness.

This fingertip will some in handy when it comes to having programmable buttons to your availability.  it features 11 programmable buttons and an adjustable scroll wheel that you can adjust to slow scroll or hyper-fast scroll (free spin or restricted spin).

This one of the most customizable mouse of the Logitech G series. Perfect for FPS games.

Great tracking. Macros are simple to execute after setting up. Buttons quality is well above average. Simple Software to set up and use.

The scroll wheel gets quickly dysfunctional after a period of use. It start rattling quite a number of time after a long period of use.

4. Razer Orochi – both wireless and wired gaming mouse

The Razer Orochi is a small portable and efficient fingertip grip mouse and loved because of its robustness, size and weight.

It features a 6400 DPI 4G Laser Sensor, perfect for gaming grade tracking precision on the go due to its size and weight. There is a lot of lighting customization coming with this mouse.

This mouse is both wired and wireless. You are free to plug the wire in or use it without it which is good since lots of arguments are often arising regarding the wireless mouse affecting the response time while gaming.

This fingertip mouse will allow customization via its software and gives the ability to store all settings to the cloud, so you will have your setting ready to be used regardless of the station you are using once you can access the cloud.

Nice grip on both side, comfortable feel. Both wired and wireless. Smooth glide.

Very light. Feels cheap. A lot still need to be done on the software part. Its software is glitchy and randomly cause issues.

5. Razer Diamondback – Both palm grip and fingertip grip

This mouse falls into the bracket of the most expensive mouse you will find on the market at the moment. The mouse feels fantastic from the build perspective. Very elegant and offers you the fantasy to customize its lighting up to 18 millions colors.

The scroll wheel has a nice double side illumination and the mouse is ambidextrous.

The build of the mouse, its shape and its weight makes it one of the most maneuverable mice on this list. The mouse will do a great job if it find the right hand but finding the right hand will be hard due to its unconventional shape.

This mouse feels very comfortable while tilting on the sides because of its thin base support.

The mouse has a really long profile and feels awkward to hold. The mouse needs a surface calibration to prevent from unnecessary cursor movements when the mouse is lifted up and put down again. 

6. SteelSeries Sensei – Elegant and Rubberized mouse

This mouse comes in two builds: Glossy smooth and Rubberized anti-sweat. Which you will have to select when purchasing. It is an ambidextrous mouse that will serve well both right handed and left handed users. is more comfortable for fingertip and claw grip users

The SteelSeries Sensei is more comfortable for fingertip and claw grip users making it ideal for precision aiming.

This is a good mouse for FPS games. The lift-off distance is about 1.4 and 2.8 mm which is quite low. The lift-off movements are quite well controlled. This is a well-built mouse that feels great while holding it.

Works well for Gaming and casual browsing and is designed to fit a multiple type of grip.

The Side buttons are way likely to be pressed accidentally while lifting the mouse. The rubberized finish tends to peel off quickly. 

7. Mionix Castor – Combined palm, claw and fingertip grip

This fingertip grip mouse is the only one on the list featuring a ring- and pinky-finger groove to comfortably place all your five fingers. It has an inbuilt memory which makes it a really attractive option compared to the Razer mice reviewed previously.

The inbuilt memory allows to save configurations and have it with you as opposed to saving it on the manufacturer server.

That might not be a good mouse for FPS game seeing from the balance point of view. This mouse does not feel balanced due to its shape.

From the sensing point, this is a good mouse. The sensor works well and it has a good lift-up distance.  The Mionix castor features six buttons and is built for right-handed users.

This mouse features a nice long and soft cable. The mouse has an all around rubber build making comfortable while using it even for sweating hands. It has an adjustable lift-off distance.

Well built and provide the ability to save your configurations onboard preventing to reconfigure the mouse if you are for example moving to your laptop from the desktop. It features 5 programmable profiles.

The groove on the side can be a little dictating on the position you have your fingers rest on the mouse.

8. Corsair KATAR fingertip grip gaming mouse – Most comfortable fingertip grip

This is a very simplistic fingertip grip mouse, it features no side buttons and no extra buttons. Definitely not for MMORTS games.

The Corsair Katar is a light weight mouse that feel very easy to move around and consequently reduce fatigue after long use.

This mouse features an 8,000 DPI optical sensor. It has four programmable buttons that allow you to customize buttons to your likeness. It has a very comfortable side grip mouse.

This mouse is a really good option considering the feel it sent while pressing the buttons but it you would like to use your mouse at a high DPI, this mouse will cause you a lot of trouble at high DPI.

If you are somebody that do light gaming, this mouse will definitely do it for you. The price point is just right for the performance this fingertip grip mouse delivers.

Cheap and simplistic mouse with no thumb, side or extra buttons. Will be a go-to mouse for minimalistic users.

There is a little bit of delay while using this mouse. The scroll wheel is stiff making it a little hard to use. It performs very bad at high DPI typically above 4,000 DPI.

9. Star Wars mouse – Mouse for daily use

This is the dark side of the Force at your fingertip. This mouse is far from being a gaming mouse, but it is a great iconic mouse for Star Wars fans.

This mouse has nothing astonishing apart its look and is designed for casual web browsing. It will be suitable if you like moving around with your mouse.

It is a wireless mouse featuring an advanced 2.4GHz connectivity. It works well both for left handed and right handed. Claims to have a battery that can last 24 months.

This mouse can connect up to 5 compatible devices, all at the same time.

Nano receiver. It takes up little space for the receiver to be plugged on your machine. Cheap mouse.

Flat shape afflicting fatigue to your hand after a long period of use.

10. Satechi Edge – Wide range polling rate Fingertip

The Satechi Edge is an 800/1600/2400/4000 adjustable DPI mouse. It comes with a couple of AA batteries ready to use.

 The mouse has a considerably small shape, making it good for fingertip and claw grip mouse.

This mouse could easily be labeled the best gaming mouse under $25. A real deal.

Good mouse for an average person. Nice look and shape.

If you are a serious gamer, stay away from this mouse. Invest in a better one instead. Fail to work well over a long period of time. Eat up batteries quickly.

Final thought

Most fingertip mice listed above are considered for the average hand size. If the fingertip grip mouse is the ultimate criteria for you to select your next mouse, and your hands happen not fall into the common category, I will advise you visit a shop and try your hand on a mouse before making a purchasing decision.

Selecting the Best Mouse Bungee

For those who spend a lot of time working or gaming on a personal computer, the search for a comfortable workspace is always an on-going concern. That’s why the workstation of an avid gamer, programmer or graphic designer always comes equipped with customized tools and devices fitted solely for his or her comfort and the mouse Bungee is one tool that falls into the comfort category.

For those asking the question; what a mouse bungee is? Be re-assured that your question does not come as a surprise for this tool has just begun to have some traction in the computing community. Therefore, to answer the question, a mouse bungee is a device designed to comfortable clamp down mouse cables with the aim of reducing distractions errant cables may cause.

The average mouse bungee consists of a wide stable base with non-slip bottom and a crane-like sprung clamp designed to hold mouse cables. These devices are aesthetically made with plastic and sometime incorporate a loaded front for some stability which also makes it a stable component on your work table.

Why Use a Mouse Bungee

As earlier stated, the mouse bungee was designed for individuals who spend a lot of time working or gaming using a mouse and a workstation. Therefore, if you belong to this category of users, then a mouse bungee will help in organizing your desk as well as keeping things compartmentalized. Now, for those who either have OCDs or are easily distracted by moving cables, the mouse bungee eliminates that while providing a stable environment for you to practice your craft. The mouse bungee should be seen as an organizational tool for it truly does the work of keeping your desk clean, to an appreciable level.

Once you have agreed that working or gaming with a mouse bungee is definitely for you, the next step is choosing the perfect one that fits your personality or aesthetic environment. On searching online stores, you will come to discover that there are quite a lot of brands out there producing mouse bungees and this may make it difficult for you to make a choice.

To  help you simplify the choosing process, this article will include the top 5 mouse bungees everyone must consider when planning to purchase one.

Best Mouse Bungee

Once you have made up your mind on the mouse bungee, the next step is going through this list to know more about the top 5 bungees out there as well as how they can help you simplify your workspace or gaming desk.

Thermaltake Tt e Sports Galeru


The e Sports Galeru is an aesthetically pleasing mouse bungee from the stables of Thermaltake—one of the popular gaming tools brand makers out there—and it does not disappoint with its features. This mouse bungee is made out of plastic and integrates the use of magnets to ensure that the bungee’s head is detachable.

In terms of its features, a look at this device will show an extended plastic base which is weighted to ensure some stability, and the detachable head is built to be supported by its widened base. This arrangement allows the user arrange the bungee’s head to in a way that removes the cable out of your way thereby underscoring its versatility.

The Thermaltake Tt Galeru is also quite flexible and aesthetically pleasing which adds some beauty to your desk. It is also flexible and can be transported to other locations for offline use. Experience has shown that this mouse bungee is suited to providing support for the Logitech gaming mouse series cables as well as some versions of the Razer Mamba. This is because the cables of these mouse devices generally fit seamlessly onto the Thermaltake Tt Galeru.

  • An aesthetically pleasing design makes it an attractive tool for your use
  • It is stable and provides god versatility to its users
  • It is an organizational tool that does what it promises.
  • It is quite heavy when compared to its competitors
  • In terms of cost, although the Thermaltake Tt Galeru is affordable, comparing its price to that of its alternatives shows that it is relatively expensive.

Generic Mouse Bungee


The generic bungee mouse closely resembles the average pen holder you will find on any office desk and I am guessing this is what gives it its name. Although it may be generic, it still aesthetically pleasing to look at, due to its plastic and metal integrated design. In terms of features, the generic mouse is built to have a pyramid shaped base developed from plastic, while the adjustable head is made out of a shining metallic source which adds a contrasting beauty to the overall design of the generic mouse bungee.

The pyramid shaped base of the generic bungee provides the stability and support one would expect from a mouse bungee tasked with the job of holding up mouse cables while the head provides the flexibility needed to keep your mouse cables out of the way. For those who need a mouse bungee to organise their desk, this device will help you do just that without any fuss whatsoever. The generic mouse bungee is billed as a device that works with any corded mouse and a 2X mouse cord management device.

  • It is a great accessory for anyone having trouble with errant mouse cords.
  • It is also a great alternative to most of the expensive mouse bungee out there. Its affordable cost makes it a great choice for gamers.
  • Although a generic mouse bungee, this device is quite heavy and this may limit is mobility as no one will be interested in carrying extra load alongside their daily commute.

The Meco (TM) Mouse Bungee

On viewing the Meco TM, it can be said that its close resemblance with the generic mouse is enough to categorise it as one of the generic mouse bungees you can buy as an accessory for your mouse. Therefore, in terms of aesthetic build, it shares a lot of similarities with the generic mouse and it is designed using both metal and plastic to achieve an aesthetic look.

The base which provides support for the Meco bungee is made out of plastic and is internally loaded to provide some stability for the bungee when a mouse cord has been attached to it. On its surface, is the detachable head tasked with keeping your mouse cord out of your way. This flexible head which is made out of metal is also detachable and provides a lot of flexibility when cradling a cord.

The Meco TM was designed to provide support for a variety of mouse types which include the Logitech, generic mouse and other gaming mouse models thereby making it an important accessory for your workspace.

  • This is an affordable device when compared to the cost of other bungees in its range. Also if you are still on the fence about purchasing a mouse bungee, the negligible cost will offset any disappointments you may have.
  • It does what it promises by keeping your mouse cords arranged and out of the way.
  • Its heaviness is a limiting factor for regular commuters who carry their accessories to and from work.

ROCCAT APURI Active USB Hub with Mouse Bungee


To fully understand what the ROCCAT APURI brings to the table, one must understand that it is neither a simple mouse bungee nor a USB hub, but it should be viewed as a system of accessories developed to simplify your workspace. This hub is aesthetically designed to look like you have placed a drone or a sophisticated device on your desk and despite its beauty; it still serves its multiple functions in an admirable fashion.

The ROCCAT APURI hub is basically made out of plastic and topped up with a glossy finish that catches the eye.  Its drone or sporty look is completed with the blue-tinged light it displays when on. The support base of this bungee is styled as a three-legged plastic house dome which houses both the USB holes and provides stable support for the head designed to hold your mouse cord. Finishing the aesthetic design is the aforementioned glossy finish and a pulsating blue light located under the surface of the hub.

In terms of functionality, the hub comes with four fully functional USB ports which can enable multiplayer gaming as well as other devices, an AC adapter and a mouse bungee head on its top surface. These combined features make it a delight for gamers and office employee who have to handle multiple tasks at exactly the same time.

  • For anyone who loves gadgets and flashy accessories displayed on their work table, the aesthetical aspects of this device will definitely appeal to you.
  • It does more than just securing your table for it provides your personal computer with more USB ports that you can take advantage of.
  • It is a stable accessory that can keep your desk organized and clean of errant cords as well as USB devices.
  • Direct port access means you can connect diverse devices—phones, tablets etc.—so they are within easy reach any time you intend to make use of them.
  • For anyone looking to spend as little as possible on a mouse bungee, the cost of purchasing a ROCCAT APURI will definitely sound expensive when compared to other options out there.
  • It is a bit heavy and has a wide base which could take up some space on your desktop.
  • It is not your traditional mouse bungee but more or less a hub for multiple uses.

The Razer Mouse Bungee


Not surprising is the fact that the Razer brand chose to build a mouse bungee to cater to the various mouse versions they have lined up for commercial consumption. Although the Razer mouse bungee was made for Razer mouse versions, it is still aesthetically built to handle other brands such as Logitech and Deathrader mouse series.

A close look at this bungee will show that it was made with minimalism in view and this observation is due to the aesthetic design of this accessory. The Razer bungee comes with a slim rectangular base made from both metal and plastic, using a very sleek form that highlights its stylistic build. The head is made of coloured metal and according to the producers, the metal head is rust resistant and flexible enough for the adjusting and organization of your mouse cords. With the Razer bungee, every advantage counts for it provides a stable slip-resistant base which remains stable no matter how aggressive your mouse movements are while gaming.

In terms of functionality, this bungee is a traditional mouse bungee and does not add any extra features to its ability of keeping your desktop organized through the manipulation of your mouse cords.

  • Its anti-slip base provides some serious stability for gamers who make aggressive motions when using a mouse. This stability is made possible with the integration of a loaded base in the Razer bungee.
  • The bungee is structurally built to save space as can be seen from the slim fit of its overall build. Therefore, when looking for a bungee that takes as little space as possible, it should be considered.
  • A rust resistant, flexible arm or head for holding up your cord must also be considered in the pro section.
  • There are not too many cons associated with the Razer bungee except its relatively high cost when compared to some simpler bungees on the market.

Final words

Here we come to the end of our list on some of the best mouse bungees you should consider when searching for desktop organizational tools for your office or game space. These devices made the list due to their effectiveness, stability and ability to provide quality support for your mouse cords throughout an extended period of time. We would also appreciate your comments as well as ideas on which mouse bungees should also have been included on this list.

The best gamer backpack

Gamers generally fall into two categories; the ones who play using laptops and those who prefer gaming through consoles. Regardless of the category you fall under, when purchasing a medium for playing your favorite game, it is also important to consider how you intend to transport your gaming devices from one place to another when the need arises. This is because simply carrying large gaming devices—laptop or consoles—about without some sort of protection can lead to you losing it or incurring some damage to your system.

As we all know, the traditional method of transporting these devices is with the use of backpacks. But the thousands of backpacks out there makes it quite difficult to choose one that can provide you with some sort of support as well as fit your personality, hence we recommend this list as a directory for choosing some of the best backpacks on the market. The backpacks on this list take into consideration the size and amount of stuff or items you carry about, therefore, they range from small, medium to large sized backpacks.

The Top 20 Backpacks for Gamers

The Asus ROG Nomad


As the name suggests, this backpack is obviously designed to carry laptops from Asus ROG G750 series of gaming laptops. And if you are an Asus fan, you would know how large laptops in this series can be. Therefore, the Asus ROG Nomad is built for large laptop ranging in the 17-inch level. The backpack also comes with a lot of compartments that makes it possible for you to carry every accessory you want from keyboards, gaming controllers, mouse and even your favorite coffee cup.

Ogio Renegade RSS Laptop


For near hobos who carry almost everything they own on their back, this backpack is definitely a great backpack for you. The Ogio Renegade is a large backpack that supports the carrying of 15-inch laptops as well as multiple components. The laptop comes equipped with a suspension system which helps you manage the weight you carry as well as multiple compartments where you can either store a tablet or an e-reader whenever you choose. Lastly, the Nomad comes with a scratch resistant pocket where you can store your lenses without scratching the surface.

Brenthaven Collins


When simplicity and functionality are what you look for in a backpack then the Brenthaven Collins backpack will definitely appeal to your sense of style. The backpacks created by Brenthaven helps you keep a low profile while still providing the space to carry everything needed for an early morning commute or a game run. The backpack comes with multiple compartments which you can take advantage of o fit in your gaming or working accessories with ease. The selling point of this backpack is that even after filing up every compartment, it still keeps the backpack slim profile.

Timbuk2 Aviator Travel Backpack


The Timbuk2 Aviator is basically a backpack built for commuters but it also can serve as a gaming bag for carrying both your laptop and gaming accessories. The backpack is made from 60% Polyethylene foam and Polyethylene Vinyl which gives it its lush feel. As expected, the backpack comes in multiple colors depending on your needs and they are equipped to provide a 10 to 15-inch laptop with carrying space. Also included in its frame are compartments that can hold extra accessories such as your mobile devices and glass shades.

The AmazonBasics Backpack for Laptops Up To 17-Inch


For those who prefer to use a hybrid backpack that can serve two purposes—as a gaming pack or be used in a professional setting—the AmazonBasic is the perfect item to fulfill these needs. The backpack is everything one would expect from Amazon for it is compact, comfortable and has multiple uses. The backpack is equipped to carry between the sizes of 7 and 17 inches which make it all-purpose for all types of users. It also sports extra components where you can store accessories such as tablets and your mobile phones.

Timbuk2 Command Laptop TSA-friendly Backpack


Here is another backpack from the Timbuk2 brand and it is truly a solid backpack for gamers looking for something big and well-designed for regular use. This backpack is heavily padded to provide your laptop and other devices from everyday wear and tear. The bag also comes in multiple colors which you can take advantage of if you are peculiar about style and its relation with colors.

Timbuk2 Rogue Laptop Backpack

The Rogue Backpack is a rugged bag built for carrying laptops in rugged terrain. It is made from Polyvinyl which also serves as a protection from water. The Rogue laptop comes in multiple colors and on its surface are external straps which can also be used to hold external baggage as you see fit. This backpack provides enough space to store laptops within the 10 to 15-inch size and external compartments to store your other accessories

Chrome Unisex Bravo 2.0


Although most backpacks marketed as waterproof are usually not but the chrome excursion truly delivers on its promises. And what it promises is a fully waterproofed backpack to carry your 15-inch laptop as well as other accessories. Its suave look also means you can use it both as a gaming backpack as well as your official office bag.

Incase Range Backpack


Yes, this multipurpose backpack is made by Incase the popular phone case manufacturer. The backpack provides a large space for storing your laptops as well as other accessories that come with it. The backpack has a padded interior which supports and protects your laptop from unexpected damages. There are also multiple organizer pockets lined around its edges that can be used to store whatever you want.

Mobile Edge Razer Tactical 17″ Laptop Backpack


As the name suggests, the back[pack was designed to cater to laptops in the extra-large category. Therefore for gamers using a 17-inch laptop. This bag should be viewed as something cool for commuting with it. It is made out of fabric and nylon using a rather portable design that hides its bulk. The Mobile Edge Razer is also water resistant which makes it great for outdoor use. Lastly, it comes with multiple compartments which are good for storing multiple accessories

Arcteryx Granville Backpack


This backpack lives up to the popularity of the Arrc*steryx brand in terms of style and look. It is equipped to provide carriage space for your laptops and one or two extra accessories. It is quite pricey due to the use of taped seams and its water resistant nature. Unlike the other bags on this list, the Arc*steryx compartment isn’t exactly large and can handle a 10 to 15-inch laptop. Lastly, its great color scheme which allows you to choose different colors also adds to its aesthetic beauty.

Lenovo Y Gaming Active Backpack


This backpack was designed to cater to the Lenovo brand but as with all good backpacks, it can be used for more activities. The Lenovo Y is equipped to carry laptops that fall into the 10-15 inch range and like most backpacks; it is sold as a waterproof backpack to save your items from weather elements. The backpack comes in multiple colours which add an extra aesthetic touch to the backpack.

Osprey Cyber Port Daypack


The popular Osprey brand also provides unique weather proof backpacks that can be used to carry your gaming devices and other smart devices. The bag definitely ranks high in the aesthetic department due to the fact that it is well built and comes in different color schemes. In terms of capacity, theCyber Port can be used to carry a 15-inch laptop, and on its back is a transparent waterproof opening which allows the owner make use of devices right from the inside of your backpack.

Herschel Supply Company Retreat Backpack


If you are looking to stand out of the crowd with your backpack, then Herschel Co is the way to go. The backpack is aesthetically designed using fine lines, coated polyester and leather laptop sleeves which finish its beautiful look. This bag is really spacious and can be used to carry large laptops in the 17inch range which makes it one of a kind. Users can also choose different sizes depending on their needs.

LowePro ProTactic 350 AW Camera and Laptop Backpack


The LowePro Protactic was built for cameras but this doesn’t take away the fact that it comes with a laptop compartment and that it is a great gaming backpack. For its size, the Protactic can be considered as beautiful for it is well designed and comes with enough compartments to store extra components. The backpack comes with extra attachment straps which can be used to store or hold more items you may consider carrying with you when on a job run.

Incase DSLR Pro Sling Pack


Rarely do very big backpacks look beautiful to log around when going out but the DSLR Pro succeeds at been both large and aesthetically pleasing to the average person’s eyes. This backpack can serve multiple purposes including gaming, camera holding, and hiking. T do this, multiple compartments are built into the backpack for the storing of the different accessories you use. It can also fit in a 10 to 17-inch laptop and still remain spacious enough to contain other large items. For gamers who also love photography, the DSLR sling back also provides a tripod hook to hold your tripod stands as well as a cover flap that waterproofs the entire backpack.

Cocoon NoLita II Laptop Sleeves


The NoLita was built as a vertical storage space for laptops and a variety of laptop components and gaming accessories. This backpack is beautifully made with Neoprene and lycra fabric which produces the lightweight effect associated with this bag. It is definitely aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and can be used in varied settings as a gaming bag or a work bag. This is due to its slim build which does not expand regardless of the load it carries. The NoLita is equipped to carry gaming laptops in the 10 to 15-inch range.

Hex Brigade Origin Backpack


Here is another aesthetically pleasing backpack which you can use as a gaming bag as well as for your early morning commutes due to its beauty. The Hex Brigade is built with a fatigue woven exterior that is quite attractive to view and touch. This backpack is also treated to be water resistant and it as a carrying capacity for a 10 to 15-inch laptop. As expected, some extra compartments are also built into it to allow you carry added accessories when on the move.

Eagle Creek XTA Backpack


The backpack is a beautiful one made to provide both a storage space as well as serve as a safety device for the user due to the built-in safety whistle. It includes a dedicated pocket for a 10 to 16-inch laptop. It is also billed as a waterproof carrier. You can choose different exterior colors according to what fits your personality.

Mobile Edge Alienware Vindicator Backpack



Here is a bag for those who love space and everything that has to do with sci-fi. The Mobile edge Alienware is beautifully made and is really attractive to view. It is also quite practical as it allows you store laptops as big as the average 17-inch devices out there. Attached to its glossy surface are also a couple of compartments which you can use to store various accessories. It comes in multiple colours but the black vindicator steals the show.

Here we come to the end of the 20 best gaming backpack list can consider using for their daily commute. As you can see, we endeavoured to provide something for every laptop size which means you can definitely find something good for yourself here.

The Best Claw grip mouse

In the world of computer mice, ‘one ring does not rule them all’ and due to the different types of tasks—such as gaming, computer design and plain old office work—that they are used for as well as the personal preferences of each user, there are diverse mouse types in today’s market. In previous posts, we have covered the 3D mouse, and the ergonomic mouse. Therefore, this post will provide an introduction and a review of the Claw Grip mouse and its advantages as a gaming tool. So what is the Claw Grip mouse?

An Introduction to the Claw Grip Mouse

Claw grip
Claw grip

The claw grip is a unique mouse aesthetically designed with an arched up grip which makes for less contact points with its body thereby forming a claw-like-shape.

The claw grip mouse is generally shorter than the average mouse which also makes it spot a less aggressive back arch angle while providing a more agile front interface for the human hand. In recent years, the advent of Real-time Strategy games (RTS) has made the use of the claw grip mouse quite popular in the gaming world.

This is due to its design and its abilities to reduce wrist strains while gaming over an extended period of time.  These features coupled with the ease in which gamers can swiftly move the pointer along all corners of a screen makes it one of the perfect gaming mice out there.

Claw grips

Mad Catz R.A.T. 9Claw-grip-mouse

The Mx MasterClaw-grip-mouse

The CM Storm Spawn

Logitech G502

The Mamba Chroma






1.7 pounds

5.1 ounces

12.8 ounces

5.9 ounces

4.5 ounces


5.3" x 3.5" x 8.9"

1.9" x 3.4" x 5"

9" x 6.2" x 3"

5.2" x 3" x 1.6"

2.8" x 1.7" x 5"


Right handed

Right handed

Right handed

Right handed



UP to 6,400 DPI

Up to 1,600

Up to 3,500

Up to 12,000

Up to 16,000

Number of buttons






Adjustable weight


The Advantages of Claw Grip over Palm and Fingertip Grip

To thoroughly understand the differences between certain grip types—claw, palm and fingertip—it is important that a brief description of each grip type should be outlined below before moving to comparing each category against the claw mouse. So here they are:

The Palm Grip

This is the traditional way most mouse users hold or handle the traditional mouse. The user makes much use of his or her wrist and forearm when moving and controlling the mouse.

The Fingertip Grip

The fingertip grip is designed to provide minimal contact with a user’s hand when been controlled. The mouse is basically controlled by the fingertips making for agile movement when working or gaming with them.

The Hybrid Grip

There are also mice that juxtapose some of the features from each type described above on one interactive surface.

Advantages of the Claw grip over the Palm grip includes

  • Users making use of the Palm grip have to make use of the wrist and forearm when moving the mouse unlike the claw grip which minimizes the use of one’s wrist. Therefore, palm grip causes wrist strain while claw grip eliminates it.
  • The number of articulation points needed to manipulate palm grips is less than that of the claw grip. This means that user of palm grip mice cannot make as many precise movements when compared to the precision of the claw grip.
  • Lastly, the size of a user’s hand plays a major role in determining the level of comfort and precision achieved when manipulating the palm grip while the claw grips claw-like features eliminates the constrains that come with hand size.

Advantages of the Claw grip over the Fingertip grip

  • The fingertip grip provides users with only 5 points of contact which would lead to using more effort to control movement thereby resulting to severe hand fatigue while palm grip minimizes unnecessary hand movements.
  • The fingertip’s unique interface also means a harder learning curve for users. A lot of practice is required before a user can become totally familiar with using its mice which is unlike the claw grip.
  • Also, the fingertip grip is more comfortable for users with large hands while the crawl grip fits your hand regardless of size.
  • It is also important to note the availably of hybrid mice which combine the aesthetic features of the fingertip grip with that of the claw grip.

Comparing the different Types of Claw Grip Mouse

To accurately compare two different claw grip mice, it is quite important to set some ground rules or criteria in which the listed items will be scored against. Therefore, our chosen criteria are:

  • Mouse grip: this covers the ease at which the human hands grips and handles a mouse when controlling it.
  • Mouse Design: the texture, aesthetic design and materials used in designing a mouse plays its role in determining how comfortable it would be during its use.
  • Control and Precision: the last and most important criteria is how a mouse functions when used to carry out diverse tasks that involve precise movement, acceleration and prediction. Here is a brief review of the 5 claw grip mice to be compared:

Reviewing the different Types of Claw Grip Mice

To accurately compare two different claw grip mice, it is quite important to set some ground rules or criteria in which the listed items will be scored against. Therefore, our chosen criteria are:

  • Mouse grip: this covers the ease at which the human hands grips and handles a mouse when controlling it.
  • Mouse Design: the texture, aesthetic design and materials used in designing a mouse plays a role in determining how comfortable and aesthetically pleasing it would be during use.
  • Control and Precision: the last and most important criteria is how a mouse functions when used to carry out diverse tasks that involve precise movement, acceleration and prediction.
  • Lift-off distance: there is a distance where a mouse is lifted up to and its sensors stop working. This is known as the lift off distance and it generally affects game play if a mouse has errant lift-off distance. Note that errant could either be too little or too much lift.

Our top 5 claw grip mice

  • The Cooler Master Storm Spawn: is an ergonomically designed claw grip mouse built for professional gamers. Its features include 3500 DPI optical sensors, 7 programmable buttons and a gold plated USB connector.
  • The Logitech G502: is a core gaming mouse with 11 programmable buttons and up to 12000 DPI optical sensors. Users can also adjust the weight and balance settings to achieve a more personalized feel and performance when gaming.
  • The Mad CATz R.A.T 9: is arguably the most expensive gaming mouse a gamer can purchase. The R.A.T 9 features six fully programmable buttons and customizable DPI sensor settings of up to 6400.
  • The Logitech Mx Master: is a powerful gaming mouse aesthetically designed to provide gamers with the versatility required to play real-time strategy games. It is a smart wireless mouse with flawless tracking abilities and a unique thumb wheel to aid advanced gestures.
  • The Razer Mamba Chroma: With 16000 DPI sensors, the Razar Mamba Chroma provides gamers with the extensive balance, precision and manoeuvrability that makes advanced gaming fun.

The best claw grip mouse

CM Storm Spawn


The CM Storm Spawn is ergonomically designed and was predominantly built for professional gamers. Its surface texture is made up of smooth plastic with rubber grips on both sides which reduce the issue of sweaty palms for gamers who spend long hours in front of a reviewing this mouse using our criteria:

Mouse Grips: it is important to note that as a gaming mouse, the CM Storm Spawn provides its user with the dexterity needed to carry out in-game tasks with limited movements. Also note that this mouse is designed for right-handed gamers.

Mouse Design: the CM Storm Spawn was designed to be durable and boasts a long life-span. It comes equipped with; Omron patented micro switch, an anti-drift optical sensor built to provide superb stability and a 32KB on-board Sentinel-X memory which stores your programmed buttons and customizations. Lastly, two external buttons lie behind the scroll wheel and they can be programmed to alter resolution settings between 800 to 3500 DPI depending on your needs while gaming.

Control and Precision: on the top of the mouse is its ultra-precise scrolling wheel or wheel encoder designed to accurately navigate exact spaces regardless of their distance, as well as the left and right movement buttons (LMB and RMB) to execute tasks. Under the CM Storm Spawn are the anti-drift optical sensor and two Teflon feet built to handle drift and movement accurately.

Lift-off Distanceit spots anti-drift optical sensors which gives it a low lift-off distance. This ensures that the sensors only stop tracking once the mouse is lifted between 1-2 millimetres off its pad.

Logitech G502


For those in need of a fully customizable gaming mouse, the Logitech G502 offers that bespoke customization you require and much more. This mouse is for core gamers who are interested in adjusting diverse parameters including buttons, its weight and balance settings to achieve a more personalized feel and better performance when gaming. Judging its features using our criteria;

Mouse Grips: unlike other gaming mice, the Logitech G502 is ambidextrously designed for use by both left and right handed users. Users are provided with the option of selecting either a plastic or matte plastic surface depending on what you are comfortable gaming with.

Mouse Design: in terms of aesthetic beauty, the G502 stands out due to its futuristic look, feel, surface design and button arrangement. It comes with 11 programmable buttons, a dual-mode ultra-quick scroll wheel and optical sensors for movement stability. Its 11 buttons are arranged around its entire surface and their programmable nature makes it easy to arrange your most used buttons to fit your finger movement.

Control and Precision: on top its surface are the LMB and RMB, its scroll wheel, a thumb button among others which you can programme. The G502 is also equipped with on-the-fly DPI making it easy to switch through its 5 settings, from 200 to 12000 depending on the user’s needs. Under the mouse is its tracking sensor as well as a removable base which can be padded up with external weight to increase its overall weight and balance according to your specifications.

Lift-Off Distance: it is equipped with accurate optical sensors which can be fine-tuned to work seamlessly on diverse surfaces. Its lift-off distance is also designed to allow for minimal shifts while gaming thereby nullifying simple lifting mistakes during intense gaming sessions.

Mad Catz R.A.T. 9


This beauty of a gaming mouse is a monster built with a light aluminium chassis and multiple customizable parts and programmable buttons designed to meet your exact needs. The Mad Catz is what Linux is to programmers. It offers a unique versatility and component arrangement that would put most mice in its category to shame.

Mouse Grip: its excellent modular design and the user’s ability to customize almost every aspect of its surface means that its grip isn’t static but varied. Users can take advantage of the interchangeable pinkie grips and palm rest in approximately 3 modes. The palm rests includes; one with a soft-touch finish that closely feels like its aluminium surface, another with a rubber inlay which enhances the users grip and the last is a thicker palm rest designed to increase the R.A.T 9’s weight, height and balance accordingly.

Mouse Design: almost every aspect of the R.A.T 9—from its palm rest to its programmable buttons—and its surface is built with a light aluminium chassis which gives it an advanced robotic look while retaining a comfortable feel/grip. On top the mouse are the basic LMB and RMB, a notched scroll wheel for easy movement, a mode button located at the rear of the LMB, as well as back, forward and precision aim buttons located on its versatile thumb rest. Lastly, a metallic thumb wheel is located between the thumb rest and the main body of the mouse. This wheel can be configured for both lateral and horizontal in-game movements.

Control and Precision: the Catz R.A.T 9 comes equipped with Cyborg gaming mouse configuration software which enables its user programme its buttons and wheel movement separately and according to the user’s specifications. You can change your DPI, set precision aim cursor sensitivity and save diverse settings for different games. The Catz R.A.T 9 is a wireless mouse that relies on USB 2.0 connectivity technology.

Lift -off Distance: the R.A.T 9’s lift off distance is controlled by its anti-drift sensors provides balance and accurate control when using the mouse on either a rough or smooth surface. This feature coupled with a 1-2 millimetre lift-off makes it a precise mouse for in-game control.

Logitech Mx Master


The Mx Master is an aesthetically crafted mouse built to provide comfort when gaming for extended periods of time. It is a much more improved version of Logitech’s Performance Mouse Mx due to its improved designs and added control buttons which simplifies its use. Here is its review using our criteria:

Mouse Grip: the MX Master touts itself as a perfectly hand-sculpted mouse and its ergonomic design, comfortable thumb rest which supports the hands and wrist of power users and core gamers backs up its claim.

Mouse Design: on its surface, are the LMB and RMB, a smart scroll wheel and a programmable mouse button. The speed-adaptive scroll wheel is designed to automatically shift between scrolling modes according to your touch. And on its thumb rest, is a thumb scroll whose capabilities can be extended through the Logitech Options software.

Control and Precision: as stated earlier, the Logitech Options Software can be downloaded to extend its capabilities as well as customize programmable buttons to meet your specifications. The adaptive scroll wheel is built ideally for precise motions and in its hyper-fast mode, the scroll wheel moves ultra-fast so users can fly through fast-paced game simulations with ease.

In turn, the thumb wheel is used to achieve lateral/horizontal in-game motions, navigate through game scenes and reproduce touch based motions. Under the mouse is Logitech’s high-precision Darkfield Laser sensors designed to flawlessly track through virtual space.  The laser sensors also work on every surface it comes in contact with.

Lift-off Distance: the Darkfield Laser Sensors provides minimal lift off distances which does not affect the user’s game play negatively. Slightly lifting it from its surface during game play does not hamper the in-game actions taken.

Master means that learning its use would take the average person some time thereby

Razer Mamba Chroma


A rock solid ergonomic design, long battery life, coupled with the Chroma lighting system makes this mouse a practical yet beautiful desktop accessory for gamers. The Mamba Chroma spots multiple buttons and features which will be reviewed below:

Mouse Grip: Mamba Chroma is designed with a plastic surface, a distinctive long-shaped body and rubber grips at both sides making it a comfort based mouse for gamers. Its distinctive body shape provides rest for both hand and wrist while its side rubber grips provide rest for the pinkie and ring finger. These grip features put the Mamba Chroma into the hybrid—claw and palm—grip category.

Mouse Design: The sturdy build of the Mamba Chroma and its taillights gives it a sporty and attractive look which doesn’t affect the efficiency in anyway. On the surface are the LMB and RMB, the scroll wheel, and the DPI adjustment buttons are located slightly below the versatile scroll wheel. For anyone into sport cars, the slick surface of the Chroma, its long body and side taillights will definitely serve as a side attraction while gaming.

Control and Precision: The Mamba Chroma is a specialist in precision and versatility as can be seen from the features of its scroll wheel. Gamers can make us of the scroll wheel in two ways; by using it as a traditional scrolling tool as well as rocking it horizontally to produce lateral movement. Under the scroll wheel are its on-the-fly DPI adjustment buttons that are easy to activate with either your index or middle finger.

The Mamba Chroma also comes with two thumb buttons which adds versatility to game play for they can be customized to help with alternate in-game assignments such as throwing items and taking part in melees where precision isn’t a priority.

Also notable is the Mamba’s Click Force Adjustment screw—under the mouse— which allows users tune the LMB and RMB according to the suspension they require. With click force, gamers can make the predominant LMB and RMB either soft or hard which varies their response speed when clicked.

Lift-off Distance: the Mamba is adaptable to any surface and its optical sensors ensure that it carries out the task of tracking seamlessly. Lastly, its lift off distance is well-calibrated so little shakes and upward movements wouldn’t affect game play.

Final thought

Choosing a grip mouse generally depends on an individual’s personal choice, the task to be performed—usually gaming—his or her hand size and wrist/palm position when gaming.  From this list, it is easy to note that these mice offer gamers with far more versatility and comfort than the traditional mouse. Therefore for gamers not shopping on a budget, purchasing any of these mice will definitely add new dimensions to your game play.

Types of computer mouse

Not too long ago, selecting a computer mouse couldn’t have been easier. Your computer came with one and that was usually the version you will stick with. Nowadays, there are too many versions to count, making it possible for you to find the perfect mouse for whatever purpose you need.


There was a time when extra buttons beyond the main two on a mouse were considered something that only gamers ever used. However, more multiple-Button-mouseand more people are finding out how practical they can be for other purposes too. Today’s models allow the user to map these buttons for customized purposes. While a gamer may need extra buttons to make their character scroll between devices or activate a force field, you can use them to move backwards and forwards in your browser or even for something like using Exposé in Mac OS X.

Unless you’re a hardcore gamer, the number of buttons available shouldn’t be the main focus of your browsing, but they can be the difference maker between two models.


There are countless brands to choose from when looking for a computer mouse. The brand that will work best for your needs will depend on what those needs are. Some of the most popular manufacturers right now are:

Logitech, Microsoft, Apple, Razer, HP, Cyborg, Dell, A4Tech, SteelSeries, Trust

In terms of gaming mice, Logitech, Razer, Cyborg, and SteelSeries will be your best bets. While Microsoft, Apple, HP, Dell, A4Tech, and Trust have some gaming mice in their product line, they mainly make those designed for work and casual use.


Another feature you’ll need to think about is the sensitivity of the mouse. DPI stands for dots per inch, which is how you measure a mouse’s sensitivity level. The higher the DPI of a mouse, the farther the arrow on your screen will move relative to how much you moved the mouse.

Medium- to high-end options will generally feature pretty high DPIs, something in the neighborhood of 1,200 if not more. While DPI is often a major feature that gamers consider, it’s also important for those doing precision tasks like graphic designers or CAD designers. Low DPIs will definitely make your life more difficult.

Fortunately, many mice these days will give you the option of modifying your DPI as you see fit, allowing you to create a customized device. A lot of times, this just means opening up the control panel and altering it as you like. However, some models will actually provide you with buttons that you can use to alter DPI in the moment. You can even set various levels and then switch between them as necessary. This is great for those who play multiple games throughout the course of the day or designers who will switch from detailing an image to then writing an email or working in Microsoft Excel.

Normal mouse vs. Traveler Size mouse

The difference between these two types of mice is probably pretty obvious. For those who plan on using their mouse in one specific place, a normal sized model should do the trick. However, many of us need to travel regularly and don’t want problems packing away our mice.

Traveler models are definitely going to be easier for taking on the road or on a plane. Most of them are Bluetooth-capable as well, meaning you can sit down, take the mouse out of your pocket and use it as necessary before putting it away and moving on. This is a great option for those who often find themselves working out of coffee shops or in the middle of an airport.

That being said, if you do pick a traveler mouse, you may still want to invest in a normal sized one too. The smaller size of a traveler mouse will mean less room for extra buttons and makes it a bit harder to control.

Type of Use

There are countless ways you could classify the different uses mice have. For the most part, it comes down to those used for gaming, those used for normal web browsing, office work and casual purposes and those used in graphic design and other precision tasks.

  • Gaming Mice

These mice are usually very easy to notice. They come with upwards of two dozen buttons and usually feature very ergonomic designs. Their job is to give a gamer as much control and precision as possible, while still providing high ISPs. Nowadays, most gamers also look for mice that offer a high level of customization too.

  • Office Mice

For lack of a better term, these are the mice use for office/casual purposes and are usually the kind we all grew up with. They feature two to four buttons and a scroll wheel, but that’s about it. No premium is really put on ISPs or DPIs.

  • Precision Work

Then there are the mice used by all kinds of designers who need a high degree of precision in order to do their jobs correctly. Some designers actually opt for gaming mice because of how much customization they provide. However, there are plenty of mice made without all the extra bells and whistles that will make your job easy.

  • 3D mouse

The popularity of 3D mice has seen a peak in popularity lately, due to the rising need of having a computer mouse allowing CAD drafters to move in 3 dimensions while working on technical design projects. The primary problem a 3D mouse solves is the ability to move in the x, y, and z direction.

Wireless vs. Wired

Most people these days prefer a wireless mouse for obvious reasons. They leave one less thing on your desk, meaning you can put various items between your mouse and computer without having to worry that the wire will knock them over or otherwise cause problems.

Furthermore, a wireless mouse is easier to move around without the wire restricting where it goes. Gamers insist on wireless mice for this reason and most people are following suit. The only drawback is that your wireless mouse needs to be charged, but this is hardly a reason not to choose one. Charging is easy and mice can hold a charge for days at a time.

USB vs. PS/2

While everyone is familiar with USB devices, there are those that run on IBM’s PS/2, also known as Personal System/2. Generally speaking, USB mice are preferred, simply because that’s the preferred technology right now.

Some people may argue that PS/2 can make for a better keyboard because it’s believed to do a better job of cutting down on the delay between typing something and it showing up on your screen. When it comes to mice, though, there’s little reason to think a PS/2 model is worth your money.

Optical vs. Ball

The ball mouse is the “original” version, though many models still use the concept today. Essentially, there’s a roller ball on the bottom of your mouse that glides around the pad and tells your computer where to move the cursor.

An optical mouse lacks this ball and uses a light source to scan the pad and move your cursor appropriately.

No matter how you look at it, an optical mouse is always better. It’s more reactive and less susceptible to dust and other forms of debris. Without the manual ball feature, you’ll also have a much easier time moving the mouse around as necessary.


The proper weight of a mouse can actually make a huge difference both in usability and the health of your muscles and skeletal system. When you consider that moving the mouse involves your entire hand, forearm, upper arm and shoulder, you can see why such a small piece of equipment can actually carry a lot of influence with it.

There is no correct weight that will work best for everyone. However, many mice—especially those used for gaming—come with tiny weights you can add or remove from the device until you have it nice and comfortable. The more and faster you move the mouse around, the more important it is that you have the right weight.


Aside from the basic shapes of mice that you may be accustomed to, there are five other versions worth knowing about. This factor is closely related to the types of Mouse grip.

  • Arc

Arc.mouseThe arc mouse gets its name from the extreme arch that runs through it. You’ll have a difficult time using it with anything but a palm grip, though obviously that means you’ll be able to move it around quickly. Many find that it is also more ergonomic and gives their fingers a rest.

  • Vertical

ergo2A vertical model flips the traditional mouse on its side. Imagine you’re shaking hands with somebody and this is roughly the position yours will be in when using this mouse.

  • Pen

pen-mouseA pen mouse is often referred to as a stylus. It’s great for touch screens where you make contact with it via the pen mouse, allowing you to write by hand, draw and click. However, you can also use this kind of mouse on a touchpad just as you would the normal kind on a mouse pad.

  • Flat

flat-mouseThis type of mouse is actually a bit deceptive. When turned off, it’s perfectly flat, making it easy to take this model with you wherever you go. However, to turn it on, you snap the spine of the mouse until it gets an arc. At this point, it works just like the arc mouse we already covered.

  • Handshoe

ergo1The handshoe mouse is marketed as the most ergonomic option available and there may be some truth to this assertion. This mouse will need to be used with a full-on palm grip. You’ll place your thumb on one side of the mouse and then your fingers will be separated to the other side and raised slightly. According to the manufacturer, this design fully supports you entire hand.


As you can see, if you’re in the market for a new mouse, you definitely won’t be lacking in terms of options. The main thing to think about is what you’ll be using your mouse for the majority of the time. If you’re a gamer, for example, that’s the type of mouse you should go with, as it won’t stop you from performing normal functions. On the other hand, if you have no interest in gaming, you don’t want to pay for the extra features. Take your time considering all of the above and the perfect mouse will be within your reach.

Types of Mouse Grip

One way to begin thinking about the computer mouse that will work best for you is considering how you hold the device. Believe it or not, there are three common hand positions people use to grip the mouse. They all come with their own unique advantages and disadvantages, so let’s take a look at all three now.

Most popular types of Mouse Grip

  • Fingertip Grip

fingertip grip mouseThe fingertip grip is fairly-self explanatory in that you’re really only touching the mouse with the tips of your fingers. This grip allows you the best range of motion because you can move the mouse simply by extending and retracting your fingers. It works great for playing RTS games or working in a desktop environment.

  • Claw Grip

Claw grip mouseClaw grip is similar to fingertip grip expect for the fact that your palm is connected to your mouse at all times. Your ring finger and pinkie will most likely wrap around the sides of the mouse a bit too. While this grip won’t offer you the same kind of mobility that you’d get from the one above, it will definitely afford you more control. It’s also easier to access the fourth and fifth buttons if your mouse has them.

  • Palm Grip

Palm grip mouseWith palm grip, practically your entire hand is making contact with the mouse. Your fingertips may not be touching it though because extending your fingers out means that they might be slightly off the mouse or facing forward instead of down. On some mice, however, you may have to draw your index and/or middle finger back so that it connects with its left and right clickers, as some models don’t have them wrap over the edge where your fingertips would otherwise lie. Palm grip will let you move your mouse at higher speeds, measured in Inches Per Second (ISP). It’s also the best grip for reducing fatigue.

Depending on the size and shape of your hands, you may find that some hybrid version of these three grips works best. Obviously, what you’re using the mouse for will play a large role too.

What Is an Optical Mouse?

While most people are probably familiar with the traditional form of ball mouse—where a ball is physically responsible for moving the cursor around the user’s screen—today, there is another version that you may want to consider: an optical mouse.

How Does an Optical Mouse Work?

mouseAs we mentioned, the prototypical mouse used the combination of a ball and rollers that could register which way it moved when a user pulled or pushed it over the mouse pad. These rollers were read by an infrared and LED sensor, which eventually leads to the mouse movements being related on screen.

This isn’t so different from an optical mouse. Instead of the ball and rollers, though, an optical mouse uses mousecamera technology to register where it is being moved. It does so by taking thousands of snapshots per second. An LED light shines below the mouse, which helps the camera pick up small differences in the surface beneath it. The combination of millisecond snapshots and LED lighting tells the computer all it needs to know about direction and speed.

What Are the Benefits of Optical Mice over Those with a Ball?

There are a number of reasons to prefer optical mice over their traditional rivals. For one thing, without a ball, you don’t have to worry about constantly needing to clean your mouse. Running that ball over a mouse pad day after day ensures that it picks up all kinds of debris. As such, the ball and rollers need to be cleaned fairly regularly to ensure it works optimally.

Optical models, however, have almost no moving parts whatsoever. The hole in the bottom where it reads movement has no working part that would scoop up dust or debris. Therefore, an optical mouse will require practically no maintenance or cleaning.

The digital processing in an optical mouse usually means much smoother operation. Depending on what you’re using your mouse for, traditional mice will often fall short of your needs because they can have such a jerky response at times. Using an optical mouse also means more accurate response. For these reasons, gamers and designers both tend to go with optical devices.

You can also use optical mice on a whole host of different surfaces. While many people still use mouse pads they’re not strictly required. Due to the optical technology, you don’t even need a smooth surface. If you’re traveling and need to use your laptop, you could run your optical mouse over your thigh, for example, and still get accurate results.

Ball mice won’t be able to do this. They have trouble on surfaces that aren’t mouse pads and must be used on flat planes to work correctly.

Best of all, since 1999 when optical mice were first produced, the technology has gotten even better and more affordable. Using an optical mouse also doesn’t take any special features, meaning you can simply plug it into your computer and start working.

Although you may be more accustomed to a ball mouse, an optical model is far superior and won’t cost you much, depending on which one you choose.