Mouse scanner

The concept of an internet of things has in its own way led to the creation of interconnected devices built with the ability to carry out diverse key activities in a multitasking capability. The tech world has continued to witness multifunctional devices like 3D printers, mouse bungee hubs and the mouse scanner which will play a stellar role in this article. So before going into details on choosing the best mouse scanners you should buy, it is best we define what it is and its multifunctional uses.

A mouse scanner is a device built to serve as both a traditional mouse pointer and a document scanning device which can be used as a surface scanner to easily scan physical documents directly onto a digital screen. There are currently a couple of brands out there making excellent mouse scanners which can make it difficult for anyone therefore, this article will enlist the help of certain criteria to review the best mouse scanners available to you. So stay tuned.

The Mouse Scanner Review Criteria

  • Key Technologies—this criterion discusses the scanning technologies and other factors relating to how the mouse scanner functions.
  • Ease of Use—as with all technology, the ease in which the average individual can make use of a device straight out of its package also plays an important role in determining if people will use them.

The Top 5 Mouse Scanners

LG Mouse Scanner (LSM 100)

scanner-mouseFor those interested in the aesthetic appeal of a mouse, the LSM 100 is a mouse that is quite attractive to look at and if purchased, will definitely add some appeal to your desktop. It is built from plastic and looks a lot like the average traditional mouse but definitely does a whole lot more than simply clicking objects on your computer screen. Using our criteria as a review yardstick, we have;

  • Key Technologies—the LSM 100 is built to provide cutting edge scanning capabilities which simplify the task of using the device. The first and most important technology is its scanning optics which makes it possible for users to scan. The second key technology of the LSM 100 is the optical character recognition (OCR) system which actually recognises approximately 180 different languages

What the OCR does is that it allows you scan every character as well as retain their actual distinctive characters when scanned into your digital environment. Thereby making sure you do not have to manually edit scanned texts if they are in different languages.

  • Ease of Use—the LSM 100 is really easy to use for all you need to do I simply hit the scan button and pass the mouse across the areas you intend to scan. Also, you can select sections of a document you would like to scan as well as scan document sizes up to an A3 sized paper if you require it.

IRIScan 2 All-in-one Portable Scanning Mouse

scanner-mouseThe IRIScan is a beautiful blue mouse scanner designed for ease of use and to add an aesthetic presence to your working desk. Apart from its aesthetic aspects, the mouse is also an advanced scanner dedicated to scanning physical documents and replicating them instantly on your digital computer. Reviewing this mouse scanner using our criteria we have:

  • Key Technologies—with the IRIScan, a high display or scanning resolution is guaranteed for this device can scan up to a 300dpi resolution. It also includes a distinct character profile which allows users scan different languages and pictures directly to their digital space. Another added advantage of using this mouse scanner is the direct dropping feature which allows you to scan documents and simply take the text and drop them into a word or PDF file easily. Due to its character recognition abilities, you will no longer need to edit text physically again.
  • Ease of Use—the creators of the IRIScan also made this scanning device quite easy to use. All the user needs to do is click the scan button and pass the mouse through the necessary areas to complete the scanning process. Also, a sharing feature which allows users easily share files through social media networks such as Facebook and Flickr. A last added touch is the choice of alternating the colour/surface of the top of your mouse from blue to black in order to get the exact aesthetic touch that fits your personality.

Work Smart Scanner Mouse with One Click Document Scanning

scanner-mouseAesthetically, the Work Smart scanner is a fresh take on your traditional desktop mouse and at a glance all one sees is a black mouse designed to do one job. But on closer look, you would notice a light button at its left side with the words scan which depicts it as more than a mouse. This mouse is a powerful scanning tool which you can use to scan, copy, move and share scanned documents to the cloud as well as on social media platforms. Using our criteria to review this powerful mouse scanner we have:

  • Key Technologies—the Work Smart scanner is designed with a powerful OCR feature which has the capacity to recognise approximately 150 different languages during the scanning process. Thereby eliminating the need to carry out physical text edits on the scanned digital document. Added to this scanning ability is its interconnectivity which allows you share scanned documents as you choose just by the click of a button. The Work Smart scanner is equipped to work on the different kinds of personal computers and operating systems out there including, Mac, Windows and Linux run PCs.
  • Ease of Use—in terms of usage, the mouse scanner like its companions can be easily activated and used by simply pressing the scan button and running the mouse over the document’s surface to be scanned. The scanner provides very good resolution and has the capacity to scan documents to sizes approximate with an A3 paper.

IRIScan Portable Scanning Mouse

scanner-mouseThis is another mouse from the stables of IRIScan and unlike the all-in-one portable scanner, this is a really slick ergonomic mouse with solid scanning capabilities. Its aesthetic design makes it one to have for it can also double down as an accessory for your desk. Like its counterpart, it also provides some interconnectivity which allows you to scan send share documents with ease. Using our review system, the mouse scores well and have the following features:

  • Key Technologies—IRIScan is renowned for its ability to build powerful scanning devices and this scanner is no different. The device is equipped with IRIScan OCR technology which enables text recognition of approximately 180 languages which means it eliminates the need for randomly editing texts that are not in written in English. Another technology it integrates involves the sharing of scanned devices with ease to social media platforms and the cloud by simply clicking a button.
  • Ease of Use—the mouse scanner is an easy device to use and this device is no different. All that is required of you is to unpack your package, connect it via USB and simply click the scan button before running the mouse over documents. Once these procedures have been carried out, the scanned document immediately appears on your digital screen and you are done. The IRIScan portable mouse can scan documents as large as an A3 paper.

Brookstone Scanner Mouse

scanner-mouseThe Brookstone is sleek. Designed from matted plastic, and coloured ash black, the mouse is truly built to be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. This makes it a prized asset for anyone looking to purchase a desktop mouse for regular use. Added to its beauty is its practicality for the scanner can be used to easily scan documents, edit and upload scanned copies to multiple platforms as your need may be. A review using our criteria shows:

  • Key Technologies—high scanning resolution of 320 dpi coupled with a powerful text recognition system makes it a good device for scanning your documents. The Brookstone can recognise up to 150 languages which makes character recognition a breeze. This feature simplifies capturing documents and makes physical editing a thing of the past. File sharing also falls under its jurisdiction for you can share scanned on social media platforms and the cloud when storing digital files.
  • Ease of Use—it is quite easy to use since it is actually shaped as a mouse. All you are required to do is hit the mouse button and run the scanner across the areas you intend to scan. The scanner is equipped to scan areas or surfaces as large as an A3 file which makes it quite a capable scanning device.

Final words

Here we come to the end of the top 5 mouse scanning devices you can find on the market. All these devices make use of OCR technology and are quite capable scanners which mean your choice may be down to the aesthetic design of the listed mouse scanners as well as the weight of the mouse you choose. Lastly, most mouse scanners cost approximately $45 to $90 which makes it quite an affordable option to the traditional scanner.

The best Ergonomic gaming mouse

For those of us who spend long hours behind a computer either working or gaming,  we have since established the fact that using a mouse eases the time spent on your project and completely trumps the track/mouse pad on your laptop.

But despite the flexibility using a mouse—with Bluetooth accessibility –offers, you have to agree that the continuous highlighting, moving and aligning of objects with your mouse leaves its mark on your hands and wrists which could lead to Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) in the long run.

To counter the possibility of RSI’s happening to computer users, the idea of the ergonomic mouse was conceived. In simpler terms, an ergonomic mice is a pointer designed to fit the lifestyle of the average individual.

These mice are built to favor your personal preferences—such as if you are right or left handed—as well as provide its users’ wrists and musculoskeletal system the support it requires for extended use. So to make this little expose official, here are some reasons why you need one of these brilliant devices.

  • To ease the strain that comes with working long hours on a PC
  • Reduce cramping and the mandatory finger flexing moves most digital designers experience/go through over time.
  • As well as for aesthetic reasons due to their unique beauty.

Now that it has been established that you do need an ergonomic mouse to simplify the tasks associated with your hustle,  the next question to be cleared up are; how does one choose the perfect mice, the criteria to consider before making a purchase and what are actually the best mice on the market for the average user. These questions among others will definitely be answered in the preceding paragraphs and we invite you on this journey to discovering the most comfortable mouse out there.

Things to Consider to help select an Ergonomic Mouse for gaming

To make a good choice when purchasing any item, it’s quite important for a buyer to have a list of criteria that must be met by the product he or she finally purchases and the selection of a mouse should be no different. Keeping to this analysis, here are some of the most important issues to be considered when choosing an ergonomic mouse for long term use:

Design and handling

Right handed or left handed? Unlike the generic mouse, it’s ergonomic counterpart can be customized to fit your personal preferences

Wireless or USB Connected

Although the use of wireless mice is the new rage of the moment, some users still prefer the feeling of a mouse attached directly to a personal computer. Whatever your preference might be, it’s still what noting the options out there

Aesthetic Design

If beauty and seamless functionality is important to you, then choosing an ergonomic mouse would be an experience you do not want to miss. It is also well known in design cycles that a mouse that looks and feels right helps one work more efficiently.


As in all things, the cost of purchasing an item always plays a role in determining what you buy. For some, spending above $10 on a mouse seems luxurious while others can go the extra mile for comfort.

Now that we have established our criteria for choosing an ergonomic mouse, below is a review of three mice using the criteria established above.

Ergonomic gaming mouse

Etekcity Scroll M910 Review (Wireless Ergonomic mouse)

best-ergonomic-mouseThe Etekcity M910 is a versatile ergonomic gaming mouse designed to fulfill the wildest dreams of a conservative computer user as well as those of theist avid gamer or digital animator. This ergonomic use is aesthetically designed to have a vertical grasp and wireless with approximately 10 meters reach adding to its versatility.

  • Design and User Handling: its design in terms of user handling solves the possibility of wrist pain due to the available of a vertical grasp.  As well as a palm rest for those who make use of the mouse for extended periods thereby simplifying its use.
  • Wireless Technology: the Etekcity M910 is built with a 2.4G which gives users over 10 meters of connectivity. This means that the mouse can be used from virtually anywhere in a room without issues while avoiding the consequences of a rumpled USB cord.
  • Aesthetic Design: this mouse comes equipped with 9 buttons designed to make flicking your wrist easy. And In addition to the traditional left and right button, you have the Internet button, a pair of volume buttons and forward and backward buttons for accurately moving objects in a digital interface. It also comes equipped with a smooth scroll wheel which eliminates any incidental noise when in use.
  • Pricing: the cost of purchasing an Etekcity M910 varies from $22-$50 which makes it quite affordable for everyone.

Judging from these features, it is easy to note that this ergonomic mouse was designed to meet the needs of avid gamers as well as professional graphic designers. It also comes with a 4 grade DPI feature which allows the user personalize the mouse to meet his or her specific needs.

Wireless Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 Review

best-ergonomic-mouseThe Wireless Evoluent Vertical Mouse is in its 4th generation as can be seen from the name tag above and over the decade, it has come to be associated with the term ‘premium’,  when ergonomic mice are been discussed. It provides it users with versatility and the choice of selecting either a wireless or USB connected mouse.  Here are its features:

  • Design and User Handling: The Wireless Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 comes in a ‘Right or Left’ depending on which hand you make use of when handling a mouse. This feature coupled with its shape supports the user’s hand in an upright position thereby eliminating kinks and the possibility of RSI.
  • Wireless/ Connectivity Technology: versatility is the game this mouse plays when it comes to its connectivity issues. The mouse is manufactured in a wireless format and a wire format depending on your need for cutting edge or traditional mouse technology.
  • Aesthetic Design: the Wireless Evoluent Vertical Mouse prides itself on its innovative design so much that it took the step to patent the current design of the Evoluent 4. Its shape is designed to fit the grooves and contours of your wrist in such a way that ensures less movements are required when operating the device. It also comes equipped with a laser feature for detecting movement which eliminates any possible trouble that could be caused by a scrolling wheel.
  • Pricing: the cost of purchasing the Wireless Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 is quite on the high side when compared to its contemporaries. You could purchase one of these beauties from between $100-$150.

Despite the cost of purchasing a Wireless Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4, it is important to note that its unique design and vertical handling could be the solution to eliminating strains from your wrist and hands.

Handshoe Wireless Mouse Review

best-ergonomic-mouseThe Handshoe is an ergonomic mouse designed to cradle a user’s hand in a comfortable position–between 25-30 degrees–thereby keeping your wrist balanced in a neutral position. This makes it easy for gamers and digital designers/animators to work long hours on their computers without wrist strains. The customizable qualities of this mouse also makes it an attractive proposition for anyone looking to beautify his or her desktop space. Using our criteria to review it, we have:

  • Design and User Handling: The Handshoe is designed to place your wrist in a neutral position which eliminates hand fatigue and due to this feature, users can take advantage of it left or right handed offer depending on the hand you make use of.
  • Wireless Connectivity: The Handshoe Wireless Mouse as the name signifies is cordless and makes use of the Bluetooth 2.4 technology to power its connectivity. This allows users to take advantage of its 10-meter wireless radar when working from a distance.
  • Aesthetic Design: the Handshoe comes in three distinct sizes–large, medium and small–which provides some versatility to every user depending on your preferences. Its patented framework is powered by Blueray Track Technology which means it can be used on surfaces without a mouse pad.
  • Pricing: the cost of purchasing the Handshoe Wireless Mouse depends on where it’s being purchased but be ready to shell out $100 to $140 to get this ergonomic mouse.

As stated earlier, if you are one of those who spends really long hours working with a mouse, it is highly recommended you purchase an ergonomic mouse to eliminate future damages to your wrist. In that vein, here are some things you need to know about long-term use of the traditional mouse;

  • Using a mouse with your hand flat and parallel to a table adds undue strain to your wrist.  It is recommended that your hand stays at an angle of 20 to 90 degrees when working with a mouse.
  • The all-around plastic surface of the traditional mouse makes grasping over a long period of time tedious.

Therefore if you have started experiencing wrist strains while working or gaming, now is the time to think of purchasing a solid ergonomic mouse for your work/gaming station.

The Best vertical mouse

You spend long hours in front of a PC moving your mouse around to beat gaming odds or to get through that problematic design project which has been keeping you up for a couple of weeks. But a singular challenge persists; you can’t shake that uneasy feeling shooting down your wrist every 5 hours.

So you go online, do some research and purchase an ergonomic mouse to alleviate the pain but unfortunately, that uneasy feeling pops-up during the 8th hour into your activity and refuses to go away.

So now, is the time to be more radical and you conduct another online research and end up considering a vertical mouse but by this time, you have become a sceptic to online reviews and would be asking yourself some certain questions such as; does this work, will it help and what the heck is a vertical mouse?

What is a Vertical Mouse?

best-ergonomic-mouseVertical mice take their name from the ergonomic shape in which they are built i.e. with a surface area aligned in a more vertical manner when compared to the flat or horizontal surface of the traditional mouse.

The vertical mouse was designed to provide mouse users with an alternative solution to handling a mouse when carrying out virtual activities. And overtime, the use of the sideways mice has caught up with the PC community due to the following reasons:

  • It comes with the reputation of reducing wrist pain by providing or setting a more neutral angle for a user’s hands and wrists. This is in contrast to the 45 degrees angle in which a traditional flat mouse keeps its users wrist.
  • The ergonomic design of the vertical mouse places your palm and hand sideways in a manner that is designed to reduce repetitive stress injuries. This reduces the overall pressure on a user’s palm and hand thereby making it possible to work for long hours without pain.
  • The reduced wrist and hand pain or stress in turn leads to enhanced productivity for the vertical mouse allows its users work really long hours without been prone to repetitive stress injuries.

Now you know the advantages a sideways mouse brings to your workspace, the next logical steps is considering the features of various vertical mice in other to choose one that will enhance your work/gaming station. Therefore inserted in this discussion, are criteria you can use to review vertical mice as well as a review of the best vertical mice in the market using the outlined criteria as or guide.

Ergonomic Positions

Unlike conventional mice that demand your hand is turned down and thus your forearm and wrist rolled flat too, this type of ergonomic mouse has you reaching your hand out like you were ready to shake another.

ergo-mouseThis position is designed to be much more natural and, therefore, easier on the body. As most of us have been using computers for decades now, it can be difficult to even appreciate how awkward the position is that we put our hands in all day. While there’s not much we can do about the positioning of a keyboard, turning our palms perpendicular to the desk will make it clear how much better it is for our entire hand, arm and shoulder.

After you do this, you can elect to use a gel-filled wrist rest. Despite conventional wisdom, these rests are actually the opposite of helpful when you use a mouse with your hand down. That’s because the soft underside of your wrist comes into contact with it, making it much easier to contract Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

As your wrist is no longer at risk, go ahead and use a wrist pad if it’s more comfortable. Most people should probably try both ways until they get the correct feel.

No Loss of Features

A lot of times, when ergonomic devices come along, they leave a lot to be desired. While you should never have to choose between your anatomical health and getting the most from a device, sadly, most of us would choose the latter when the decision is presented.

Fortunately, you won’t be asked to make that call with a vertical ergonomic mouse. While no model has come along yet that will replace gaming mice and the number of buttons they feature, vertical mice can hold their own when it comes to the traditional right and left clickers and scroll-wheel. Other models have four buttons and there are some that come with re-mapping software, allowing you to designate these buttons for whatever you like.


Another huge drawback to most ergonomic products is that they generally cost a lot more than the traditional versions. Just like with features, while most of us would rather benefit from an ergonomic design, when it’s between that and saving money, we’ll usually pick the latter.

Vertical ergonomic mice definitely cost more than the traditional models. However, they’re not extremely expensive and their price will most likely continue to fall as they gain popularity. Right now, most models are about as pricey as Bluetooth models (these mice are wireless and many come with Bluetooth capabilities).

Of course, like any device, the price will depend on the model you choose. Nowadays, vertical ergonomic mice are popular enough that there are several models with a wide range of price tags attached to them.

The best vertical mouse comparison table

DXT Vertical Mouse

Perixx’s PERMICE-515

Delux M618LU

LuguLake Vertical mouse

Evoluent VerticalMouse 4

Ev Mouse 2.4g

Anker 2.4G Wireless

SHARKK Vertical Mouse



Right handed

Right handed

Right handed

Right handed

Right handed

Right handed

Right handed






Number of buttons

3 + DPI settings button






5 + DPI settings button


Criteria for Reviewing the Different Kinds of Vertical Mice

Four criteria will be used as guidelines for reviewing the best vertical mice on the planet and these criteria include:

  • Mouse Grip: although this article covers only sideways mice, the ergonomic design of the griping surface on each mouse defers from the other and it is quite important to review these differences.
  • Mouse Design: the arrangement of a mouse buttons, how they can be accessed and the overall build of a mouse is covered by this criteria
  • Control and Precision: this covers ease of use, performance issues, button features and any programmable or external features—systems—that affect the performance of the reviewed mouse.

The best vertical mice

DXT Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

best ergonomic mouseHere is a little background on the DXT ergonomic mouse. The DXT is billed not just as a vertical mouse, but it is been touted as an ergonomic mouse designed with input from physiotherapists to effectively handle repetitive stress injuries by its UK developers. Therefore, this review intends to note if these claims check out.

  • Mouse Grip: the DXT is an ambidextrous vertical mouse that promotes a neutral wrist posture when used. It is also a fingertip mouse which has its major buttons situated in places that ensure it can be manipulated through light finger touches.
  • Mouse Design: it is ergonomically designed to have an extended vertical surface which serves as the housing for its control buttons—the LMB and RMB buttons—which are located on the right side, with its scroll wheel between them. On the left vertical surface are two thumb buttons as well as a thumb support for resting your thumb. While underneath is the DPI settings button resting on a zinc coated base. The DXT is designed to be compact and lightweight for everyday use.
  • Control and Precision: the DXT is a compact mouse and its fingertip feature makes for precision when controlling the mouse. The LMB and RMB are light-touch enabled which eliminates pinching and its laser sensors allow for precise movements.

Perixx PERMICE-515

best ergonomic mousePerixx’s PERMICE-515 is a sleek wired vertical mouse which is renowned for its beauty and aesthetic design when viewed. It is ergonomically built to provide maximum comfort during use and the comfort it guarantees can be seen from its 5 buttons strategically spread along its surface to provide ease of use.

  • Mouse Grip: this right-handed mouse is designed as a fingertip mouse as can be seen from the arrangement of its LMB and RMB, the scroll wheel as well as the other 3 buttons n its surface. It is ergonomically designed to reduce repetitive stress injuries.
  • Mouse Design: the rubber coated surface of the PERMICE-515 is beautifully designed with an elongated vertical main body which comes equipped with a thumb rest to provide comfort. On its sleek surface are the LMB, RMB and a scroll wheel. The DPI settings button is just below the scroll wheel while at its left side are two thumb buttons which can be customized for lateral movement.
  • Control and Precision: compact designs generally simplify the task of handling a mouse and PERMICE 515 gets this. It comes with 5 buttons and a balanced scroll wheel which showed no sensitivity issues. As a gaming mouse, it also hold its own by providing 3 extra customizable buttons that provide gamers with more options while playing RPG simulations.

Delux M618LU

best ergonomic mouseStylish yet practical, is the perfect tag for the Delux M618LU. From just looking at this ergonomic mouse, the average person will agree that he or she is in for a comfortable ride while working or gaming as the case may be. Below are the features of the M618LU.

  • Mouse Grip: fortunately, users can choose either the right handed or left handed option of this fingertip mouse. It provides all round comfort to one’s wrist, palm and thumb when in use due to its extensive wrist tray and burrowed thumb rest which in turn reduces grip force.
  • Mouse Design: the M618LU is sleek and aesthetically designed to be pleasing to the eyes. Its LMB and RMB buttons are placed on the right vertical surface of the right handed mouse while the scroll wheel is in between them. At its ribbed thumb rest surface are two additional buttons which can be put to use by gamers in diverse capacities. Overall, its shining black ribbed surface mixed with a carbon coloured front end, makes it an eye-teaser of a mouse.
  • Control and Precision: it is a wired mouse spotting 5 buttons designed for carrying out multiple tasks. It comes with the soft click LMB and RMB buttons and a top button for adjusting DPI settings. The two additional buttons at its sides can be used for forward and backward movement as well as customized for other gaming procedures.

LuguLake Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

best ergonomic mouseIn the world of vertical mice, the LuguLake takes the price of been one of the cheapest vertical mice you can purchase out there and its design bellies its price. It is ergonomically designed to relieve repetitive stress injuries as well as provide comfort to its user. Reviewing the LuguLake with our criteria:

  • Mouse Grip: it is a hybrid—claw and fingertip—grip mouse designed with simplicity in mind. It is a right handed mouse with a slightly raised vertical surface and buttons arranged in such a manner that reduces wrist twisting and unnecessary hand movements.
  • Mouse Design: aesthetically, the LuguLake is not much to look at but ergonomically, it earns its pay as a comfortable vertical mouse with its RMB and LMB placed strategically on the elevated surface with the scroll wheel in between. It is compactly designed to be comfortable for users with small hands.
  • Control and Precision: in terms of control and precise execution of tasks, the LuguLake is a step above the traditional mouse, and its buttons are quite responsive to touch. Its adjustable DPI settings make it a passable mouse for gaming.

Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4

best ergonomic mouseThe brilliance of the Vertical Mouse 4 can be seen in its ergonomic design, aesthetic beauty and practicality of use. This mouse was designed to neutralize the wrist angle that comes with working with a traditional mouse and provide stable support to the entire hand. Here is a review of the Vertical Mouse 4 using our criteria.

  • Mouse Grip: the Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 is ambidextrous which means it can be used by both left and right handed individuals, it falls under the palm grip category and has its major buttons arranged along its surface to support easy reach.
  • Mouse Design: this is a beautifully designed mouse and the ability to choose colours makes it more so. On its surface are the LMB and RMB aligned around a scroll wheel and a finger rest when griping the mouse. At the other side is a comfortable thumb rest which makes it quite comfortable for gaming or any tasks that require long execution hours.
  • Control and Precision: the VerticalMouse 4 is a fully programmable mouse which allows the user programme its buttons to fit their particular needs. At the front end is its LMB and RMB which are firm but light touch, tits DPI adjustable button as well as a [pointer speed indicator. While its rear end spots two fully programmable buttons which provides some versatility to its user. Users can also customize button settings in such a way that clicking two buttons create a new function that can be viewed as a standalone button. The control and precision of the VerticalMouse 4 makes it an asset to gamers.

Comanro Human Ergonomic Ev Mouse

best ergonomic mouseThe scientific ergonomic design of the Comanro EV creates a neutral position of its uses hands and wrist when used. It is a compact vertical mouse which allows for customizing its looks as well as other aspects of it. Here is a review of the Human Ergonomic EV Mouse.

  • Mouse Grip: this is an ambidextrous palm grip mouse which with external support for the users thumb, pinkie finger and the remainder of the human hand. Its grip makes it a compact, comfortable yet practical mouse for use.
  • Mouse Design: the Comanro EV is a beauty in its own right and the possibility of playing with your colour choice also adds to its aesthetic appeal. On the practical side, the mouse surface contains the LMB and RMB buttons and a stable scroll wheel. On the flip side are backward and forward buttons and a thumb rest coupled with a side rest increases its comfort levels. Lastly, its colour breathing light design features creates a cascade of lights that beautifies its entire structure.
  • Control and Precision: the Comanro Ev is a solid gaming mouse with an LMB and RMB built for precision as well as its balanced scrolling wheel. At its side is its DPI adjustment button with a range 500 to 2500. Its laser stable transmission speed increases its stability and movement precision thereby providing its users with more control and precision while carrying out various tasks. Lastly, it spots two side buttons—next and previous buttons—which can be used to navigate web pages or programmed to carry out gaming instructions.

Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

best ergonomic mouseThe Anker 2.4G bills itself as a sleek vertical mouse designed for the intersection of class, comfort and functionality for the 21st century. Its ergonomic design makes it a comfortable mouse platform for anyone looking to eliminate repetitive stress injuries most people experience using a traditional mouse. Here is a review of the Anker 2.4G.

  • Mouse Grip: looking at the aesthetic build of the mousse grip, one can tell that it is a hybrid mouse designed as a fusion of the palm and fingertip grip types to provide comfort for both a user’s wrist and fingers. Its 5 buttons are also strategically arranged to aid ease of use.
  • Mouse Design: this is a wireless vertical mouse with 5 buttons including the LMB and RMB at its surface with a scroll wheel in between. On top its spherical edge is the DPI adjustment buttons while its curved back spots a thumb rest and two additional buttons that can be programmed for gaming tasks. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries and switches off after 8 minutes of idleness.
  • Control and Precision: in terms of precise movements, the Anker 2.4G is equipped with optical sensors which provide stable positioning and precision when navigating with your mouse. The DPI button allows for adjustments of 800 to 1600DPI resolutions. Lastly, the two buttons at its back can be used to navigate between web pages or programmed for gaming tasks.

SHARKK Wireless Vertical Mouse

best ergonomic mouseThe SHARKK is a sporty black ergonomic mouse compactly built to eliminate excessive wrist pains and hand discomforts when working with a traditional mouse. It is vertical in nature and sets the users hands in a neutral handshake position which cancels out undue pressure on the hand. Reviewing it with our criteria, we see that the SHARRK is a solid vertical mouse built for right hand users.

  • Mouse Grip: it is a palm grip mouse built for right handed users in such a way that its buttons are easily reachable by the user’s fingers. It is designed with a matte surface which enhances your grip and eliminates unnecessary hand sweat.
  • Mouse Design: the mouse surface is covered by black matte plastic which gives it a sporty look as well as premium feel when held. On its surface are the LMB and RMB, its scroll wheel and two additional buttons located at the thumb res area. The DPI settings button is also located at the top of its curved head. Note that it comes with AAA batteries and has the capability to go on standby mode if it hasn’t been used for a period of time.
  • Control and Precision: the SHARRK provides precise movements due to the sensitivity and stability its laser optical sensors provide. This makes it usable on almost every workspace surface available to man. It also spots a light touch LMB and RMB buttons, a DPI button with a range of 800to 1600 DPI resolutions and two programmable buttons at its back end.

Final thought

There are numerous vertical mice developers and types out there in the tech market but these eight were chosen for their practicality, level of advancement as well as cost. So if you are reading this list and you plan to shop on a budget, why not purchase the affordable LuguLake? While for those looking for something more advanced, the Delux M618LU, Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 and Perixx PERMICE-515 should be considered.

Looking for a left handed trackball mouse?

Finding the best trackball mouse is a tedious task especially when you have never given trackball mice a try, thus not sure of what to expect from the mouse. Being a left-handed, looking for the best mouse to your need will only be more laborious considering the few amount of trackball mice available on the market.

With the aim to help you narrow down to find the best left-handed trackball mouse, we will present two of the most popular trackball mice, once from Logitech and one from Kensington.

Left handed trackball mice

ELECOM Left-handed Wireless trackball mouse


The ELECOM M-XT4DRBK is one of the great choices on the market right now when it comes to selecting a good left-handed trackball mouse. Unlike its counterparts in this article, it is a thumb-base trackball mouse.

If you would rather like to control your mouse with your thumb, this one of the rarest trackball mouse that will let you do it as a left-handed person.

This mouse features 6 buttons, weights 3.5 ounces and is wireless.

This is the perfect left-handed alternative to the Logitech M570. This product holds up well over extensive use.

This mouse has a DPI switch that allows selecting between low and high. You might need to read the reviews to hear what other think about it after using it.

Logitech Trackman Marble Mouse

left-handed-trackball-mouseLogitech has a bunch of trackball mouse under its belt, and the trackman Marble is one of then that happens to be for both right-handed and left-handed.

This mouse comes in USB and also has PS2 version. it features 4 programmable buttons, two on the left side of the mouse, and 2 on the right side.

With its large fingertip-controlled trackball, you will be able to move the cursor smoothly and accurately without moving your hand or wrist.

This one if one of the few that is designed to be Ambidextrous.

Compared to Thumb-based control trackball mouse, these have over the time proven to be the most easy to use, mostly due to the dexterity of your forefingers as compared to the thumb.

The major disadvantage of this mouse is that is lack the scroll wheel. Apart from the four programmable buttons and its trackball, it has nothing primary dedicated to scrolling. You will need to program some the button to help cover this flaw.

Kensington Orbit Wireless Trackball Mouse (K72352US)

left-handed-trackball-mouseThe Kensington orbit K72352US is the one I have selected to feature in this post as one of the best left-handed trackball mice though most Kensington trackballs are ambidextrous (both for right-handed and for left-handed).

This trackball mouse features a touch scroll ring located all around the trackball. it is a wireless mouse, a plus compared to the Logitech trackman Marble.

One of the downsides of this mouse as compared to the Logitech trackman marble is that, though its two buttons are programmable, you won’t have any other: it has only two buttons.

Feel free to check the list of some of the most popular trackball mice on the market to discover other Kensington ambidextrous mice.

The best trackball mouse

Trackball mice have been around for long time. But barely get the amount of attention they deserve. Using a Trackball mouse feels more natural, but considering what you want to use them for, they will work super fine of not work at all.

One of the primary reasons you might want to hunt for the best trackball mouse is that,  while using the traditional trackball mouse, you wont actually have to move it around to have control over your cursor. You basically use your fingers (or thumb depending on the position of the ball) with the less effort possible to roll the ball, and that is the move that help control your cursor. The trackball mice are the most friendly mouse to your wrist.

Trackball mice don’t have to be moved around to control your cursor. All you have to do is spin the ball and click the buttons to use them. This feature makes them more suitable when you don’t have enough space to move your mouse around. Say you are going be using your laptop in a train and have just a small space to put your mouse, a trackball mouse will be the perfect guy for this job.

A trackball mouse

Here is a quick example of a trackball mouse: The Logitech M570


  1. Trackball
  2. browsing button
  3. browsing button
  4. left click
  5. scroll wheel
  6. right click

This mouse looks exactly like your ordinary mouse.

Here is a how you will actually use the mouse. No need to chase your mouse around your desk.


This mouse makes the mouse pad useless unless you need wrist rest which is in most case useful while using this mouse.

Best trackball mouse comparison table

Logitech M570

The K64325 Trackball

Microsoft explorer

CST2545W trackball Mouse

Orbit K72337US

Trackman Marble

The orbit K72352US

The Cordless trackman


















Scrolling type

Scroll wheel

Scroll ring

Thumb whell

Scroll Wheel

Scroll Ring

Touch scrolling

Scroll Wheel

Number of button









What to consider while selecting a trackball mouse

There are few things you should think about about when opting for a trackball mouse and the most important of them is to know if the mouse if left-handed or right-handed. Most trackball mice will not support both at once.

Trackball mice can also be classified into two major category.

  • Thumb-based control
  • Fingertip-based control

An example of the thumb-based control is the mouse we have seen earlier whereas fingertip-based control trackball mice are the ones on which the trackball is located in the middle-front-side of the mouse.

To sum it up, while selecting your best trackball mouse, you need to make sure it is the appropriate handed mouse and the right finger-based control.

Best trackball mice

Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball

Cad-MouseThe logitech M570 is one of the most popular trackball mouse you will find on the market. It is a wireless mouse. As you can see, it is thumb-based control trackball mouse and is right handed. This will definitely not be for you if you are left handed.

Its wireless feature makes is a lot more fun to use allowing you to take it with you on the couch or on the bed.

This mouse has a on-off switch button at its button, helping you turn it off when not used to save the battery.

It uses a battery of type AA and will make a perfect office mouse.

It features a couple of page-forward, page-backward browsing button. It makes a comfortable and long lasting wireless mouse.

Kensington Expert Trackball Mouse (K64325)


The K64325 is a relatively large trackball mouse compared to the M570.

It is made for both left-handed and right-handed and it is a fingertip-based control.

It feature 4 programmable buttons making it more customizable compared to the M570.

it is lot more bulky that the M570 and need to be attached to your computer to work. There is a ring around the ball which you need to pay close attention to notice on the image.

Spin the ring to move up and down any web pages or documents while the trackball allows precise tracking and control.

One of the downside of this mouse is the hard time you will have reaching for the top two buttons due to the size of the ball and we recorded more than an issue with the ring after long usage.

Microsoft Trackball Explorer

best-trackball-mouseThe Microsoft Trackball explorer far the most solid and well designed and build trackball mouse on the list.

it features 5 buttons including 2 programmable buttons. As compared to the Logitech M570, we here have the location of the trackball and the scroll wheel reversed. If you have been using the M570, you will have retrain your forefinger and your thumb.

This mouse has been designed for right-handed people and wont work for you unless you are one of them.

This mouse will take sometime to get used to, but once you are used to it, you would not want to do without it any more.

We wish this mouse had a wireless version to eliminate the need hassle of having to deal with its cord.

The downside of this mouse is its learning curve. It takes time and patience to be used to this mouse.

CST2545W (L-TRAC) USB Wired Trackball

best-trackball-mouseThe CST2545W is a basic two-button trackball mouse.

Don’t let its old-school look fool you, it is not an ancient mouse and will actually deliver.

It has a front scroll wheel, the trackball and its left and right buttons. It is build for both right-handed and left-handed people.

It is heavy unit, even more heavier than the K64325.

On the front side of this mouse, there are two audio-looking jacks where you can hook some additional clicking devices with contact switches to complement the ability of the mouse if needed.

You don’t need any additional driver to have it work on your computer.

This is a basic mouse as stated earlier with no fancy design nor extra button that will do a single thing, let you easily browse the web.

Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse with Scroll Ring (K72337US)

best-trackball-mouseThe Kensington Orbit K72337US is one the most not-so-computer-mouse-looking-like of the list.

As you can see, it is a fingertip-based control trackball, and  just as the K64325, it feature a ring located around the trackball for scrolling purposes.

It feature two buttons (left and right) programmable. it comes with a detachable wrist rest.

There is no much added features here compared to the trackball mice reviewed earlier apart its look and the fact that the clicks feel more natural on this mouse.

It suits both right-handed and left-handed.

Logitech Trackman Marble Mouse, Four-Button, Programmable

best-trackball-mouseRight handed or left handed, the Logitech Trackman Marble mouse will suit your need.

It is ergonomically built and features 4 programmable buttons, two on the left side and two on the right side.

The large fingertip-controlled trackball is placed in such way to feel as natural as possible when using it, not like its counterpart the K64325 where we had the ball between fingers and some buttons.

it feels a lot awkward pressing the buttons on the right side of the mouse if you are right handed, or vice versa if you are left handed.

The biggest downside of this mouse is that it does not have a scroll wheel, obviously you can program a button to do just that, but believe it or not, it wont be easy to get use to it.

Kensington Orbit Wireless Trackball Mouse (K72352US)

best-trackball-mouseThe Kensington orbit K72352US is the first one on the list that is both wireless and made for right-handed and left-handed.

This is a relatively small well designed trackball mouse featuring 2 programmable buttons which you can customize the action using the TrackballWorks software.

Just as the Logitech M570, you will find a switch button on the bottom side that allows to turn off the mouse when it is not in use.

The touch Scrolling located around the trackball lets you glide effortlessly through web pages and documents.

This makes a nice replacement for the Logitech M570 for left handed people at some difference that it does not come with browsing buttons.

Logitech Cordless Optical Trackman

best-trackball-mouseHere comes the Logitech cordless optical trackman. another wireless fingertip-based control Logitech trackball mouse.

It is big Comfortable, right-handed shape mouse with optical precision.

Its special drag-lock functions let you move images and texts with ease and its conveniently located thumb-operated forward and back buttons help you easily move through the Web without having to move the cursor.

Apart from the bulk received it requires to work, its many programmable buttons will work wonders and let you customize them to your best interest.

If you have small hands, you definetely need to stay away from this mouse, it is a little bulky and will most time require you to have a wrist rest to let you work with it comfortably.

Final thought

Trackball mice are a good deal when you seek to save space and eliminate desktop clutter but the majority of them require a learning curve. Most of them are much comfortable when used as office mice. If you want to prevent RSI, you should definitely give one of these a try.

Ergonomic Keyboard with built in Mouse

Those spending a lot of time on a desktop computer should reconsider their keyboard choice due to possible health issues and reduced efficacy when using traditional set of keyboard and mouse. One of the best options to prevent this is the use of the ergonomic keyboard with built in mouse.


While it may seem strange or awkward at first, it does outperform the standard keyboard. This is connected with the physical state and functioning of your body.

When you are using a common setup of input and pointing device, you are:

  • First, losing time
  • Second, unwittingly wreaking havoc to your upper body
  • Third, making a direct damage to your wrists.

The latter is caused by unnatural position of your hands relative to the lining of your forearms. The original flat design was not the best solution but at that time nobody considered long-term effects on human health. Ergonomic keyboards solve that problem by adding the wrist pad to ease the pain and prevent long term hazard. But even this design has its flows and the final and best solution is a keyboard with a detachable wrist pad.

The possibility to change the positions of the wrists from time to time prevents the chronic ailments of the wrists.

Second occurs due to the constant repetition of movements on one side of your body. In time, you will start to feel change and pretty soon that will lead to occasional painful sensation. If you are one of those who sit behind the desk for long hours and use desktop computer for the most of that time, you may already experience the pain in the upper back and shoulder but you are not able to define the origins.

It does have much to do with the fact that you are sitting and not moving. But in addition, you are using the specific set of movements with one side emphasized over the other, depending on whether you’re left-handed or right-handed. And of top of everything, you are doing that while sitting.

That fact alone will render you less effective and may possibly cause chronic ailment in your spinal region.

The utmost advantage of ergonomic keyboard with built in mouse

The reduced effectiveness is the first and foremost negative aspect of traditional setup. Each time you need to use the mouse, you are moving your arm away from the keyboard. Just try to calculate the amount of time you will lose on this seemingly irrelevant and automated movement during 5, 10 or 20 years of work. This is also something that was extensively researched and studied and as it turned out, it’s a way better to have the mousepad incorporated within the keyboard placed in strategic place.

Ergonomic keyboards are not novelty on the market. Two decades ago, first ergonomic keyboards started to emerge as it became clear that current, traditional design is not a healthy option for those who are spending more than 5 hours at their desktop computers.

Of course, during the time, researches in this segment progressed and thanks to information flow we are now able to use the optimal setup – ergonomic keyboard with built in mouse and detachable wrist pad.

Adesso Tru-Form Pro Ergonomic Keyboard with built in TouchPad


And one that deserves the attention is Adesso Tru-Form Pro Ergonomic keyboard with TouchPad (mouse). it has a membrane tactile quiet soft key other than being ergonomic and equipped with the two-buttons touchpad.

What’s most important about Adesso Tru-Form Pro ergonomic keyboard with built in mouse is the fact that the manufacturer designed the detachable wrist pad that can be easily separated from the keyboard if user feels the need to change the position of the wrists.

Materials are soft and skin-friendly and the entire set is light-weighted. Dimensions (18.75″(L)x7.50″(w)x1.5″(H)) are suitable for every size of the desk or keyboard pad.

Being a right-handed or a left-hand, the ergonomic keyboard with touchPad and wrist pad, made by Adesso is the viable option without the question. You do want to be as healthy as possible, don’t you?

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse L6V-00001 Review

The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse (L6V-00001) boasts an optimal height and mouse angle which, along with a thumb scoop, offer ergonomic relief. Furthermore, the outline of the mouse supports a natural forearm posture, hand, wrist for helping to diminish injury cases pertaining to repetitive stress injuries. Other prominent features include a Back button as well as a Windows button. With the help of four-way scrolling, users have the freedom to easily navigate web pages and docs at a quicker speed. The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse (L6V-00001) is compatible with Mac and Windows.Microsoft-Sculpt-Ergonomic-Mouse-L6V-00001-Review

Thanks to the innovative controls on the Sculpt, the product is guaranteed to stand apart from its counterparts that lie within the same price range. The four-way scrolling button enables users to scroll up and down and left or right. As the mouse has three key controls including a back button, a Windows button, and a four-way scroll button, it works smoothly on just around any imaginable surfaces. The mouse has received rave reviews for its flawless functionality whether it is placed on a wooden table, a granite surface or even a carpet.

Mac users may complain about restricted functionality features as the Sculpt is optimized to be fully compatible with Microsoft Windows. Mac fans will have to wait for further updates to allow them for enjoying the full set of features with the Sculpt. With its uniquely designed mouse angle and height are, wrists are placed in a comfortable position for reducing pressure on carpal tunnel areas while the thumb scoop supports in maintain a correct ergonomic wrist and hand position.

Microsoft-Sculpt-Ergonomic-Mouse-L6V-00001-Review-1Undeniably, the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse L6V-00001 is a beautifully designed mouse focusing on enabling users to make use of the most relaxed ergonomic experience achievable. The ergonomic design coupled with Microsoft’s revolutionary BlueTrack technology offers a versatile and intuitive mouse. Let’s briefly discuss a few of the several functionalities offered in the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse (L6V-00001):


Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology effortlessly beats conventional and optical laser mice in terms of flexibility and precision. With a beam that is four times more powerful as compared to a regular mouse, it has unmatched accuracy. Nonetheless, the mouse is an absolute treat for laptop users who are not fond of the idea of using the trackpad. Enjoy the convenience of the BlueTrack for moving the mouse on a variety of surfaces.

While the BlueTrack technology provides increased accuracy, it may still exhibit certain limitations when it comes to the surfaces on which the mouse is used. Currently, the mouse cannot work on mirrored on glass surfaces.

Top-Notch Accuracy

Owing to the more intense blue beam, which uses an image sensor and pixel geometry produces a high-contrast image of the surface enabling brilliant tracking accuracy.

Use Anywhere

Users can conveniently navigate the web or docs by means of the BlueTrack Technology, whether they are on a picnic table, the living room floor or even on your pant leg. The mouse is designed to provide utmost convenience to be efficiently used on all surfaces.

Increased Sensitivity

The BlueTrack Technology light beam is not just an average laser beam to be under-estimated. It can point, click or scroll with extreme accuracy and precision, irrespective of the surface on which the mouse is being used.

Collecting Positive Response from Users

The Sculpt offers a multitude of handy controls and features for pleasing both advanced and occasional users alike. Undeniably, the Microsoft Sculpt is worth the price and is highly recommended and is currently ranked amongst the most popular products that are being designed to provide ergonomic relief to users who have to spend a large number of hours in front of the computer.

Complement your Windows 8 experience with this exceptional product that is highly functional and delivers high performance. It doesn’t matter if you are using your desktop, tablet or laptop, enjoy browsing the web, working on your documents, reading emails and fiddling through spreadsheets for generating all kinds of files while working on a Windows PC. It should be noted that Microsoft hardware products are manufactured by Microsoft and optimized for Windows for offering users with special features built for Windows 8 for a comfortable and memorable experience.

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Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse Review

The latest generation of mice released on the market has seen a great emphasis on relieving forearm twisting and any risk of repetitive strain injuries. The Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse is no exception. The design of the mouse ensures your wrist stays in a vertical handshake position, which ensures your arm and wrist are aligned perfectly and you don’t have to bend your fingers to press any of the buttons. The thumb rest has also been redesigned to offer more comfort, making this version an improvement on its predecessors.

The all-new Optical Tracking Technology which is included in the mouse ensures a great level of sensitivity, enabling users to operate it easily on a number of surfaces without any lag, including glass. Also, you can easily browse or switch between tracks using the Next/Previous button, which is a feature gamers will surely appreciate. The best part about the mouse is that it comes with a Power Saving Mode. If you haven’t moved or clicked the mouse for more than 8 minutes, it goes into hibernation. You can easily turn it back on by clicking.

Anker-2.4G-Wireless-Vertical-Ergonomic-Optical-Mouse-ReviewReviews have declared the mouse a perfect amalgamation of comfort, functionality and class. With its futuristic appeal making it look like a mouse created for the 21st century, it is a treat for all computer users who are tired of the conventional grip they get from most mice currently available. This means you get a mouse which is well-designed and of the perfect size. The mouse allows maximum comfort due to its ergonomically-designed thumb rest and a grip that fits the curve of a user’s palm.

Anker’s vertical mouse integrates a design for emulating a handshake position. The mouse comprises of 5 buttons with the thumb side boasting the Next/Previous functionality and the hand side with left and right mouse click buttons. There is a DPI selector at the top of the thumb side for changing the optical resolution tracking as required. The tracking has been tested and proven to work on a variety of surfaces and there is also a scroll wheel for users.

Read customer reviews

The manufacturing quality of the mouse is solid and there have been enthusiastic reviews which compliment the look and feel of the mouse. However, there are a few concerns over the durability of the mouse. This could be also due to the product’s affordable price tag which is quite low as compared to its rivals. According to the performance the mouse offers, this device is reported to hold a decent reputation in the computing devices’ market. Thanks to its reasonable cost, the limitations may be too few as compared to the benefits the mouse offers in this price range.


The wireless version that we are reviewing here does not have a nano receiver for connecting via interfaces and USB to the mouse. The mouse has turned heads with its remarkable and futuristic design. The mouse has been manufactured for increased comfort and functionality by combining a handshake grip with easily accessible buttons complemented by three levels of mouse sensitivity for enhanced tracking.

Anker-2.4G-Wireless-Vertical-Ergonomic-Optical-Mouse-ReviewFive buttons make room for a better and improved control over the users’ computer’s system. It does not matter if you are dropping or dragging, selecting big volumes of data, gaming or fiddling through huge spreadsheets, the mouse is guaranteed to offer a low-cost yet highly efficient solution for a multitude of computing needs.

Anker’s vertical ergonomic mouse is an exciting entry to the mouse industry and has attracted the attention of users for its slick out of the box design. It may not be the best mouse on the market but is surely worth a try if you are looking for a vertical mouse but not sure if you will like it for long-term use as it’s a fairly cheap way of testing. The mouse also holds a solid review record on Amazon implying that it has been enjoying good reviews and ratings.

The several benefits of the Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse can be summarized into the following benefits:

  • Ergonomic vertical design for supporting a neutral hand position
  • Previous and next buttons on the thumb side to ensure convenience in web browsing
  • Has a good battery life

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Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse H3S-00003 Review

The Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse (H3S-00003) functions perfectly and serves perfectly on a wide range of surfaces without much trouble. It is a high-performance mouse designed to serve users, especially those individuals seeking a shift from touch screens and pads. It offers complete functionality with the all-purpose dedicated Windows button for taking care of zippy shortcuts, while it guarantees comfort with its soft and curved design that is optimized to provide relief.

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse H3S-00003 Review

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse H3S-00003 ReviewThe mouse has a distinctive feel, owing to the soft corners of the mouse in addition to a glossy and smooth top. It is visually gratifying and boasts the Microsoft logo notably lying just under the scroll wheel. Moreover, a blue Windows button stands apart evidently from the remaining black body section of the mouse. One of the foremost physical attributes of the mouse is the shape curvature.

A minor, left-side indent is created particularly for fitting the thumb and makes it easy to tap the Windows button if required. A power switch is present on the base of the mouse, next to a button to sync the accessory to laptop. The mouse’s bottom is shaped out of hard matte plastic to guarantee easy navigation on any all types of surfaces.

When you are not using the mouse, the power switch efficiently conserves battery power. The touch pad on the side gives you no trouble. However, there have been some less enthusiastic reviews about the back button. Also, if you click the touch pad, it will bring up the touch pad, which may not be quite handy as users may be used to clicking their thumbs for moving back.

One distinct feature of this mouse is that the left and right buttons don’t make much noise when you click. The scroll button is also good, ensuring you can scroll horizontally and vertically with ease. Furthermore, the clickable wheel of the scroll opens up a new tab in the browser window when you use it.

The mouse is optimized for Windows and makes use of Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology for better tracking and ensures smooth and trouble-free navigation. Thanks to the Windows touch tab, accessing the Start Screen and apps in Windows 8 is fairly easy and quickly. The wireless Bluetooth connectivity coupled with the Blue Track Technology, functions just about anywhere with no transceiver or dongle to lose from the park bench to the coffee shop.

Some of the benefits this mouse provides are:

  • The Windows touch tab provides easy and quick access to the Starts screen and apps
  • You get wireless Bluetooth without the need for a transceiver
  • 4-Way scroll wheel ensuring utmost convenient navigation for moving left, right up and down.
  • The BlueTrack Technology in the mouse ensures smooth operation on any surface
  • Manufactured for convenience and comfort
  • You can use this mouse with virtually any Android tablet

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse H3S-00003 Review 1It is fairly convenient syncing Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse with your Windows 8 notebook. If you look closely, a small button to loosen the top plate is accessible for removing or inserting batteries. After placing two AA batteries inside the slots, you can easily sync this mouse with a computer. It is important to remember that the mouse functions by means of a Bluetooth connection, which means that you need to use a notebook that is compatible with Bluetooth.

This may be somewhat restraining for a number of individuals, even though it also means that the user does not need to worry much about wires or extra devices to connect the mouse. At the bottom, there is a flip power switch for users to connect the mouse to a computer. The pairing takes place almost immediately. There is a light at the back of the mouse that flickers red and green for alerting the user that the device is all set to pair with the computer.

In case a person is using Windows 8, go to the Settings menu and click on Change PC Settings. Select Search for Devices for the Sculpt Comfort Mouse to appear on-screen on the Windows 8 notebook. This mouse is receptive, sensitive and intuitive. While navigating across your Windows 8 desktop, enjoy the quick responses from the cursor. The BlueTrack function does not work on glass or mirrored surfaces but it does work efficiently on most other materials.

The Sculpt Comfort Mouse has been designed to oblige to the gestures which are specific to Windows 8. When you press the Windows 8 blue button tab on the mouse’s side, you can alternate between the start screen and any other app which you have enabled. The mouse offers a comfortable and premium feel for making it an enjoyable accessory to be used with other Windows 8 gadgets. The product is priced reasonably, offering a wide range of shortcuts and gestures as well as a touch swiping feature.

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Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 Review

Microsoft’s new Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 appears to be a cross between the past unique designs that emerged from 3M and that of a conventional mouse. The most prominent feature of the Natural Wireless 6000 is the model’s impressive buttons and the wheel, rendering the mouse a unique shape. It also grants the effect of rolling your wrist up off your desk.

Users have often cited a number of problematic features pertaining to the location of the thumb buttons. Instead of than leaving them next to your thumb as in the case of conventional mice, Microsoft has elevated them with the plane of the central buttons, placing them in the dead zone between your forefinger and thumbs.

This implies that you have to move either your main finger or your thumb to get to them. While it gives an impressive design, making such a move interrupts an even mouse-flow and requires some time to get used to the feel of the mouse for grasping it. Reviews have suggested that placing the buttons on the thumb-rest would have been a wise choice.Microsoft-Natural-Wireless-Laser-Mouse-6000-Review

However, the scroll wheel makes up for the buttons as they have been cited to be the best ones users have encountered outside of Logitech’s superior MX Revolution mouse. Thanks to its responsive side-to-side tilt-based scrolling, users can easily work with large-sized spreadsheets and documents.

The Natural Wireless 6000 requires two included AA batteries to function. As mentioned before, users may need some continual use to get accustomed to the design of this mouse. With the angled wrist, it’s fairly convenient to move the mouse from one point to another by making use of your arm and not your fingers and wrist. When you combine this with the lack of pressure on the wrist it becomes one of the most convenient mice ever to be used.

If you use this mouse with a low friction mouse pad, it feels as if your hand is making smooth movements that flow across the desk. If the mouse is used while slouching, it may seem uncomfortable.

Microsoft-Natural-Wireless-Laser-Mouse-6000-ReviewWhen you grasp the mouse, you observe that the base is elevated enough that the ring and pinky finger may be placed against the side of the model and the middle and index finger can lie on the recessed grooves. The thumb buttons are located roughly over a centimeter above the thumb, however, are placed within comfortable reach, for moving back and forward while browsing.

The mouse’s buttons are delicately shaped for creating a perfect balance of convenience of clicking to avoid the problem of accidental clicking which has been a popular feature of several Microsoft-labeled products in the past. The outcome is just the right click with a pleasant sound to match.

Another fascinating feature of Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 is its capability to magnify. This feature brings up a rectangle that can be customized both in depth of the zoom and size. A spectacular feature that is sure to help users with eyesight issues, the mouse not just magnifies text but also icons, graphics or anything that comes under the cursor. It actually outshines the Windows XP magnifier by providing detailed customization options.

Microsoft-Natural-Wireless-Laser-Mouse-6000-ReviewThe Gaming Toggle is also there and separate button functions for different applications can be set. Drag is noticeably less than most mouse items launched by Microsoft. Wireless performance can vary for every user. The Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 makes use of Microsoft’s standard 27MHz radio, which can be an extremely limited range for most of the users. Moreover, it is vulnerable to interference from other electronic gadgets including metal-cased desktop on the floor.

Most mice are comparatively flat, while the 6000’s elevated and rounded shape resembles something like a baseball. In fact, gripping the mouse with your two forefingers on the left- and right-click buttons is like preparing to throw a fastball. Not recommended to lefties, clearly intended for the right-handed.

Here are some unique features, pros and cons of the Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000:


  • Exclusive elevated ergonomic shape to keep your hand in a natural position
  • Customizable buttons with four-way scrolling


  • Effective and natural hand placement
  • Good battery life


  • Restricted Wireless range
  • Embarrassed scroll wheel placement
  • Requires standard AA batteries instead of rechargeable ones

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How to reduce wrist pain from mouse

For the computer users RSI is a real danger, the effects are permanent, but are experienced after some time. Using a mouse in certain ways leads you to wrist pain, which is caused by the constriction of your blood vessels in the wrist, sometimes causing inflammation in your wrist as well. There are lots of ailments due to the incorrect use of a mouse such as a sharp pain in the shoulder. These ailments come after a long time, but when they hit, it is difficult to treat them and can become chronic issues.

In light of all the complications an incorrect usage of a PC mouse can cause you, mentioned below are some ways you can reduce your wrist pain:

Correct Grip

Do not strangle your mouse, move your mouse gently on the pad, there is no use stressing your grip and exhausting your hand. Try to grip your mouse in a comfortable way and not too stiffly as it causes fatigue and wrist pain. When you are not using a mouse take your hands off the mouse.

Holding mouse from the help of your elbow

Do not use your wrist to move the mouse, hold it with your hands and use your elbow to move your hand and your mouse. Keep your wrist and forearm aligned, if that is not possible then check whether you have kept your mouse accurately in place.

Best possible mouse Posture

If you are right handed, keep your mouse above the numeric keypad on your keyboard, keep your wrist a bit above your elbow and move it pivoting your elbow, which is an ideal position for your mouse.

Protecting your wrist

Keep your wrist on a plane surface to avoid pressure. Do not put pressure on your wrist, or work with your wrist tilted upwards.

Avoid constricting your vessels

As many people have their veins and blood vessels exposed due to thin skin on their wrists, keep your wrist in a form that it does not constrict, if your blood vessels constrict there is possibility that your blood circulation slows down, numbing your wrist.

Use your arm

A person using a round wrist rest or a soft chair with a forearm rest makes their arms locked, such that the person uses their wrist to move the mouse, in such cases the carpal tunnel syndrome occurs.

Keeping the mouse free

The mouse should be kept free to move. A mouse is used by moving it on the surface, resting while using a mouse is different, the person should keep his/her hand on a plane surface, not on the mouse. Keeping your hand on the mouse when you are not using it also leads to wrist pain.

Shape of the mouse

One the most important and mandatory thing is the shape of your mouse itself, have a mouse that suits the shape of your palm, make it possible that it is as flat as it can be so that it reduces wrist extension. Use a mouse that is symmetrical; don’t use a mouse that is curved. Choose a mouse that can fit the size of your palm.

Using both hands

If you are capable of using both of your hands than share the load between them, use a mouse that can be easily used by either of your hands such as a symmetrical mouse. Keep the mouse at a place where it is easily used by both of your hands. You can even use a wireless mouse.

Excessive force

Using a mouse with hard buttons on it can cause pain in your fingers and to your wrist. Stop using a mouse that has hard buttons, use a good quality mouse.

Find alternate to mouse click

Try using shortcuts keys to use the keyboard instead of using the mouse for everything to reduce the strain on your hand and wrist. Do not use the mouse as frequently as you usually do. Alternating between the mouse and the keyboard will help you reduce the chances of wrist pain.

Taking breaks

Try to take breaks while excessive use of the mouse.

All in all, these are some of the ways that you can reduce your wrist pain.

Handshoe Mouse vs. Vertical Mouse

The computer mouse has been a ubiquitous piece of technology that has become part of our everyday lives. They, along with keyboards, are considered the de facto input devices people use to take advantage of computers. Even touch hasn’t dethroned the good old mouse as the input method of choice.

For such a timeless hardware device, the design of the mouse has remained static. The traditional wrist down form factor of the mouse involves use of wrist to wrist, opening up the possibility of the user developing RSI (repetitive strain injury) later on in life. Based on this observation, many companies that manufacture mice are looking to address this issue. They are conducting considerable research and development into producing the next big design revolution that may mean the need of the traditional mouse as we know it.

Two of their recent products include the handshoe mouse and the vertical mouse. We take an in-depth look at both of them and whether their unique design is enough to dethrone the classic horizontally inclined mouse. We will consider things from the point of view of ergonomics primarily but will also go into their unique quirks as well.

The Vertical Mouse

3M-Ergonomic-Wireless-Optical-MouseHave you ever done a handshake? Of course, you have. But have you ever considered the feeling of stability and comfort that comes with putting your palm in that ‘handshake’ position? It is with this idea that companies are coming out with vertical mice, an ergonomically designed product that has more in common with flight pad joysticks than the traditional mouse.

These mice tend to place your hand in a perpetual handshake position, relaxing your tendons and significantly reducing the likelihood of you suffering from repetitive strain injury later on in life. This vertical mouse eliminates the likelihood of the bottom of your hand dragging on the mouse pad. Even the pinky can rest on an area that’s dedicated for it in the mouse, ensuring that you don’t rub your hand on a pad ever again. This feels natural and your hand grip feels relaxed and comfortable.

The vertical mouse is elevated enough for big and small hands alike and they also come in big and small form factors to consider people with too big or too small hands. Last, but not the least, these vertical mice do not require you to move them around so much, thanks to their higher DPI. The only thing new users need to get used to is the thumb pressing the left-mouse button on vertical mouse.

The Handshoe Mouse

ergo1According to the Ergonomics Laboratory at the Cornell University, the Handshoe mouse is, for all intents and purposes, the most ergonomic mouse choice currently. The name of this mouse is derived from the Dutch word for ‘glove’, which is fitting because the handshoe mouse also fits in your hands like one. This mouse doesn’t rely on wrist movement or hand movement. It relies on the arm to make the mouse move, whilst keeping the hand and the wrist in a comfy position at all times.

The Handshoe mouse comes in a variety of form factors: small, medium and large. There isn’t any one-size-fits-all philosophy. This is because the handshoe mouse excels at placing your hand in a neutral position and it takes into consideration the size of your hand. The high-resolution blu-ray sensor ensures the user exerts the minimal effort to control the mouse cursor on the computer screens. The handshoe mouse is considered the most prudent to use for your long-term health, thanks to the combination of ergonomic details it possesses. It rests your thumb and the rest of your hand in a relaxed position with the keys well within reach.

Final words

Both the handshoe and the vertical mouse are designed for maximum comfort and to eliminate some injurious medical conditions that may afflict your hands. The truth is that in today’s tech world, the risk of these injuries is more likely to occur than it used to. We use keyboards, touch screens and anything that can help us in ensuring a more comfortable and intuitive computing experience is welcome. We need input devices that please us. The handshoe mouse and the vertical mouse are a significant step in that direction.

3M Ergonomic Mouse Review

The 3M Ergonomic optical mouse a mouse that looks like a joystick, like those that used to be so prominent in the 90s. Beneath that unusual design, it’s a computer mouse that’s designed for delivering maximum ergonomic comfort to its users. The buttons on this thing can prove to be a little issue, thanks to their placement.

Why You Need A Vertical Mouse

The trouble with today’s ordinary run-of-the-mill mice has been one thing: the position they intend to force your hand on. It is rather stress-inducing, that is the palm-down posture the normal mice of today demand. They are made to be used wrist by wrist and this can place quite a lot of strain in quite a lot of regions. This can potentially result in carpal tunnel syndrome down the road for users or worse, RSI.

So, instead of horizontal mice, some companies have come out with an alternative mouse, one that relies on vertical use. Like the joystick of the heydays that made you put your hand in a more natural ‘handshake’ position, the 3M ergonomic mouse does exactly that and in a good way.

ergo3Who Is The 3M Ergonomic Mouse made For?

It is made for people who don’t want to injure their hands with the unnecessary strain a traditional mouse places on your wrist, your tendons and your carpal tunnel. A lot of people who work behind desks, people whose trade and profession demands a lot of mouse use with pinpoint accuracy and precision.

People who want a completely new way of manipulating their mouse cursor yet feel comfortable enough to use it and for flight instructors and even for use with most popular flight simulation software in the market. The 3M concept is after all modeled after the flight controlling joystick that’s normally found in planes. These are some of the people for whom this 3M ergonomic vertical mouse is intended.


The 3M vertical mouse is made with a unique ergonomic design in mind that makes your fingers wrap loosely around the joystick as your thumb rests on the top on a button. This position is comfortable and avoids putting strain on the entirety of your palm. It is available in 2 size configurations so people can opt for either the small one or the large size based on personal and physical considerations.

The 3M also comes with a middle button feature, and the inclusion of it makes life easier for users. This button is situated right below your fingertips on the mouse and it’s in the form of a long piece on the handle. It’s set to mimic the functionality of the center click button by default. Scrolling long web pages and documents becomes easier with this.


If you love the scroll wheel (and chances are that most of you do), you will quickly feel the need for one when using a 3M vertical mouse. It will take some getting used to but the only way to enable scroll functionality is to first press the middle button and then scroll. It seems a bit counterintuitive to users who take the scroll wheel for granted.

There’s also a learning curve involved in controlling the mouse tracking. As almost all the computer users have come from years of using the horizontal mouse, the change to a vertical mouse can be a little jarring at first. Also, the thumb to left-click action can be pretty disorienting too. It’s a problem critics of thumb operated devices are going to live with.

Final thoughts

The main draw of this ergonomic vertical mouse from 3M has been its peculiar design choice. It is suited to most people who want their everyday computing to be comfortable and seamless. It’s also targeted towards those who want something completely different. Like with anything new, 3M’s mouse concept needs some serious time with users for better acclimatization. But it’s a good product especially for those who run the risk of either contracting repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel syndrome.

The truth about my Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

If you’ve laid your eyes on a vertical ergonomic mouse before, it was probably immediately obvious that something was different about it.

In fact, it may have even taken you a few seconds to realize what it was. While the mouse certainly looks different, this means it necessarily works differently too. That’s not always a good thing, of course, but in the case of the vertical mouse, chances are you’ll agree it’s truly something special. Here are three reasons you’ll fall in love with it like countless others.

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Final words

If you think your current mouse may be doing damage to your physical health, it makes sense you’d want to look into a more ergonomic option. There are a number to choose from, of course, but vertical mice may be your best bet for the three reasons listed above.

The WHY of needing an ergonomic mouse

The primary need that induced the creation of computer mice was the one of providing a device that would better help the motion of the pointing device on a display.

Among other technical aspects of a computer mouse, we now want not only a fully functional pointing device but one that will be comfortable holding and most importantly one that will increase productivity and reduce stress in case of long working hours.

This is where the ergonomic mouse concept comes to action.

Tech companies have been looking for a way to adapt the shape of mice to the shape of a human hand to make the use of mouse more natural than what we experience with conventional mice.

Depending on the average time spent playing with a computer mouse, many will feel the need to find an ergonomic mouse.

People having carpal tunnel issues will definitely need to use ergonomic mice and some have been using ergonomic mouse  and an ergonomic mouse pad as a means of prevention in order to reduce risk of having issues such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive strain injuries.

Talking about the best ergonomic mouse, it comes all down to personal preferences, and in the list below, we will try to provide the current most popular ergonomic mice available on the market.

Ergonomic mouse

MouseMouse detailsPrice (in $)
Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 Right Hand
This mouse offers all features as your regular mouse but have the extraordinary advantage of letting you use it while your hand is in the hand shake position.
Help avoid forearm twisting for good health and comfort.
Palm type grip.
DXT Ergonomic Vertical Mouse
Compact and easy to carry along.
Another vertical mouse like the evoluent VerticalMouse 4 Right Hand but has a more slim shape compare to the latest.
Enable a neutral and vertical wrist posture while allowing your hand to work.
Fingertip type grid.
3M Ergonomic Mouse
This mouse is Commended from the Arthritis Foundation.
Vertical grip design that keeps your hand and wrist at a neutral angle, while the ergonomic mouse works similarly with a regular optical mouse.
This mouse has been clinically proven to reduce discomfort and RSI in hand, wrist and arm.
Handshoe mouse
Comes in different shapes small middle and big.
Give you the ability to choose the one that fit best with your hand.
Have the benefit of providing full support for your hand and wrist.
Work on nearly every surface without the need of mouse mat
Verbatim Ergo Wireless Mouse
Not far different from the Handshoe mouse on the sense that it provides space for your thumbs but does not provide any support for your wrist.
Easy-grip design with convenient thumb support.
Good quality-price ratio. Works good and is very responsive.

Recap of what an ergonomic mouse can do for you

  •  Reduces Repetitive strain injury (RSI)
  • Gives you the ability to work while keeping your wrist, arm and fingers in a more comfortable position
  • Helps in certain case improve productivity
  • Helps you work longer

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