Basic mouse config tips for Beginners

Are you new on windows?

This post might be a little educating to beginners working on windows, and I suspect it will help some left-handed people customize their mouse in a more appropriate way.

The following are some very basic mouse settings you can apply to your computer mouse to enhance user experience.

Access the mouse properties windows

To be able to change your mouse properties, go to your Control Panel and hit the mouse icon that is in there.


Button configuration

If you are using a mouse such asĀ the Roccat Pyra or the Zowie Mico and happen to be left-handed, chances are, you will need to switch the primary and the secondary button of your computer mouse.

This can be done just by a tick in the box as shown on the image below.


Double-click speed

If you are slow while double clicking, you computer might not be able to distinguish between a regular click and a double click. You can vary the double-click speed and adjust it to your hand clicking speed (very useful for elders).


Customizing your mouse pointer

If you wish to change the look of your mouse pointers, you can click on the Pointers Tab, and you will have a list of pointers ready to be used.


If the other alternative on the list don’t satisfy you, you can download mouse pointers from the internet and use them on your computer, or better: design your own mouse pointer.

Pointers Options

The following Tab will give you options like:

  • Fastening your cursor speed
  • Showing location of your pointer by pressing the CTRL key
  • Displaying pointer trails while moving it on your screen and more


Go ahead an play with any of these settings if that resonates with you the most. You may find yourself being more productive adjusting one/more of this settings doing whatever you like doing the most on your PC.