3M Ergonomic Mouse Review

The 3M Ergonomic optical mouse a mouse that looks like a joystick, like those that used to be so prominent in the 90s. Beneath that unusual design, it’s a computer mouse that’s designed for delivering maximum ergonomic comfort to its users. The buttons on this thing can prove to be a little issue, thanks to their placement.

Why You Need A Vertical Mouse

The trouble with today’s ordinary run-of-the-mill mice has been one thing: the position they intend to force your hand on. It is rather stress-inducing, that is the palm-down posture the normal mice of today demand. They are made to be used wrist by wrist and this can place quite a lot of strain in quite a lot of regions. This can potentially result in carpal tunnel syndrome down the road for users or worse, RSI.

So, instead of horizontal mice, some companies have come out with an alternative mouse, one that relies on vertical use. Like the joystick of the heydays that made you put your hand in a more natural ‘handshake’ position, the 3M ergonomic mouse does exactly that and in a good way.

ergo3Who Is The 3M Ergonomic Mouse made For?

It is made for people who don’t want to injure their hands with the unnecessary strain a traditional mouse places on your wrist, your tendons and your carpal tunnel. A lot of people who work behind desks, people whose trade and profession demands a lot of mouse use with pinpoint accuracy and precision.

People who want a completely new way of manipulating their mouse cursor yet feel comfortable enough to use it and for flight instructors and even for use with most popular flight simulation software in the market. The 3M concept is after all modeled after the flight controlling joystick that’s normally found in planes. These are some of the people for whom this 3M ergonomic vertical mouse is intended.


The 3M vertical mouse is made with a unique ergonomic design in mind that makes your fingers wrap loosely around the joystick as your thumb rests on the top on a button. This position is comfortable and avoids putting strain on the entirety of your palm. It is available in 2 size configurations so people can opt for either the small one or the large size based on personal and physical considerations.

The 3M also comes with a middle button feature, and the inclusion of it makes life easier for users. This button is situated right below your fingertips on the mouse and it’s in the form of a long piece on the handle. It’s set to mimic the functionality of the center click button by default. Scrolling long web pages and documents becomes easier with this.


If you love the scroll wheel (and chances are that most of you do), you will quickly feel the need for one when using a 3M vertical mouse. It will take some getting used to but the only way to enable scroll functionality is to first press the middle button and then scroll. It seems a bit counterintuitive to users who take the scroll wheel for granted.

There’s also a learning curve involved in controlling the mouse tracking. As almost all the computer users have come from years of using the horizontal mouse, the change to a vertical mouse can be a little jarring at first. Also, the thumb to left-click action can be pretty disorienting too. It’s a problem critics of thumb operated devices are going to live with.

Final thoughts

The main draw of this ergonomic vertical mouse from 3M has been its peculiar design choice. It is suited to most people who want their everyday computing to be comfortable and seamless. It’s also targeted towards those who want something completely different. Like with anything new, 3M’s mouse concept needs some serious time with users for better acclimatization. But it’s a good product especially for those who run the risk of either contracting repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel syndrome.